So a little while back I wrote a blog in regards to getting phallo under some circumstances. Theses circumstances would ultimately lead to a severe price drop in my out of pocket cost associated with surgery and the recovering elements of surgery. These said situations have actually at this point become relevant and I am soooooo happy that it has come to pass and things are looking forward. This has lead me to come to make a decision as I had a surgery date for this year in July. With insurance now covering my phalloplasty in full I will have to wait until my selected surgeon is available which at this point is in early 2015. This is somewhat like WTF but at the same time it will allow for other very important things in my life to happen and save me several thousands of dollars in the process. I also do not have to worry about hair removal as those associated costs are covered and I’m just a big ball of joy behind that. As many find preparation care a hinderance to already rocky financial plans in most cases. But I feel so ever blessed to have this happening even though I know this is just the beginning. I will also finally be able to get the revision I have been wanting on my chest so this is just a two for one. My uprootment to the west coast was totally worth it in everyway.

This process with insurance and processing through with my surgeon has taken about a year so far which is a pretty steady pace considering the facts of my life and the coverage I was seeking. So its like I really can not get that upset behind pushing my surgery back a few months. As I always say its better to have to wait a little longer and know its going to happen vs. waiting and not knowing when or if it is going to happen at all. I’m very appreciative of this opportunity to pioneer what looks like the beginning of many thousands of trans folks seeking gender confirmation surgery under insurance mandates. Its a very wonderful feeling to have knowing no matter what my health care is covered. Its like whoa! Finally someone gets that we are just like everyone else and deserve to be treated as such.

I think at this point the only issue I really have outside of longevity is scarring. It is not totally at the back of my mind but it has been something I spend time researching. I have found some very good scar management options and I believe my insurance will also help with scar management possibly providing silicon sleeves for post op. I found a few custom fitted sleeves that will do just fine for my forearm and my thigh. Im not as much worried about my thigh than my arm as I know how road rash type scarring heals on me. Its just like yes finally something in my life is making total sense lol.

This also means that my plans of getting married next year will fit right into the surgical schedule and I will be able to be within my completed self before all my “I Do’s” are received. Its totally exciting and at the same time nerve wrecking to know so much is about to happen but hell that’s what my life has always been and to know this chapter will soon be closed is a breathe of well needed fresh air. I have actually been dreaming of the day I awake from surgery and just rejoice that it is finally done. That is something that I am looking forward to not just for completion but affirmation that I am finally through this struggle and I did a damn well job coping until that very last day leading up to it. People ask me all the time would I do things differently and honestly speaking no I would not. My life line has made me who I am not so much the other way around but many do not take a second and view things in the same light that I do.

Many years of preparing between my Belgrade journey and now but it was needed to get my head space in order. As surgery is not just physical it is also emotional and spiritual freedom. I needed that brief interim to establish what I needed the most for me and no one else. Because at times I searched for opinions on my surgery within the wrong resources. Now my head space is lifted and I see perfectly where I am heading and walking that path. I had a conversation with my surgeon at first going back about 2 years at this point. And feel very confident at this point to move forward with surgery under the care of Dr Crane. I have been watching and observing his work so far and I am impressed by what I am seeing. He is attentive to all the wants I have in regards to appearance, size, and functionality if my penis post operatively. He really reminds me in many ways of Dr Miro but just younger and US based. He’s innovative and responsive to the needs of the community. I believe that he will do an awesome job doing my phalloplasty and i will be a very proud man once on the other side of the OR. I will definitely be documenting this entire process as I do with my OCD having self lol. I have a time line set up of how long apart events are leading up til surgery. Its like the anticipation leading up to my last surgeries all over again! Sooo sooo excited about all these things in my life and so glad there is someone within the country I feel totally comfortable with as other surgeons I have consulted with have left me feeling like a number or a cash crop.

So surgery and then a bright California style wedding to a woman I love so very much! Definitely will keep the blog up to date and for my everyday madness you can find me on tumblr lol.



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