Recently I had an epiphany, this maybe due to the fact I have actively been around a career of 18+ years long physician recently and have been more and more motivated to head to med school. In turn I have been rethinking doing nursing at all and just heading into psychology and getting a bachelors then applying right for med school. I would have to say that I would love the experience as a nurse BUT at the end of the day my need and want to be a physician over powers the experiential wants of being a nurse. Seeing as though I have been going on my gut feeling a lot lately and have yet to be failed by it I believe that’s what im going to do.

With going about things this way it also allows me to kill 2 birds with one stone in a sense. Seeing as though another main field of practice for me would be psychology. In my future practice my patients will be able to come to one place for all of their care and I mean that very literally. I will be a PCP, I will hold a Psy.D (it is similar to Ph.D but involves more hands on with patients instead of countless nights of research), I will also be a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. So heading into med school with a BA in psychology would be beneficial. As well I believe last I checked with a BA I can do group counseling which in some cases allows patients to start T. Not too sure on the letter writing with a BA but I have seen some LCSW’s write letters so I’ll have to check with TX regulations on that. Either way at the end of med school I will be writing letters with full credentials.

My plans for future practice hopefully will make me one of the first to create this specialty field but hopefully not the last to enter it. I will literally be a transgender specialist and not just claim to be as some physicians I have seen more recently say they are. My field and studies will be strictly based on gender, sexuality, intersex, transgenderism(which is not the same as transsexual which many don’t realize), non-conformity(queer), and of course transsexual studies. I want to advance standards of care and hopefully others will model after that and also plan to be actively apart of changing the DSM and will be actively apart of WPATH. I will be starting with top surgery and perfecting that to my liking, which I’ve actually started doing now using template software and graphics on real human pictures (my own and others I find online). I’ve also been researching methods used by other surgeons in regards to removal of large mammary tissue and excision of large amounts of skin with minimally evasive surgery which in turn would leave less if no scaring at all which I know would bring a large positive motivation for many to have surgery. One major advantage I would bring is the fact that I will also be trained aboard. Seeing as though techniques tend to be more accommodating in other countries this would be very beneficial to my patients and present them with more options. Once I have this surgery down I want to perfect metoidioplasty. Hopefully bringing the Miro one stage to the US, as I do plan on studying under miro and his team for a year or so. I also want to study under Bowers and will hopefully get the chance to do so in a few years maybe before med school or by my Junior year.

Also, which I’ve already started this process, I have been finding and researching ways to integrate an internal penile stretcher. Think of the way people gauge their ears, over time the skin regenerates causing a maintained size increase. By doing this I hope to give those not interested in phallo the chance to actually regenerate their own length and grow naturally. Imagine starting out with a 2 inch flaccid metoidioplasty and by 4 years post op having a 5 inch flaccid metoidioplasty, it’s not huge but will put you in the average flaccid range no longer along the lines of micro-penis that still maintains all the prior functions of your metoidioplasty. These implants will be customized per person as well will take a few years to fully stretch safely, 3-4 but only will need replacement once a year. These replacements will be upgrades in size, kind of like going up in gauging for your ears as well. I’ve also been developing a similar device for external use but not quite sure what long-term effects the external will have versus the internal.

As far as hysterectomy, oopherectomy, and vaginectomy I will have a OB/GYN on staff. They will do those surgeries as well for those patients who either have preg. spouses or wish to carry themselves they will have that option within office. I believe this will maintain a certain level of confidence and trust with patients. I also plan to have a nutritionist/kinesiologist/Personal trainer on staff to assist those patients in need of weight loss for surgery and/or for better health in general. I will also have my own anesthesiologist, RN’s, and MA’s. Which will in turn cut some cost on surgery.  My MA’s will be attending to my patients at the recover houses we have and my RN’s will be on call 24/7 and highly trained in post surgery questions or just general questions. I do also plan on having a surgery center attached to my practice that is state of the art meaning there’s no real need to pay a hospital or have surgery at one since my center will be completely equipped, this also cuts costs of surgery. The last addition is having a phallic specialist on site. Who I plan to bring on will have training in every style of phallo and I’m actually excited for him to finish school (he’s already a med student) he’s been tweaking things and I’m amazed already.

I’m really excited about this maybe even more excited than I was about my own transition and that says a hell of a lot in my opinion. It just somewhat through me for a loop but in a good way. So if any of you decide to pursue medicine in any field by all means keep up with me. I will have preference of those of trans-experience over general medical professions with just sensitivity training. Which need I add ALL of my staff even down to my after hours answering service will have strict sensitivity training so no one will ever have to fear asking a question in my office. I will also be linking with a certain non-profit to offer my patients in office insurance assistance, even though I do plan on excepting all forms of insurance and heavily advocating for my patients. So all in all I believe i will have a very well-rounded practice. Seeing as though before im done med school this will start as a volunteer clinic and then slowly move up from there but non the less the benefits are exponentially profound! I just can not wait!


