Long time now speak right?

So I have been doing a lot lately, mostly preparation for the next few months of my life and winding down on other less important things. I am really excited about a project that I am apart of that will ultimately take care of any worries I have when it comes to my next surgery aka 158 days from now lol. (this may change based on my school schedule but not by much)

There is a lot of emotions to be displayed at this point in life but what I have found out is that it is very important at some point to sit back and reevaluate everything and I do mean everything around you. Even if you are at your most comfortable point in life there is always something that can be changed for the better. In doing this I have led myself to the hard task of self elimination, not truly of myself but those around me. For about a year now I have been praying for certain things and asking for signs and boy do I get the biggest signs. I am very grateful that I have the ability to utilize this tactic and as they say:

“You lose something great because there is always something greater waiting to fill that spot”

That in and of itself can not be a TRUER sentiment of my current events. For now all I can say about what I am doing is that it will help thousands if not millions globally become one with self and allow me to continue doing what I love doing best, helping people. I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT! Bring on the 1st!

Let see what else exciting has happened….

I hit my 5th year on T in July and boy does time really fly doesn’t it. So far my personal timeline for medical transition has been spot on. I can not be happier with where I am right now but the future sure does yield a lot more promising victories. My mood in respect to current events is a lot better than previous years I can say that much with a smile. Growing and learning has been one of my greatest assets in allowing me to see so many things in so many different lights but still maintaining my own uniqueness. It’s a great path that I am on and I surely will continue on just as I am :).

I have also changed my consideration on surgeons for my phalloplasty and also what technique that I am getting. At this point I choose to conceal who I am going to for a few reasons but mostly I want to keep it a surprise on what I am getting and by who. I will tell you that in total for everything including surgery, stay, travel, car service when I want/need, and misc fees I am paying 11K exactly. This is also a provider I have contracted for GTH so this is very exciting for everyone! It’s a little nerve wrecking when I stop and think about what stage I am in now but at the same time I am absolutely 100% positive on my choice and very happy that this whole aspect of my life will be a thing of the past in mere weeks. I will be gone for a month while in recovery but all the while will be blogging as much as I can while alert. This time however I will be doing one better and hosting Google hangouts while I’m there, I think it will be a fun yet useful learning experience for those that are interested in phalloplasty. It also gives me the chance to show live what things look like as I think pictures totally do no justice to the masterpieces. I am so not looking forward to the yucky stages all over again but I know from experience that it is only for a short period of time and then the good stuff starts to reveal itself. But there will be plenty of pictures here of donor sites, drains, wound care materials, and of course the scenic views from my lovely hospital bed lol.  7 days on my ass, ugh I really hope I don’t go stir crazy in the midst of things. Last time 4 days was not so bad but I was wayyyy ready to get the hell out of the bed by day 5 even if it was two steps it was out the bed at the least. I definitely will be bringing more activities this go round but I have my biggest asset with me and that’s the computer so it minimizes a lot of other useful devices into one. I have already started to get some of the supplies I will need for the trip as well, getting things little by little helps break down costs over all. Still have to renew my passport then something new for me to do is get a visa but that paperwork is all filled out waiting on the new passport :). Always planning a step ahead I suppose. Plane ticket is a click away, so in a sense you can say it’s already paid for! Food costs are in the bag (all pun intended lol). My surgical apartment has been reserved since about Feb of this year at a nice price for a studio apartment about 15 mins from the surgical center, so post op travels will not be that big of a deal. It is also in a great area so when I feel up to it I can get out this time and see some of the city. I just have to reserve my car service next month then its grind time for the rest.

Like last time I’ll start soon to get ready and start compiling lists that are for my travels and of course for those in preparation in the future. I will still pack light but have to bring a little more this time as there are donor sites involved and proper underwear is a must, It sucks as I don’t know what underwear would work best to tame the beast lol. I have great underroos now that fit the way I want but I am fully aware all that is about to change. Along with my lovely style of pants unless I figure out a proper way to rest him without it looking like I’m walking around full mass lol. All very minor trivial things though at the end of the day my priorities are making sure I’m healthy, well rested, and fed. I will probably do like I did last time and be nude majority of the time any how lol. I have a little bit of hair removal to do here shortly which I am not looking forward to but it’s for the sake of the greater good. Once I have surgery I will also post the hair reduction process in a slide show that way everyone can see how it goes on someone of my complexion along with my famous notes of course.

So much to do in such a short amount of time, those months will turn into weeks and weeks will then be days and next thing I know I will be suited and booted ready for the theater or the operating room as we say stateside.

Oh and I almost forgot I finally got my marker on my social change, funny How it happened too I was just getting a new copy of my social and I was like:

“Ma’am you put down female on here”

She said,

“I am so sorry let me fix that for you”

and waalaa no more old gender marker lol. Though either way if she asked I would have given her my BC to verify. It’s just funny how she didn’t even think twice it just lets you know sometimes you don’t have to out yourself to get things taken care of. So officially no more F anywhere associated with anything I have or do! Woot Woot!

Stay tuned…



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