Just poking my head in here nothing really dramatic going on. I finally finished school and am now doing my wonderful clinical hours. I’m doing these hours at a pediatric clinic and boy must I say its an excellent experience!. I love kids and they just brighten up my day. Not to mention i get to see my own quite often which in turn makes me a very happy camper :D.

I can’t believe I finished out my schooling with a 4.0 on top of working! I did always doubt myself a bit but now I know I have zero reason to doubt myself any more. It seems like the more I go on I find myself indulging in more and more of the medical field and I find myself at times getting the “kid in the candy store” look lol. It took me a while to settle on what I wanted to do but now that ive found my niche I couldn’t be happier.

What else is in store?

Nursing and then med school which im psyched about. A lot of people still ask me why nursing and not just med school. For me i love to be well-rounded and i love to be hands on. Being stuck in a classroom with no clinicals would drive me nuts as well as there are certain things an MA would learn that nurses don’t, certain things RN’s learn that Dr’s don’t seeing as though they all play different roles within the practice so myself being able to play all those roles in turn makes me more diverse than the actual normal MD. It takes a few years longer but I dont mind I will still be titled MD before I even hit 45.

Other than school nothing else extravagant have been going on. Coming up on a year post op pretty soon. I honestly forget at times I even had surgery lol. I do know being around females all day long makes me check my lower region for bulge often but other than that I don’t pay attention and yes they do pay attention women are a trip lol. I do know I am going to start writing to some of these scrub companies to ask for more men orientated scrubs tops and especially bottoms. More with zippers would help those of us with lack of and/or no package. Just something to keep the conscious at bay I suppose.

Lets see I can’t think of nothing else right now really though. OH I’ve been clean from FB for over a year lmao. I feel like that shit is a damn drug lmao. I’m using google+ and I must say it really does the job and well check it out for yourself, I may share my profile but may not seeing as though I am pulling my real name out of a lot of online items. As the acronyms are added to my name more jobs like to search for you via online. You wouldnt believe how many teachers at my school were fired for things they had on FB…becareful guys

until next time



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