  1. Jayson says:

    Salaam, this sounds AMAZING. I just began my career as a couples and family therapist, and will be specializing in trans issues. I also work with individuals and groups. I think that other people of trans experience will be lucky to have us aboard with their care. I would have been so happy 15 years ago to have had a person of trans experience as my therapist or top surgeon. By the time I can afford bottom surgery, maybe you will have made these advances in the field!!!! I’m moving to Atlanta from Oregon in about 9 months. I don’t know where you are located, but I’d love to network with you. – Jayson

    • toyneboi says:

      Thank you sir and most definitely use the contact button and send me a gchat invite. I don’t partake in FB due to the huge security and privacy issues there but if you use Google plus you can link up with me there. Also may I ask why your moving to ATL? If your in school in Oregan you are aware they their universities cover all transcare inclusive of surgery. So bottom may not be as far as you think especially considering Dr Bowers is now in San Mateo CA. But we will talk more off blog

  2. ben says:

    hey dude tht is just amazin i realy im happy for ur future plans especially for us FTMs,just so i remind u in case u forgot me ,my name is ben i spoke to u long time back last year b4 u went for ur bottom surgery i said i needed help …any way i found some FTMs here in India who helped me through thie journey n finally i just got my 1st shot last friday 21st oct
    i got some worries about ma dose ma doc gave me 100mg of sastonon he said i should take monthly i tend to think tht its too low n i think im tempted to add up to 200mg atleast by next month does it make any sense?

    • toyneboi says:

      I’m glad you finally started T. Yea that does seem bit low but you have to remember it is not a common grounds thing as every ones dose is supposed to be catering to their body that’s why Dr’s are supposed to do blood work. Its all about stabilization of hormonal levels. How frequent are your injections? and how much are you injecting? because as it stands I take 200mg a month but if we split it into how i take my shots, it is 5mg a week at a dose of .25ML. Most don’t understand there is a difference between the concentration of the meds and the ML injected.

      • ben says:

        100mg per month?tht is ma dose just once per month…..its true idont understand the concetration of the meds n the ML injected could u plz elaborate it?

      • ben says:

        hi im experiencin headache and pain in ma muscles plus joint pain n i feel so cold since yesterday and also so thirsty….could it b bcoz of sustanon i took 1week ago of 100mg?
        what shoul i do?is there a problem if i drink alot of water? or use any medicine for fever?

      • toyneboi says:

        Theres nothing wrong with you these are all normal things of your body adjusting to T. the pain you are feeling is growing pains. the first time you felt these pains you were too young to really remember. its just more a pain in the ass now because your older and more aware of your body and the things that are happening. If your feeling cold you need to have you Iron levels tested, in the mean time I suggest eating more things that add iron to your diet. Water is good no matter what you do, naturally flushes your system and keeps you hydrated. More then likely this thirst is due to your voice changing which makes you literally feel like you have a cough or sore throat give it some time and it will subside. you have to remember transition is not an over night thing changes take 5 years to stabilize. This is literally going through puberty all over again. have patience with things and dont freak out when new things surface. Unless they are highly alarming then just let them come and go. You jaw will start to hurt very soon as well but that is also very normal as your jaw line will be changing.

      • ben says:

        thank you so much bro for tht info i feel much better today i used blufen n ifeel like im back to normal …was thinkin of such thing but i though it was too early…any way im ready now tht i knw things wich ill b facin on this journey ill keep u alert if you dont mind…have a nice day

  3. Denise says:

    This is from downelink ive been watching u grow for years..your journey has been amazing. I have so much respect for you as a person. You have always oozed such a deep and genuine passion for the community. How long until you finish school and such? With all honesty and sincerity it would be an honor to have you perform my top surgery. I think it would be well worth the wait..we shiuld k.i.t more often..i plan in doing my part and mos definitely keeping up with ur progress. I wish u soo much luck n Good fortune i pray the most high blesses u and every single thing u set out to do will be accomplished

  4. ben says:

    hi its the 2nd week of ma 2nd month on T i can feel ma voice is slowly deepen though i cant realy say its deep i wonder how long will it take to be as deep as it should be bt either way im hppy very hppy with the changes in ma body as of now ma clit is gettin high n bigger im using some drops of T to massage it.. ma shoulders r growing wider n strong cant wait for ma next shot on 21st Dec….well i want u to knw i apreciate u perving the way 4me n all other FTMs all along bro…n i wana join the fund thing u talked about could u plz tell me how to do that?

  5. Incredibleme says:

    I’m in!… if everything in my life goes as planned…would def, be a worthy experiences not to mention by then I will probably have a phd or 2..

  6. ben says:

    hey brother its ma 4th month on T im feeling great in everything i like ma voice the most the clit has also increase to 1inch wen hard…im goin for my top surgery on 21st feb tht is next week so i thought i should tell u this since you knw how ma journey was frm the start im doing it here in india hope it all goes well ..i f u have any advice for me plz feel free to give me

    • toyneboi says:

      Congrats ben! Feb is a good month I just celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday. I know all will be fine for you and I hope you share your results within the yahoo group so others in your area know there is hope for them too. I remember how worried you were some months ago about finding resources and now look at you getting top surgery and everything all taken care of. Your very lucky and see i told you it would all work out for you :). My biggest advice to you is dont over exert yourself. take it easy and just let your body heal internally and externally.

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