So as promised I am writing one of many entries that will help those of you in need of surgery not one achieve that goal but then some. Its fairly simple to begin self empowerment but is it as easy as reading a book to start said process? Yes!

Click here for more details and a video from the author sharing his story

40% of the proceeds from the sales of these books are going to pay for complete top surgeries and bottom for those in need!

There is also a growing list of surgeons to choose from so check it out and most definitely signal boost this one!

If you have any questions, by all means  ask me

There are a lot of reasons why this project means a lot to me I love to be apart of something so powerful being able to watch as people take control of their lives and finance their dreams is an amazing process indeed. There are also some very special people that this will benefit in the process directly and I can not wait to see the smiles and contentment on these gentlemens faces when they reach that next step of glory in their lives!

Tomorrow there will be more and my only breaks from updating about this will be about myself and more great projects that are soooo in the works right as I type this!

Until next time…



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