Well there has been a few updates in my life nothing too major. I’ve gotten a bit bored with the mental gymnastics involved in my minor (Psychology) and rather focus on my major which is clinical. So back to nursing I’m going but to benefit me in more ways than one especially with MLD in the 3 year time line from this year. Granted I will have more than my goal saved by the time surgery comes around but so far the goal is as follows (Please by all means you can use this outline for any form of savings plan you may have):

Stage 1.5

Creation of the phallus, 3/4 secondary urethral lengthening with possible meta burying, and scrotal fusion = €12,000 ($15,861.48); for those just tuning in I am post.

Apartment stay €60+14% tax x 7 days = €478.80 ($632.87)

Flight = $730 price will vary depending on when I get it. But once the money is secured I will book very very early at least 4 months in advance.

There are no additional fees for this stage as I already have a passport.

That is a total of: $17, 215

In 3 years time-saving only $500 a month, mind you only opening my savings account with $5, in 3 years time which is exactly my goal for this stage will yield me with over the total for stage one. This is only an estimation as pay will increase as I increase medical credentials. After nursing school is done in a year I will be able to work as a traveling nurse which is awesome as a company I happened across offers what I would make a year in a 90 day period! 3/4 of that is going directly into savings. Once this account is full with surgical fees I will start another general savings account and after each stage I will transfer the balance to the general account for safe keeping. I have been thinking about opening a CD and IRA as well. Just trying to be a bit more responsible with my funds and save more in a more timely manner then before. I am still doing the things I normally do with cans and recycling as well as paid surveys online as that all adds up over time. Now I will be able to add nice income and possibly some insurance aid but I really don’t need it with this plan. So 3 years or less until I am in Serbia again for personal reasons. I can not wait it is going to be a wonderful experience if i do say so myself.

The next stage will vary I’m not in favor of an erectile device. So this also decreases cost overall, which many people have tried to tell me doing meta before phallo cost me more when in fact it cost less than if I would have went straight towards phallo. In preparation of phallo I have begun getting myself back in shape. I try to keep in the gym at least 4 days a week doing mostly chest and core exercises. I am focusing mainly on these areas because my pectoral minor is lacking compared to the major, for those not familiar with the anatomical analogies I am referring to the upper pec muscle vs. the lower. I have that issue that many cis men have that want to build massive pectorals. I have to work extra hard but this is something I know but didn’t realize how much work needed to be done. Secondly core exercises are needed when it comes to lower surgery and having a catheter. Having that strong core is essential for a speedy recovery. So like a professional sports player I am training to make the best of everything in the future. I strongly advise people seeking surgery below the belt to take this into consideration, health is key in the beginning to make sure complications are at your own personal minimum.

On another notice yesterday I finally sent off the paperwork for my birth certificate so it looks like I am just weeks away from never legally having to worry about any hindrance of the past. I can deny or disprove that name at every point. It’s some what surreal but at the same time relieving. Even though that’s not something I have to do often its just an option that usable at this point. This is still a big milestone for me because I am about to get things like licenses and want them all to be male. I also don’t what to have to deal with front line associates anymore as most do not know their jobs and lack extreme professionalism. One less logistics in my life suits me well and I think it is about time.

Just settling into the notion of being  almost done with any mental, emotional, and physical loop of medical transition and legal transition is just so relieving but has me thinking more and more about the life there after surgery. Wondering more and more what it is like to just live and not be living in the transition? Just so many things that now run through my mind when it comes to completion. Not nervousness but just a calm that can not really be explained.

More to come shortly, definitely stay tuned…



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