So I said I would keep everyone updated on my pumping sessions, that’s what I’m doing now. Today I’m just 2 months and 3 days post op so I decided to give a go at pumping since there’s no pain and only one stitch remaining in my penis. Miro recommends pumping at week 4 but I was not comfortable with the thought of that and knowingly having stitches remaining on my shaft. The reason pumping post op is so important to the healing process is that scar tissue will accumulate. If this tissue is not softened and stretched then you will have serious retraction that can remain permanent. So think of pumping as exercising any other muscles in your body, the more you do it the stronger you get. In pumping terms the more you can pump out(length) and the more girth you will obtain. I began pumping well before surgery as in the day I started T. So that’s a good 2 yrs and 5 months of pumping to the exact day that I had surgery.

I decided to use a method I first started with when I began pumping almost 3 years ago now. I adjusted things to get a good seal. Getting a good seal is a common issue I’ve heard of from other guys, maybe its how my penis sits but it was fairly easy. Getting lubed up is extremely important. I used regular KY brand which is a water based lube seeing as though I use a condom inside my pump for a better seal and less friction. You lube not only the cylinder inside but also your penis the less friction you have the easier it is to pump out.

Then I slowly pulled the trigger pump twice to apply a bit of pressure. Things expanded nicely and I felt a bit of pull in my glans. Normally I don’t pay much attention to this pull but because of that last stitch I was more cautious then usual. I released the pressure for 10-15 seconds then pumped the trigger 3 times counting to 50 seconds before releasing the pressure again. At this point it was clear that things were pumping out very nicely without blood or any other incident. I attribute this to the good lubrication. I continued this until I could pull the trigger 8 to 10 pumps for counts of 50 seconds. So in terms for those that work out it would be like sets and reps.

In total I did 6 sets of 50 seconds with 10 second breaks in between. My last set I held for about 3 mins just to test the longevity because the longer I have pressure on my penis the more engorged I get. Doing this also set the standards for how long I could stand it being there at this early stage of healing. Things where good which proved my theory correct. Pre-op I could have pump sessions that lasted over an hour with ease whit no issue because I listened to my body and watched very closely. I’ve heard of guys hurting themselves but I’ve never experienced this simply because of the precautions I take ahead of time. This session lasted about 15 mins. I’m very happy with the potential that I have seen during this first basically trial session.

Another point is for those that have access to the lower surgery groups I posted pictures to show a few things. Mind you this is individually based but is possible. One picture shows clear consistency of pre-cum that occurred during this pumping session. I wanted to show clear evidence of this because a lot of people talk about it but no one really shows proof. So for those thinking/hearing of the possibilities and you have access to the appropriate groups by all means take a gander. I have first trail pump session pictures available as well.

Another thing that I wanted to share is something that happened last night while I was having some “penis and me” time lol. Normally when I hit climax things just drip down like the picture in the gallery that I showed, but not last night. I must have been extremely aroused or things are jus changing as I heal. But when I hit climax this had a bit of force and shot out in 3 good spurts then came the slow drips shortly after. I have not heard this happen to anyone else that’s had the same surgery as me so this is definitely a rarity. I admit it startled me because I was sooo not expecting that to happen but at the same time I’m happy about this. If I could learn how to control this I may have struck gold! The things you learn while re learning yourself lol. Can’t wait to see what else I run into along the way.

Now that I’m officially back in the pumping seat the mix with cialis should be fun. I just can’t wait until I’m back to my full potential. From what I’m seeing so far with some longevity in pumping I should be able to actually hit a “average” flaccid cis-male size. That along has me ready to pump as often as I can to get things going. But I know things take time and I have to be mindful about my urethra as it too is still healing. But things are great so far and I can not be happier.

Ok enough about my wang lol

I will keep everyone posted on how things go and some tips and tricks along the way.

Until next time…


  1. Congrats on the pumping success!

  2. S says:


    I just read your blogs, and you were talking about actual fluids coming from you penis after pumping. I’ve read up on this, but everyone has told me that it’s impossible for you to cum. So, is there something I’m missing? O.o

    I wish I could talk to you more privately, but I have no idea how to work around this site.

    • toyneboi says:

      Who ever your listening to please STOP! I have no issues coming at all. Yes I can ejaculate with no issues what so ever. As long as the skenes gland is left intact all functions remain the same as before. Now I was not a squirter pre op so this is something thats new for the post op realm. I am not the only transman post meta that can ejaculate. SO why someone would tell you that is is impossible is just pure ignorance on their part.

      • Otis says:

        I agree l only started being able to ejactulate after starting T about 3 months into it. Now l can cum abt 80% of the time during sex. l am pre op and looking for info about this. Ever since l have been able to do this l was looking around to see if l would still be able to have this function if l got bottom surgery. Thank you for putting my mind at ease. I hope more cis men could talk about this.

  3. El Gray says:

    Aye man, I am really seriously considering bottom surgery and of all the drs. Dr. Miro is top on my list. I have also been interested in Dr. Preecha. How do I get access to the lowery surgery group to see pics. I’m currently working overseas and I’m returning stateside in a few weeks. I have my gynecomastia procedure scheduled for April 2.

  4. Kai says:

    I was wondering if you had the Phalloplasty or the metoidioplasty..? Because I heard that trans men who get the Phalloplasty cannot pre cum and you said in a picture there was pre cum so I was curious as of which surgery you got.. I’m still undecided I’m 7 months post op top surgery and I want the Phalloplasty but I want to be able to squirt something out when I’m finished.

    • toyneboi says:

      I currently have metiodioplasty and can ejaculate. BUT I will be able to remain doing so even after phalloplasty as my skenes gland was left in tact. I have asked several surgeons this and they all agreed since I have the ability now it will remain. But do be warned just because you have a meta does not mean by any means you will be able to ejaculate or pre cum from the tip of your penis. This is one of those luck of the draw kind of situations. Do not go into something expecting the ability as you maybe highly disappointed if you can not later on down the line. I will however be getting phallo early next year so of course I will be posting more about that here soon

  5. wenbe says:

    I am 6 weeks post-op meta from Dr. Miro in Serbia. I had a total repair 9 days after the first surgery,because the wound opened due to weight of bleeding from hematoma) so, in reality the stitches are only 4.7 weeks around my balls and perineum. I can’t see my penis standing naturally, only when I part the balls a little (can’t do too much because of the stitches). I’ve been told to pump and I appreciate the importance of doing this. Like you, I pumped pre-surgery. But, I can’t get a hold of the penis and I can’t go in any deeper I run into stitches! I’m so sore and really worried. Wenn

    • Sir Vertigo says:

      Don’t worry man you must give it time. I started pumping some months after meta as it was so so sore. But I will be straight forward Miro doesn’t make a formal scrotalplasty so things aren’t positioned as good as they should be. I didn’t learn this until I got a new sac with Dr Crane. So just give it time and things will improve.

  6. christopher says:

    I would like to see some pics of your penis priot to pumping. I have been on T for about 8 years. And I pump two times a day. but I have not had bottoM surgery yet. Hope soon.

    • Sir Vertigo says:

      Not sure if you have really read around my blog. I’ve had phalloplasty for I’ve a year. Also I don’t believe I know you personally so that makes me a bit uncomfortable. There are Yahoo groups that depict many guys who pump or have had meta

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