I see so many with these gofundme accounts BUT I only see a select few who are giving effort to activitely funding what they mean. What I mean by this is they are taking the time to offer something in return for donations no matter how big or small.

Have any of you heard of Fivver?

What about writing a small book on what your good at?


Cook offs?

Making t-shirts?

As much time as I see some spend online you can take 1 hour out of that day and turn it into a productive investment that will end up funding everything you ever wanted not just surgery:

Read more here

I mean I can go on and on about things you can do to raise money for surgery without just asking. Human lesson number one, more people are inclined to help you out if you have actually done something to help them as well.

Have you ever thought about a sponsorship?

Jim Collins Foundation

Rizi Timane Minsitries

The FTM Sex Guide

These are all great entities that ARE giving funds to people every year and for some twice a year!

Need more ideas here you go:


Now put your minds to the test and get what you need!

There will be more later until then



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