Firstly happy new year! رضي الله معكم هذا العام وتسمح لك الإنجازات العظيمة

Yes that is Arabic for those that wish to know what that means just ask me lol (or google translate can help)

So I have been MIA for many reasons, lets just say I am less trusting of those around me and their intentions when it comes to me and my life. You have to learn the hard way sometimes when you should just listen to your first mind in the first place. But you know at the end of the day I sit and I smile that everything has happened this way or else i would’ve been stuck in some dead-end situation all over again unhappy but everything has led me to the most wonderful moments in my life. As they say without trail and tribulation there is no progression. And that i have progressed, yes that I have indeed!

Hung Jury is out and if you did not know this is the book I referred to in the past that I contributed to! Finally something for us, by those that have been there and gone through surgery. Not just speculations by bystanders or physicians. The book is now on sale and can be purchased below….

Get your copy for $16.95 today! 


On the surgical forefront…..

I finally can put a permanent stand point on what my date for MLD will be, Dec 9th 2013. Yes exactly 3 years to the date of my meta which is neat! I will be starting my MLD massage sometime after my birthday next month, though your only required 3 months I say the more the merrier you know? I’m starting to realize that I have a bit of nervousness that I did not have when it came to my meta, I think it is more so due to the fact that it is finally happening and starting the end point of surgical transition. I know I am in good hands so there is never a point of nervousness about that at all, I actually miss Belgrade. I most definitely miss the entire team! Can not wait until I see them. Luckily I will be seeing Dr Miro in March which I believe will help ease a bit of pressure for me.

Taking this time in between has been best for me though. Allowing me to go back and forth on needed procedures perfecting the ideals that best fit my needs and the reasons why they were appropriate for me and only me. After going back and forth several times with forearm and MLD I settled on MLD which has me happy in every way. There are still questions that I have that will be left unanswered until I am actually in the seat of post op phalloplasty. I realized during the first operation that healing is not so much hearing from other people but a personal learning experience that I somewhat crave at this point. The reason I am craving this is because I love to learn and especially about myself, that’s the inner nerd in me lol. But indeed this is how I learn the best, visually.

I expect things to go a bit differently but how much differently I can not gauge just yet. I do want to travel a few days before surgery maybe see Italy since it is right there and then just take a flight over from there. If it fits in the plans then I will have tons of photos to post here for you all of the entire excursion!

So this means that this year will be pretty filled with planning of all sorts. A life filled with adventure is a life for me indeed! I wonder can you all feel my excitement lol. Getting to be there through everything while I’m going through all this is going to be fun indeed, no sarcasm at all just pure excitement and willing to take on the challenge. Now I just need to top off this transitional stuff and I can move on to another stage of life….LIVING!

But for now I’m going to bask in the moment and get back to life…I’ll write more as things go on


P.S., Those that are looking for me RE: Gateway or Black Dragon, contact me as there are being some changes to both companies that you need to be aware of. As well as production delays!


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