So I’m well on my way into month 3 post op. Honestly speaking there’s nothing really that has changed much lol. But I assume I can still do a preliminary run down of the happenings of healing.

Let’s see…


Things are healed over awesomely! I look very natural and natal honestly. The glans stitching has been gone for quite some time now leaving the skin initially pleated a bit but as time goes on it is smoothing over excellently. I do take the time to massage down the scar tissue that was trying to build up. I have also been getting my length back due to natural correction of retraction. With the help of being back on T without interruptions as well as the cialis use naturally occurring erections help feed healthy blood into the stiffened tissue. The more it happens the more the skin, tissue, and penis get used to the shape and conform to it. In a few more months thing should be completely back to the way and size prior to surgery. I have also noticed my penis has changed angles of protrusion. At first it still was angled straight down, now as time moves on it is starting to protrude straight out like most cismales which is AWESOME! Still have not test driven him, can’t just give my first time to just anyone hell its been almost 2 years celibate so why the hell not lol. As well as urination at school is a breeze no one even knows hell my admissions rep still doesn’t know. I told her I was intersex and she let it at that lol.


Luckily I have had ZERO urinary issues. The only complaint I could say is when I do happen to sit, saying when making a movement, and pee things get a bit backed up. I think it becomes more restricted while sitting. So standing to pee is the best for me.

Implants and scrotum:

Everything hangs so naturally. I really thank Miro for not using the small implants because the end result is optimal. Even when standing in the mirror I could pass a visibility test and dismiss any questions on size with a few answers besides being transgender. All scrotal stitches are gone and the tissue is a bit stiff so bio oil and massage have been its best friend. Capsules have formed in both sides, however the right side as per usual is still a bit harder then the left. But as time passes it is becoming softer. I can now move both implants up and down with no issues. I actually have been trying to rotate one implant because the tabs they come with you can feel on the outter skin of my scrotum looks a bit odd lol. But nothing really worth a surgery.

Vaginectomy site:

I honestly at this point do not even remember what having that hole feels like. Half the time during my everyday life I forget I’m even trans lol. No leaks, drainage, smells, etc. The only complaint about my balls not being fused is that when I do ejaculate or sweat the space between my balls gets all moist and feels weird lol. So I have to take extra steps during cleaning to make sure I got everything.

I’ve been able to gain more control over my lower muscles so when I do ejaculate I’m actually able to push things out now a lot better which is freaking awesome! I do notice a lot more coming out now and its a bit more cloudy then it was at first which is interesting. I have to check thoroughly after to make sure things are dry if not I find my penis sticking to my left nut lol. I haven’t been pumping like per usual due to my hectic schedule with school and finals coming up next week. But ill get back in the grove of things shortly. I actually want a new pump which is also another means of me stalling.

So what else have I been up to?

School and bills lol. No but seriously school has been great so far 6 more months to go but I honestly feel as though if I was to take the certification test right now I’d pass with ease and a high score at that. But as they say practice makes perfect. I know being trained on injection techniques have really helped with my own injections. It goes a lot faster, no blood, no leakage, and no pain. I can now do my injection in less then a minute even with prep time. As well I’m learning billing and coding so when it comes time for me to get other things I need covered I can go right to my own coding books and find the appriate coding for what the insurance will cover it as. Comes in handy on so many levels.

Keeping my GPA up to par is the ultimate mission seeing as though it is essential to have a satisfactory GPA when applying to nursing school. I have finally decided with my indecisive ass which nursing school I’m going to attend. Its ranked in the top 10 in the nation so I’m going to be in great hands. Not to mention getting a bachelors of science in nursing in 3 years instead of four is prime and helps me keep on track. Haven’t decided where I’m going to work yet but I know my favorite part of nursing school is going to be clinicals. I love hands on experience, that’s the best method of learning for me.

As well the faster I get to my 3rd year of nursing the sooner I can start on my BA to Psy.D in clinical psychology. Being out of school and stuck in a rut of emotions made me forgot just how much I love learning! I’m not sure why I ever doubted myself, its funny when people walk up to me at school that don’t know me and say, “you look like you get straight A’s”. Lol when I’m learning I guess I just have this glow to me.

Most definitely having the instructor I do is an added bonus. Seeing as though she’s a nursing student herself gives me a foot up in the game because we’re steadily conversing about what’s needed before nursing school, what’s involved, how the course work goes. She says based on what she’s observed in lab and lecture I will excel in the program with no issues at all. Its good to have people routing for me, keeps me motivated. Not to mention I will be getting 2 awards next month. One for academic achievements (highest gpa in the class) and the other for attendance. That is going to look so good on my resume as well will look good for my externship.

Speaking of I’m trying to decide if I want to find my own site or if I want to let the school do so. I would really rather work with children or elders. As well as do mainly clinical task instead of administrative since I like interaction more then paperwork lol. But my main goal is to find a site that will allow me to be hired in directly. Doing a bit of career field research I’ve seen plenty of MA jobs starting 13-16/hr. Bring on these next few months because that’s all good money to me :D.

As well I have to save for a trip to cleveland. I’ve been corresponding with Dr. Daniel Medalie about further chest revisions and he is more then willing to do the revision surgery. 65 for a consult is not bad at all, I would have to say that’s about the cheapest besides free I’ve heard of lol. I will probably end up renting a car and just making it a day trip since my time is stretched very thin. But I am excited about it feels like first consult all over again lol. I plan on having this revision next summer, its not an urgent matter but I would like it corrected. I plan to save for it but being in the field I’m in I know ill end up with prime insurance coverage but saving just for GP.

Over all life is what I’m making it. I’m on a motivational high and I keep climbing. There is nothing and no one that can stop this train. I can’t wait to be able to write:

A. Robinson BSN-RN; Psy.D

So professional in terms but you want to honestly know what I see when I read that title?

A. Robinson $$$-$$; $$$.$


I’m trying to be the 7 figure man by the time I’m 30 and the path I’m on has already ensured and confirmed it. Inaction on my part would be the only means for failure. And seeing as though that’s not a feasible thing for me to be doing its not going to happen period point blank!

Oh and to one person in particular, thank you. Your actions effected me in some serious ways but the outcome has been success and production. I’m not worried about the right now because the evidence is already situated in the future. Take a second to think and analyze that.

Ok now its time to study a bit before tomorrow.

Until next time, hopefully not a month away lol…


  1. Glad to read you are continuing to make progress. I am sure this gives hope to other guys who are awaiting their chance to be the man they always knew themselves to be.

  2. Shaun says:

    congrats on all the positive things happening in life.

  3. KadenMichael says:

    Hey Bro,

    It’s great to hear things are going well. I know we don’t talk much but I think about you often and its great to catch up on your blog and see that things are good. I’m proud of you for getting into school and setting yourself up for that money! Although, we all knew you’d be there!

    Keep up on this blog so I’m not wondering so much! lol


  4. Phoebe says:

    Hey I know you don’t know me but I wanna go through the surgery and I just really need someone to talk to please email me

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