CA Trans Healthcare Victory

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Discrimination, Insurance, medically necessary, Transgender, update

“I am beyond moved and elated to announce that California’s Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) just issued a groundbreaking directive to health plans, confirming that the Insurance Non-Discrimination Act of 2006 guarantees all people the right to access coverage for medically necessary care regardless of their gender identity or gender expression. The newly-issued DMHC letter instructs health plans to revise current plan documents to remove exclusions and limitations related to gender transition.  

This is a huge step towards ensuring all Californians are able to have quality, affordable health care. Now, all of us at Transgender Law Center are more fired up than ever to make sure every state in this nation follows suit!

Transgender Law Center has been quietly fighting for years to make today’s victory a reality. Please consider chipping in $5, $35, or more to help us celebrate and keep these wins coming!”

In pride,

Masen Davis

Executive Director


Seeing as though I just made a move this is HIGHLY relevant and also spills the beans on the move i just made ;)…ill write more later as ALOT is in store


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