They say with healing a lot of things are possible. We never really understand the actual weight of that statement until we see with our own two pupils. Its taken me a while to feel comfortable with my chest due to the adhesion of scar tissue and then thinking about more surgery to fix it. Its anxiety inducing if nothing else but becomes a bit depressing if its dwelled upon.

I also had to remind myself that over this past year I haven’t gotten to really work out like many of my friends so of course I’m not as defined and not as much mass in my chest. I thought to myself for a while that its just gonna be like this and one day ill get it redone but as I work more and more with trainers I see how mass and muscle effects contour just as much as fatty tissues. Which in my case too much fatty tissue was removed, hence the depression and skin adhesion. Also over the past few weeks I’ve noticed with the minimal impact workouts I have been doing its starting to fill some areas out. This got me really thinking, what if some of the real issue is that my pectoral major and minor have seriously went into a stage of atrophy. So I began to research about building pectoral muscle and see how it could have different effects on the contour of the chest. Example, in one case a guy with a congenital disorder leaving him with a crater was able to stack massive pectoral muscle and the condition was virtually invisible. His condition and my results are almost identical so I was very intrigued to know even more. I started searching through post upon post from professional bodybuilders and found a lot of information that really set me in the can do mind frame.

So I got with another trainer, who at 41 started training for professional bodybuilding and she’s a female hence it never being too late to start lol. We developed a serious isolation workout to see if we can round out and fill out my pecs over the next year. If or should I say when were successful a lot of the problem areas (loose skin, depression of pec, and adhesion) should be resolved to the point that I really wouldn’t need more then smart lipo if anything at all. That added mass will immediately fill out the loose skin hell I may even end up with stretch makes lol. It will also more then likely even out the puffy nipple making it a bit more normal appearing. She is definitely going to be pushing me to do this she made me realize I was working my chest but the exercises I was doing was only really isolating certain areas. My pec mass and definition in the upper pec is decent but the lower and mid pec are seriously under developed, and go figure those 2 spots are my problem areas. No one at my job knows about my trans experience so when I explain my chest issues I say I had gynecomastia and they understand and see my post surgical workout as actual physical therapy. I like it that way there’s no judgment passed and actually more helping hands, but I doubt they would judge if they knew they are all really great and caring people.

But about this hybrid workout plan. Let me just say a brother probably won’t be able to move after my first day in week one lol. Its coming in phases and boy oh boy lol. The first cycle is a 5 week 3 day split, mind you this 5 week cycle is exclusively chest only. She wants me to get those pecs popping off asap. She assessed me and all my other tone and definition has been fine. But during this 5 weeks were only doing chest. Of course compound movements will work my whole upper body so I’m still getting a well rounded workout. For the legs during these 5 weeks I’m advised 2 days of cardio, not bad ill just hit the treadmill or one of the bikes. As well as olympic squats, little known secret if you want a massive upper your lower has to be trained to support that upper mass. Squats can increase upper mass by 10%. Fun fact of the day lol.

Week 1 is going to be all pure hell lol. That’s the nicest way I could put it and my trainer knows I’m not lying lol. She said you want it now work for it, she’s got a point though. First set off top she wants me maxing out, more weight means more mass. This is why weight training is essential for mass. So we shall determine my max, more then likely its still around 130-135. Once that’s set its 3 sets 8-12 reps. Each set reducing weight by 10% with about a minute cool down, which is enough to get me hydrate and stretch a little bit isometrically then right back in it. I have 5 normal exercises like that (3 sets, 8-12 reps, reduce by 10% each set), then at the end of those 3 concentration exercises or as she like to say “Upper Pec Pounder” lol. The name gives it away as to what part of the pec were concentrating on. Week 2 is similar but isolation is mid pec, week 3 is lower. Week 4 is exclusively body weight for the first portion of the workout, then I’m doing 6 different super sets on waited machines(cable). By week 4 that should be a breeze as my strength increases are fast. Then lovely week 5 I get a bit of a break 3 workouts all on the smith machine and back to 3 sets at the 10% decrease. Thing is with the smith I can max a little higher so I’m all for it.

Week 5 will lead right into a mass routine but ill explain more bout that when I get to week 5. I’m definitely doing better at keeping track of my workouts. I have 4 applications that keep me on point; fitness pro, gymbio,, and menshealth just to keep me up to date on helpful supplements and recipes(ipod/iphone apps). If anyone gets gymbio let me know it let’s friends link up for peer to peer workout motivation :).

I’m just really excited about getting back on track and fixing an issue that is plaguing me. Its like I stop myself from stripping in public because I’m a bit self conscious but I know I really have no reason to be other then my own thoughts of, “what are they going to say and who’s going to stare”. But as I’ve said working at a gym has really been helping with the body image issues. There’s cismen that have larger male breast then I ever had or dreamed of having. Another guy actually had large female patterned breast and had a double incision to correct the issue. His scars are thin and he’s not ashamed of them. Which really has me a lot more confident. So I would have to say this job was a god send in order to help lift me back up and get me motivated instead of depressed about my current situation.

All in all I’m ready and ready to show results once I hit week 5. Ill post a before picture a little later. I’m almost a year post op so its well needed to update on how things have healed over.

Until next time…


  1. I am glad that you are coming into this realization. I suspected building mass would help but to be honest I was waiting for YOUR to realize it. lol. I look forward to your progress.

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