Today I had my first consult with a very wonderful Dr here in St Louis. I was surprised to find out that he has worked with numerous transmales before and understands our need and want for inconspicuous scars. He was a very nice man, beside manner very warming and welcoming as well. I felt very comfortable in his presence as well as with his staff. No one made me feel out of place at all and not once was my pronouns messed up even with the fact of me being trans stated openingly. I did hesitate at first not to reveal this information and just go in for gyneocamastia and call it a day. But upon contacting the practice I found out that they had transgender surgery listed as one of the procedures proformed in thier practice.

Conviently the practice is located about 5 mintues from my place of residence so this makes my revision expenses very minimal. The practice is very well kept and it is in a large scale building with many different practices within. Its tucked away in the cut but off one of the main roads around here. Here are some pictures I took of the office:

Front of the office building

Address for those wondering

Outside the office

Office waiting room

Over all the experience was very nice and well needed reliever from some of the horror storied that you hear about the states that are in the bible belt. 😀

OK on to the procedures recommended…

When Dr. Maclin seen my chest the first thing he did was measure to make sure that my nipple/areaola complex were at even height. They are which he said was perfect placement. Immediately he said what I already knew, there is excess skin that is causing the issue. He doesnt want nor feel the need to make large incisions on my chest as he sees it to be of extremely good contour. Even down to the depression of my right pec he assures me that it is a very easy fix.

The first recommended procedure is called smart lipo. Here is a bit on the procedure:

“Conventional liposuction can be a treatment which yields more side effects and risk than some patients care to experience when considering fat reduction procedures. If small pockets of fat remain where diet and exercise failed, Smartlipo can be the optimal procedure of choice. As our society rains down the ever-growing pressures of looking beautiful and fit, more men and women desire to look their best, to feel a sense of self-satisfaction and confidence in appearance.

Smartlipo reduces areas of fat that are too difficult to lose naturally. It uses a laser to melt away fat deposits safely and effectively. Usually performed as an outpatient procedure, Smartlipo is minimally invasive and the lasers (often referred to as ‘laser liposuction’) shape and contour the body with higher levels of safety than conventional liposuction. As an added bonus, the lasers used in Smartlipo help to tighten the applied area, which often result in more youthful-looking skin.

The actual lipolysis procedure is simple in its methodology. A local anesthetic is applied to the area of fat being treated and a 1mm laser probe is inserted into that fat, carefully guided through the area liquefying the fat (which will subsequently be absorbed by the lymphatic system before being excreted). Recovery time is usually expedient; a patient can normally return to daily routines by the next day, though the doctor will recommend that a compression garment be worn around the treated area for up to two weeks. When compared to conventional liposuction, Smartlipo has very little pain, bruising or swelling. Both procedures are tried and true, though of course a potential candidate should consult with a plastic surgeon to determine which is more suitable.

Another positive ‘side effect’ of Smartlipo is that its cost is relatively less than that of actual liposuction. Results are assuredly safe and effective and only a minor number of cases require a follow-up second procedure. It is regarded to be one of the most painless cosmetic surgeries performed.”

 More information can be found on if your interested in finding out more about the procedure itself.

For me this means a minimal invasive procedure that is done in office and the cost behind it is AMAZING! I was qouted $1000.00 for the procedure and $200 for the equipment fee. I will have that in a matter of a few weeks but I will take my time and save because he did mention that he wanted to wait until after my year mark to make sure my skin is fully healed from the last operation on my chest. He is trying to keep me at minimal scaring becasue he understands that I do not want that much attention drawn to my chest but just want to be able to be shirtless and happy about it.

His desired effect with the smart lipo is to:

  • A. Retract as much loose skin as possible so that things contour a bit better
  • B. Adjust my contour
  • C. Adjust fatty tissue in order to fix the depression from too much lipo the first time

The down side to this would be burning of the skin due to the heat method used to move the fatty tissue around. With this he did tell me that is will heal over, knowing that I do heal very well im not too worried about it. I have 3rd degree burn on my leg and you can not even tell it is there so im not too much worried about the effects of burning. IF it does happen it will heal over in time. The  other good thing about him mentioning both procedures is that he basically cut me a deal since this is a trial and error procedure. Although ultimately there is no damage the lipo can do if it does not work to my liking he will take $1000 off of the final price of the second procedure when I come back in for that revision. So in a way I see tis as a 2 part process. Its not that bad at all even though some would see this as a drag. I would need a few days off from lifting and then be fine.

The second procedure he mentioned is a Revisional Mastopexy with free nipple grafts. For those of you familiar with some procedures of chest surgery that leaves a scar next to the nipple on both sides that is what this is. The scar will heal over but there will be one. If the smartlipo does not work to my liking I will have this done which will enable him to reduce the size of my nipple which is one major thing I wanted. What he is most concerned about with this procedure is the face that with free nipple grafts the potential for nipple pigment discoloration is highly likely. The upside to this is that nipples can be tattooed and the scars next to the nipple will heal over excellently. I will have any visible scars removed via laser at a later date so I am not even bothered by the fact of them being there any more. It is what it is from here on out lol.

The pricing for this is not at all shabby:

Surgeons Fee: $1665.00 (with my $1000.00 discount from previous procedure)

Hospital Fee: $1915.00 (broken down in detail below)

  • Facility (2 hour operation): $1200
  • Anesthesia: $660
  • Garment: $55 (post surgical vest)

The other costs that maybe aquired with the mastopexy would be:

  • Preoperative testing including blood work, mammograms, or x-rays
  • Preoperative and postoperative medications
  • Pathology fee: approx. $250.00( which is billed to you after surgery)

Considering the price at hand this is very well acceptable for me on all levels. Im really excited about both considering I wanted to get this out the way next year. And even with having 2 surgeries if you add them both together its still less then one surgery so im not complaining one bit.

I do highly recommend Dr Maclin and his practice. Hes a really cool laid back younger man with a nice sense of humor. He will give you all options and tell you the best possible outcome. He is definitely looking out for you and your best interest not just your money which is a BIG factor. So its finally glad to say there are some good surgeons in the St. Louis area as many stories ive heard have not been favorable at all when it came to surgeons here.

I will keep everyone posted as go through revisions and will defitely post pictures of the before and after effects. The 2 operations will probably be about 6-12 months apart to get the best analysis of my contour as it heals.

Until next time…


  1. Sounds like a plan. I look forward to seeing how this plays out!

  2. Brendan says:

    Sounds great! I look forward to more info as you go along!

  3. Des says:

    Since you had the upper surgery before, can they not use corrective surgery to treat that ? Stunned as to why you need to pay more ?

    • toyneboi says:

      I didnt pay a thing for my first chest surgery. My revision i’d gladly pay for seeing as though its minor and as i said i never paid for the initial one. IF i still had the same insurance i wouldnt be paying at all for the correction of this

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