Well many of you know I haven’t been updating as much because of many factors mainly school but that will change as I have more on the go accesses to my blog now.

I have the privileged to speak with Dr. Miro today for a phalloplasty consultation. Many of you are probably like “When the hell did you go to Belgrade?!” lol. Well for those of you out there that have been wanting to speak with Miro but have no means to fly to Serbia or any other state for that matter I can happily say I have gotten him to use video chat! In the next month or so probably less he will be opening a newer site and this consultation via Skype will be made available to all patients seeking his procedures. I’m going to continue to speak with him about some other aids that will help guys feel more at ease when it comes to such a large step in life and transition. As well if complication arise he can now physically see what is wrong and physically show patients how to go about intervention of if physician assistance is needed. I will also be seeing him in person in about a month or so, come to find out he’s in TX quite often due to some urological workings/teachings he has been doing in Houston (lucky me that I live down the street from where he does this!). I swear this mans drive to prefect things is awesome in more ways than one for all of us.

On to some more in-depth details, and please excuse me if they are a bit jumbled together as I took from notes from our conversation. So if anything needs to be clarified please let me know.

Miro was telling me of all his upgrades and having that visual was AWESOME!

As it stands, he has been talking to the Gent team, and we all know their rep for sensation ratios. Further anastomoses can in fact be done and he has been tinkering with a few upgraded ideas. One of which im very found of introducing the urethralplasty within the first stage. His goal is to be able to lengthen to the tip of the phallus during stage one, not something he is doing in full right now but he is one that continues to work on things until they are to his liking. So quite possibly by my first stage I will be his first full test drive, I’ll let you all know as I told him im more than happy to let him try as I know how I personally heal and also as we both agreed my urethra workings are very suited for this attempt. In figures of sensation he gave me the numbers I was looking for 50% tactile sensation will be there possibly more. Meaning normative sexual intercourse would be fine as well as masturbation. This 50% ratio for some is horrible but if you think about it logically 50% is ALOT of sensation I know cis-males with less than 50% sensation along the shaft. Also with proper inguinal anastomoses 25-50% erogenous sensation is possible, he is fine tuning some more things now to bring these numbers up. With much mention as well that erotic sensation also has to deal with prior clitoral sensation, as we know post T some have more sensation then others which in turn plays a role in you phallus sensation which completely makes sense. He mentioned this tactile sensation would be equal to say if you touch your nose. Even without anastomoses because of some tweaks he’s done over the last year you will be able to feel, masturbate, have sex, etc with very nice feeling. He also elaborated that much sexual sensation is in fact mentally based, which I would have to agree thinking back on how I had sex pre everything with a strap on I didn’t put thought into things like I do now and that mental stimulation added to me watching my partner get off which in turned did the same for me. Embedding of the neo-phallus is also something he spoke about, due to his tweaking he has found a way to incorporate this even more for sensation not just from embedding which I think is quite promising.

I will be putting down my deposit possibly in June but probably before then I just want to give myself ample time as anything could happen. But 1500, shall be an easy target goal. I have set things up to where there are 2 dates pending school and funds. One date is for next year the same month that I had metoidioplasty since I will be easier to take a break from classes well the actual classroom I can still do homework while in Belgrade. The other date is 14 months later 2 weeks before my birthday in Feb.

Ok I believe I have everything, I know I prob forgot something but if so I’ll just add more later lol…

As I learn more I will keep everyone update, oh and for those curious YES I still have 2 other back up plans you can never be too prepared. It s always common practice to have many back up plans for things like this which mean RESEARCH IS KEY. You must know what is offered, who does it, costs, and accommodations that fit you needs in order to be able to  have multiple choices aligned that suit your needs.

Until I hear more…


  1. Tam says:

    Would like to know when he is ready to do Skype consult. I would like to get scheduled in Illinois when it is available.

    • toyneboi says:

      I would say contact him and just ask as he is willing to do it now but you have to ask. When his new site goes up it will be a feature automatically but for now its just word of mouth. Another thing you can do is ask when he’s in the states. He ALWAYS does consults when he’s here and if you don’t mind driving/flying you have a free consult!

  2. C says:

    Hey, if you still have contact with the surgeon I’d be interested in knowing why/why not some erectile tissue is used. I’ve heard that female-bodied people have about the same amount of erectile tissue, but it’s just distributed differently. I’d be interested to see if Miro has plans for these components as I think they’re usually thrown out or disregarded. For example, even the vaginal wall has erectile tissue as well as the vestibular bulbs, clitoral crura, and clitoral corpus cavernosum. So are these tissues being used in bottom surgery? And if not, why? I think it’s too difficult and risky to move and reattach in other areas, but this is unconfirmed.

    Hopefully this has piqued your curiosity enough to ask the surgeon because I’ve been looking for some answers for a while. Thanks!

    • toyneboi says:

      I will surely note all your questions as I will be meeting with Miro next month. I will ask him personally and report back to you my findings. But you do make absolute sense so we shall see what I can find for you. Miro is a man that loves to try new things so I’m so he will be intrigued as well.

  3. slicklej says:

    hey what’s man?! hope you good. do you have any plans/hopes of being a parent? have you heard of this research in Australia where they claim the female egg can actually fertilize another egg and this would make it possible for lesbian/transmen to actually have their own biological children? well daughters actually since the female egg only has the x chromosome.

    • toyneboi says:

      I actually am a parent already. This option has actually been around for a while read about it back in 2007. But myself actually can not use this option as I do not have any eggs they were removed when I had my hysterectomy. So my wife and I will be having a baby via sperm donation. Also I would like the variation of being able to have another boy as I have all boys as of now.

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