You know just looking at my arm I’m like:

“this isn’t nothing ill be done in a week”

Reality of that statement:

“This is going to take for ever!”

Lol or at least that’s how I damn feel. I didn’t think I was that hairy but apparently I fooled myself lol. Nonetheless, the underside is looking pretty smooth though so I can’t complain too much more. Not sure of everything will be off my arm in time so it adds to my next choice of events. It should be like 6 more sessions then ill have touch ups after surgery by a great team. Who does before surgery hair removal and they also take care of after surgery genital (yes even on my penis post op) so I’m pretty covered on all aspects though I have no freaking clue how it’ll feel to have someone with a high powered machine next to my dick once I start regaining the sensation lmao. I digress though I rather not have the hair then have it.

Fucks sake! Well at least I’m still excited lol….

After seeing all this and school schedule I am changing my date. Also after a series of thoughts and planning for my 26th birthday which would be rushed along by the process of surgery planning. I started this crazy medical process in July 08 so why not end it in July 14? Especially with school its a lot to take off from class then get back in the groove after such a large procedure. Only 134 days difference in timing from my current date so its all gravy. So collectively I’m at 257 again but its all kosher there’s still a count down lol.

I have got to start keeping track of my arm hair so I have pics for afterwards. I keep getting the same questions over and over about the size I’m getting. So lets just answer this once this way I can reference those to the blog for the answer lol. I am having 18cm of hair removed from my arm so ill allow you a moment to use Google and convert the cm to inches lol. I’ve already started to reassess some of the cuts of pants I choose to wear presently. Some are good and others may need a size up. Levis def have to get a size larger, hell any slim cut jeans don’t want to freak anyone out. But even when I do pack now no one makes any odd faces by the size of an 8. That’s also probably due to how I choose to holster my buddy .

Ill have some stuff soon to go up about my surgeon sooooo keep a close eye out when I spill the beans. It’ll be well worth the work as I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work and all is lining up beautifully.

Its all a battle of strategy but a bit tricker than chess lol.

On the dysphoria home front, it’s a coming and going process but getting easier. Some days im like screw it atl other days it’s no where in my mind. I think it’s just the usual ball of mixed emotions with things so close. Time is going to fly by and then it’ll be over. I wonder if after all of this will I have a “now what?” kind of moment. After spending 6 years prepping for surgery there will be no more of that, well besides minor revisionsto my chest I’ve been stalling on saving up for phallo. All the things that circulate in my mind throughout the day. I think the biggest party isn’t surgery its the emotion and healing from that which is the biggest for me . I know this whole process holds major weight on my being so I will gladly collect my end reward and continue on with life into my career. Yay me school lmao

Until next update,


  1. Darnell Davis says:

    Wish you the best of luck man!

    • toyneboi says:

      Thanks man, its a trying time trying to get all things lined up but I had to remember this isn’t a race I can do this when I feel its right. Plus the date just sounds and feels so much better to me its more meaningful this way for me.

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