So for those that have been following me in various places know that I have been in Mexico for about a week now. Its pretty amazing out here if I do say so myself. The culture and the city I am in are just spectacular. But most of all being able to help other people continue on their journey here is just excellent. I never thought assisting people would bring me so much joy but it really has. I am so proud to have started Gateway Trans* Health and be able to be apart of a step so many have to undergo alone.

Making me contemplate many things in my near future as well. I see Dr Miro coming up here in the next few months, though official business there is always time to speak with the Dr. I sent over some post op pictures to him for posting to the metoidioplasty site as many have asked to see darker skin complexions on his sites. I am glad to say that I have not any issues being post meta at all. Everything seems to be working out just as it should and I am very happy about this. I hope when I get to the point of settling down for phallo it will be the same feelings that I have surrounded myself with now.

There are a few things I do want to talk with Miro about when it comes to my future phallus. More so the fact that I want a more defined glans area. There’s the “Norfolk” technique for glansplasty and the “Munawar” technique fir shaping the glans meatus. I prefer to have a variation of the “Norfolk” but with a but more depth.

Click here to see more in-depth descriptions of both techniques

Other than this I really hold no reservations to any of his techniques. I am hoping that he will be able to do a one stage phallo on me complete with urethral lengthening by the time I get to him but there’s no real signs that will be true but I can definitely dream lol. It is promising though as he is already extending the urethral 3/4 up the shaft allowing one to stand and urinate with ease. I can not wait to get to the other side of things. Many people ask me am I going to share my experience I say yes and possibly even a private page of pictures where you can see the healing stages of surgery with myself. It will be a wonderful experience, I hope to be able to share and also educate.

I wish it was more of us that were open about the experience. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do a short documentary on bottom surgery or even on my own bottom surgery I may in fact do some behind the scenes documenting in order to bring a more realistic mind frame to the things that one has to endure in this transition. So many take for granted the experiences of a trans* man and a trans* woman. More people need to understand there is little choice in who we are there is only choice in sadness and freedom from whats holding you back. I think something like that will help many more people understand what it is really like. I hope to be able to bring something like this to the spotlight once funding is a bit more stable.

I actually can’t wait to get my hands on a book entitled ‘Hung Jury’, it is a chronicle of stories by transmen that have undergone surgical intervention to complete themselves in the ways they deemed suitable for their own transitions. I wrote a segment for the book and am very intrigued to read others stories and what influenced them in their transitions. There seems to be a common misconception that all transmen are the same but we really are not. Different things drive the decisions that we make in this journey and they should be acknowledged. Not only for the public to gain understanding but also for those that may not have a voice to see that they are not alone in their thinking.

I hope to be able to bring more of my journey to the surface for the many to follow in the footsteps I leave. I can’t believe at times I’ve made it this far but I look back and I am thankful that I have so that I now can make sure others can do the same.

Oh on a slight side note, I received my birth record back in the mail. I am finally legally male in every state in the USA and around the WORLD! Can not wait to get my new 10 year passport as when I went to Belgrade previously it was only a 2 year passport due to miswording in my passport letter. It just feels good to not have to look back at all towards any past documentation issues without a good laugh and brushing it off. I can finally get my license back in order and get a new car! You never really know how much something that seems so small can hinder you so much lol.

I think before the summer is over I will be taking a trip to visit my father in Hawaii. Hopefully a special someone will come with me and I’m quite sure my little brother will be coming with me. I have never been but it seems like the perfect time to learn how to surf. I still have yet to go swimming but with my revision coming up I believe I will be good to go when it comes to swimming. It’s like I’m conflicted because I can not get too big lattimus wise because of MLD closure but I would love to gain a bit of mass. Another reason to push phallo up a bit lol; makes me feel like I’m stalling life again. As I so want to travel the world but yet I find myself saving all over again. Shortly though it will be all worth the wait and nothing else will matter in the midst of things that I need and want.

I can’t believe I have been here in Mexico almost 9 days! Going home tomorrow and its going to be a very interesting time indeed being back at home after experiencing another country is always an adjustment. I think my next foreign adventure will be Thailand although India has been peaking my interests as well but we shall see.

I will write more when I get home.

Until then…



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