So there is always that moment in time where things begin to wind down and surgery becomes more factual than what if, maybe, when’s, and hows. This is now the point that I am at in life. For those of you that have been keeping up with me on YouTube, you know that I have been dealing with the process of getting all covered and cleared under Kaiser of NoCA. All in all it has been the best experience of my whole freaking LIFE! I have been keeping a timeline that I will be posting on a separate page when I get my official surgery date. With that being said I am going to share one particular part of my timeline right now as it is awesome!

Read on:

March 12 2014 – UPDATED POST PCP APPT.
       I arrived to Kaiser hospital which is located about a 13 minute bike ride from my home. So of course I got my daily cardio in today well worth it as I see it was best to do my vitals after being a bit active to see what that does to me. They were perfect! Dr Slovis’ front desk personnel are very personable and helpful. I love the clinical setting as it is Adult medicine nothing specifically saying transition anything even though my Dr ONLY sees trans patients. I had no issues with registration even with my insurance not showing as fully active in the system yet due to delays she made sure I was seen and paid nothing! Normally there would be my co-pay ($5 for trans services) but that will not take effect until after fully active.
      So on to Dr. Slovis, she is by far the best PCP I have had yet. I loved my previous primary when I lived in NYC but Slovis takes the cake! She first welcomed me to Kaiser then we got right down to business. She asked me about myself and we spent a good 10 mins just talking about my transition and experiences. I felt completely comfortable and not rushed or hurried in any way. She immediately got to work asking had I contacted Terri from MST, I explained the whole setup I have going on she was like awesome. She said I am virtually good to go for approval and I can bypass the therapist due to me already being at this point in my transition. She explained unless I had something I personally want to discuss they won’t mandate it. She also explained that I had nothing to worry about in the meeting, as its something they have to do by law but it is a “SLAM DUNK” approval for my case! This alone has given me so much relief I can not even begin to express. And if they [approval meeting] are the same time every month my approval meeting is the first week of April!!!! OOOO  lmao
      She ordered my T which feels awesome to have full access to T under insurance and my pharmacy is on the first floor, talk about convenience. She also made sure I had an inhaler on order when I needed it as well so when I’m ready they are there for me. It’s so cool to know that there’s never a stall in my T from now on, all I have to do is log on-line and refill my script that’s DOPE! So no more compounded T its back to the regular stuff which is good because I honestly think my body responded better. I lost two pounds yay lmao, not that worried about it the weight is steady at this time. My BMI is kind of high (26.46 says the machine) but I have been doing that on purpose pending my chest revision. She only orders T levels once a year but since I’m new to Kaiser I get to get poked YAY! lol but the way they do it is I do it the morning of my next shot so I will be going on Monday morning to get all my levels done and a wonderful Tetanus smh so not thrilled about that at all. After all this was ordered she explained how I can contact her online via email if I had any issues and that all my lab work will be available online at my leisure. That so freaking cool that they do things like this so the patient has control over the information they get to see as well.
     Over all this has been the best PCP appt I have ever had and I am so totally appreciative to those that told me about the quality care Kaiser offers. This is going to be the full medical experience I was waiting for, now I feel like my money is going towards care that actually does something for my well-being. At this point I refuse to be in a state that does not cover my health care and I refuse to have any other coverage outside of Kaiser. So that just made my nation a little bit smaller, hopefully this will change as time passes but for now I am a happy Californian!

So needless to say so far so GREAT! I am just blown away by the care and attentiveness of the Kaiser staff all the way around. From customer care all the way to front line staff everyone has been completely respectful and given no issue over my care, my surgery, or any questions that I may have regarding either. I can say this has been one of the best decision I have made in my life. It has brought so much peace to my inner self and now allows me to just sit on this plateau of calmness; it’s a truly amazing feeling.

Oh yea, before I forget to mention, check the date above and notice this post is the 17th. Today I got a phone call from Dr Anooshian’s office! I will be going in for my consult for my chest revision with him on the 16th of next month. Talk about speedy and efficient service, literally 3 business days folks. My PCP emailed 3 business days ago and a response for a date that prompt. I have found my new medical safe heaven to say the least!

So now it’s just down to the waiting game for a date with Dr. Crane. Speaking of, for those that didn’t notice I updated the phalloplasty section of my blog already. I added some pre – op photos, photos of the cities I will be passing through on my surgical journey, and what ever else I can find to put up there to make the experience as inclusive as possible. I will also be adding videos directly to my blog and not just on YouTube as I did last time. This time I am actually going to do a collective documentary that will be available to the public. It’s been a personal debate for sometime now but what I have realized about myself is that I have never been afraid to be that voice. I think now is the best time for this sort of filming experience especially within the POC trans-masculine community where there is so much negative dialogue surrounding the subject of lower surgery. Which most times I have to honestly say is based solely on “hear-say”.

On another note with my long-winded self lol, after surgery I will be adding some more tabs for projects I’m starting as well as my body transition after transition aka bodybuilding 101 from the ground up. The next few years of my life are going to be AWESOME!!!!!!

One last thing, speaking on post transition now…

As I navigate past transition I am finding I am no longer as passionate about certain things like I used to be. In the same respects, I am learning new things about myself and passions in life not just in the moment. As the pressure of transition and dysphoria loosen their grasps more each day, I feel like I am finally getting more of me back. I feel I still have a mission and obligation to help the community however, not in the same manner as I once planned before. As I go through life I am coming to terms with my full spirituality and the many lessons my faith and my transition have taught me over these years. I am not only moving past a stage in my life but I am also slowing moving into another decade of my life which brings another journey all within itself. I came to terms, many years ago now, that my life and its whole existence is different from the course of the average man heck the average transman in just the way I approach everything. So at this point in my life I feel it no different to be venturing down the paths that I am. For a few years now I have had a calling, no literally a full-fledged feeling of needing to do more and now I have finally found out what that is. I will be going a bit deeper into my religion and exploring the truths of trans existence. Many people are saying “Oh ok, there are tons of trans spiritual leaders”; yes but how many of them are Muslim? Now, you see where things get a bit hazy? Not for me so much as I know and have taken many years to understand and research as well as embrace and accept the path I have been given, while at the same time understanding that I am no different from any other human being. My path is my own, one that was made to differ from the next yet at the same time teach myself and those around me the lessons we all need to progress within ourselves. I’ve regained love, understanding, a voice, and most of all true faith. So it is going to be interesting as I go through studying Islam, becoming an Imam, and sharing my experience in the hopes to empower not only those in transition but those of you that are struggling with faith and transitioning or faith and just being outside the orthodox or conservative. True fact, many of us men of color usually come from VERY religious backgrounds and once we come out initially we are automatically a target for all the reasons “we are going to hell”. So for many years I lost myself, my faith, my way, and so much more so hopefully sharing that story will be a great source for so many. So in time I will explain more about this, but for now just know the path is there.

OK, So I think I have talked you all’s faces off enough lol

Until next time



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