Two surgery scholarship funds accepting applications

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Transgender, update

CK Life surgery scholarship fund application cycle open until May 1st, 2012

Jim Collins Surgery application cycle now open until August 10th 2012.

Those are TWO different ways to get assistance with surgery so get that paperwork in order folks and apply.


  1. Great post. Hopefully people use this information to help them access the surgeries that they need.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Just want to receive alerts of any replies coming my way.

  4. james Berkeley says:

    I want my chest surgery so bad am trying 2 make ends meet every pay day its hard 2 save when paying bills.

  5. Angel Bell says:

    Please consider me for this grant .I am 40 and have wanted this my whole life . I will never be complete without it.

  6. please consider me for a grant, i’m disable and it’s hard to save for surgery. this surgery will save my life if i were to get it,

  7. Andrew says:

    Do you know of any up to date research on this topic of where to find out? I’m trying to find current writing grants (in 2013) for ftm top surgery.

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