Electrolysis Session 1

Posted: June 4, 2014 in update

Well today was eventful. I was super neverous and of course now feel super slow for being nervous lol. As per usual I was fashionably late for my appointmentthanks to wonder mass transit strike lol. But I got there got to relax and everything panned out perfect. My copay was only 5 dollars (gotta love Kaiser) and all the safe is freaking awesome and wonderfully transfriendly. The environment was welcoming and definitely felt comfortable 100%.

My electroylsist, Jeanine, cleared a huge portion of my right thigh. The graft is 4 cm up from the knee 25 cm up the thigh and 25 cm across the thigh. Fortunately for me the hair is sparse on the outter and frontal sides but inner thigh is denser so there is going to be a bit more resistance with the inner thigh hair but it does hurt so I’m ready for it. Many before her have told me if a 12 or 16 needle removal, she explained these needle methods are older technology that is slower and hurts a lot more compared to the newer machines she uses in their office (I have her doing a write up of everything she told me so I can post it to my blog later for further electroylsis patients). I have a video of her doing the electroylsis on me and a portion of it were cracking jokes about me being told by a friend I’d be screaming. I take pain pretty well and towards the end of my session I was actually falling asleep. So might be individual on the pain factor. But lidocaine was provided by my PCP and she gave me ibuprofen 600 mg. But I could’ve not taken either and been fine I’ve had tattoos hurt worse than this. Burning is about the equivalent of mosquito bite to me if I had to compare. My electroylsist suggested that instead of just topicals many should use a mixture of topicals and NSAIDS.

She really takes care of me and keeps my mind occupied as to not focus on what she’s doing. Great music in the background helped to calm the nerves as well. I was so nervous I was sweating, she said it’s normal abd I’d do fine. The first few goes she had to adjust the frequency but once she got it things were great. It was wayyyy less than what I was hyping muddy up for. Seeing all the hair just fall out after she zapped it was just so cool! She wipes the area clean after the session and puts an antibacterial ointment on the treated skin. She recommends showering with antibacterial soap and applying neosporen. She also says drink LOTS of water, prior to you appt and after. two cups before your session is helpful but more is better. I drink nothing but water on most days so it makes for the hair to be removed easier. I took the advice and got the aloe vera, cvs has a brand that has lidocaine in it. Perfect stuff for after electroylsis and good for razor burn or skin irritation on your face too lol.

I will be going twice a week each time 2 hours or more depending on her schedule. I am hoping I can catch her on a day where she is wide open and just take up a chunk of her time. She did mention the one thing about hair removal folks do not mention is that messing with the skin and follicles can cause dormant hair to sprout. So those are the ones she will be looking for as well. In my case however I’ll be able to get in at least 20 hours of electroylsis before surgery. So I think it should be pretty taken care of. I really do like the way the skin feels now that it’s smooth. Can’t wait until the area is totally clear.

Next session is Thursday!


  1. jack says:

    Might find yourself doing other areas LOL if you like the smooth. thanks for th write up.

    • toyneboi says:

      Lol yea I know right. I see a few ingrown hairs I’m going to have her zap while we’re at it lol. Who knows I may do electrolysis myself one day it’s pretty neat

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