Updated blog features and slight navigational tutorial

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Education, Transgender, update

Hello to all my subscribers and those that just maybe passing through. First, I want to thank everyone for all the support over the years you have offered. All the words of encouragement are just as important to me as my words are to those that frequent this space, so never feel afraid to leave a comment when your passing through. There are many exciting things coming in the near future that I will be sharing . I took some leisure time away from the blog as I just celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday 😀. I am back now and in full effect with some more in-depth thinking.

I want to go ahead and point out some changes that I have made around here. Notice to the left side bar it looks a bit different. I took a few things down and consolidated others.

  • Topics are now in a drop down menu, makes it less cluttered.
  • Links have been added: Take a second to browse there are some VERY useful links over there. If your one with  a personal blog you would like to share contact me as I will be adding a section for that shortly.
  • New donation button: This is NOT a mandatory obligation, if you feel as though this resource is useful by all means donate. All money collected will be divided, a portion goes into my surgery fund and the other portion will be donated to a Trans organization. If there is a specific org. you want to donate towards please leave special instructions with your donation.

Now looking towards the top menu bar….

  • There is a new page that has been added. This is the reveal of who I have chosen for phalloplasty and the technique as well. Trust me the debate was long and drawn out. I bounced between forearm and MLD for a while.
  • I have also added a “Transmasculine Resource” Page. If you have anything you would like to add to the resources by all means let me know.

Moving along to the tutorial on how to use my blog efficiently…

Did you know that most of the top menus are actually drop down bars? Go head try it out; mouse over anything at the top.  Once you have done that you can click everything in red for a new page.

For instance lets say you mouse over “The man behind the blog”. You get a drop down to select from all 4 choices under the parent title are clickable BUT the actual parent title is clickable as well.

Within each sub menu, I’ve taken the time to link every page back to the parent page. So say you view the sample surgery letter, scroll all the way down and you will see “Click here to return to parent folder”. This will return you to “The man behind the blog”; so it’s like having a map, you can never go too far without a guide back to the start.

I’m taking the time to point these things out as I’ve seen some of you that are missing valuable information when its right at your grasps 24/7.

Features to be added:

  • Video section: Yes I still will have my YouTube but for those  viewing that rather just watch in one place there will be certain videos only available within my blog. I have not made up my mind whether a pin would be required I will let everyone  know ahead of time
  • Dedicated URL:The actual URL name of this site will be changing within the next few months. It will no longer contain the WordPress signature mark but simply just  www.toyneboi.com. I’ve found that shortening the URL makes it easier to remember. As well, if unaware WordPress has formatted every blog site to be compatible via any phone. iOS, Android, and Blackberry markets all feature a functional WordPress application that allows you to read, respond, and keep up to date. So never fear, if there is no computer you can still read in full feature! 
  • Share buttons: At the bottom of all posts and all pages there are now 4 different share options: 


    • Via Google Plus, for those like myself that DO NOT use Facebook and seek actual substance in posts try out G+. Lots of fuel for the intellectually inclined as well as for those techies. 
    • Via twitter, I have an account I’ll post it somewhere around here for those wanting to follow. 
    • Via Press This, for those with WordPress accounts this option is great to share right into your blog. 
    • Via StumbleUpon, great site that will help you find alot of related material. 


I am not sure at this point if I am going to be adding a Facebook button, I have personal reservations with that whole site, but that’s another blog lol.

  • More templates for Physicians: From informed consent to passport letters. I get asked all the time so I figure I’d step up and make it available.
  • Possible addition: I am debating on a surgeon section complied of all surgeons CURRENTLY doing surgery, techniques, and prices. I’ll let everyone know more on this as this is going to take a lot of time to do, and to properly do at that.

Over all not too much change going on but many useful features that will appear over the next few months. If  ever any questions on navigation of this blog, where to find something, or suggestions on additions by all means hit contact me and let the fingers do the rest lol.

I’ll be updating shortly on surgery so definitely check back in!

Until next time…



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