Excuse me for my absence but I’ve been doing a bit of relocation and getting my p’s and q’s in order. I have successfully relocated to the midwest which I’ve been here before and I must say this time around things are so much in my favor its a bit scary. The confidence I now have as just being one of the guys is awesome! No one questions anything about me at all, even though my past has come up twice but its no biggie at all I just politely explain the name change had to accompany correction of a childhood ailment and they just say oh and continued on with things. I’m now in school for medical assistant and when I graduate in October I’ll be right back in school pursuing my RN which I’m excited about. Just trying to narrow down what school I’m going to go to for RN since I plan to go for RN-BSN. For those not familiar with that its Registered Nurse-Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I’m also working and not just some rink dinky job but an actual job with some serious benefits. 😀 That big guy upstairs works in the strangest ways but I’m loving it. Now I have the means to get this new truck I’ve been waiting to get my hands on since 08! Not only that I can now start house hunting so I can pull off my real estate mission which consists of getting one house fixing it to my liking, renting it out for a nice amount, then finding more property. I plan to have at least 4 properties, that’s all extra income! This would be why I have no reason to worry about phalloplasty savings, all I have to do is cross my t’s and dot my I’s and things will be mine for the taking. Between realty and my 2 career choices I’m set! This is just a back to back mountain climb up for me and I’m very pleased with myself :). Its amazing how much quality of life changed after getting surgeries off my brain.

Ok enough on me…

On to the penile updates lol. Things have been going excellent and I’m so happy I stuck with my choice for surgical team. I should probably make a list of things to make this easier:


Between month one and two it has improved drastically. The stream is steady and not forced. The spraying/fanning has stopped, which I figured out half the issue was the fact I had a mound of pubic hair in cahoots with the underneath stitches making things go in several directions. Cutting the hair off and keeping it trimmed has solved that with ease. I can void standing at urinals through my fly but I like my privacy so using a stall was always my number one option anyway. At the end of my stream I ALWAYS dab with tissue, its for sanitary reasons and also to verify there’s no leaks in my undies. I don’t like moisture just sitting there that’s how smegma tends to build. And there is absolutely zero burning now which is soooooo awesome. That mess made me not want to take a leak lol.

Scrotal stitches and scrotum:

The stitches at the top of my scrotum are healed over externally. I snipped a few of the external stitches due to annoyance. Nothing opened up, leaked, got infected, nor felt funny so that’s good. A few of the clipped ends are now pushing their way to the surface which is nothing unusual that’s how the ones I clipped started showing up. But for the most part the incisions are smooth and you can feel the raised scar tissue with the internal stitches. Ill be using bio oil on them at month 3. My scrotum is awesomely shaped and I can’t be happier with the results of that. I was semi worried for a bit due to my left nut dropping a bit further down then the right but when I stand they are even as well as when I sit. For the most part capsules are formed in my scrotum but towards the bottom of my sac you can feel the hardened tissue still trying to work its way to softer tissue, massaging has helped. I also plan to use bio oil on my scrotum to smooth things out. Other then that they are very squeezable and I can push and pull them with no pain at all. I do it quite often as I now stay with my hand in my pants 85% of the day lol.

Vaginectomy/perennial area:

Things have always been good on this home front, no infections; leaks; bleeding; or discharge. I have a few stitches still poking out here and there but nothing that’s annoying, hell half the time I forget the crap is there until I’m washing that area. There is no longer a “pulling” sensation if I move a certain way as well this makes ejaculation a lot more pleasurable :).


My little buddy is doing wonderful! Retraction is definitely resolving slowly but surely. I attribute this to the cialis reaction as well as me “working out” a few good ones to get the blood flow stimulating the tissues. My first practice jerk off was a bit of a stop and go type thing but now I just go for it and the sensation I’ve gained since surgery is just retardedly high. I’m glad I’m not circumcised my foreskin comes in handy to protect my highly sensitive glans. I’ve also noticed it takes longer to get to climax which is perfectly fine by me! Also in my experimenting I have found that my skenes gland is perfectly in tack and ejaculation happens every time I hit climax. If I stand up immediately after climax it drips out and there’s a lot of it which is kinda cool. It definitely looks like biomale precum and the consistency is that of a water based lube. I can also control my muscles to push it out of my urethra which I’m working on to see what I end up with. Ill take a picture if I can remember next time lol. I haven’t started pumping in full I gave it a test try and def know I’m going to have to start slower then what I’m used to BUT I see large scale number potential well over 4 inches so I can not wait for that. I don’t have a partner at this time but if I did I would be able to stick a little something but most def after a good pumping penetration would be a breeze due to the protrusion of my shaft and its placement. 2 thumbs up for miros team for that one! All the stitches but one have dissolved and smoothed over. So this means all that nasty dick cheese is now a thing of the past. That stuff seriously grossed me out lol.


I’m 100% but have noticed that sometimes I just walk like I have a big dick lol. So I guess this is just a new walk I picked up. I do know however it does not feel like I’m walking around my balls anymore because of how much they have softened. I can sit with my legs completely together but choose not to, which also helps for side sleeping my legs can now close and sleeping is a lot more comfortable. I also am VERY careful when outside since there’s freaking ice everywhere, the last thing I need is to bust my ass.

Working out:

I’m now officially allowed in the gym, YAY! I’ve been doing a few upper body workouts but now its time to get things back in order especially my chest. Which I’ve already noticed with the slight upper body retraining the difference in my definition is showing. So I’m going to continue to work on it until I’m back where I need to be. I have no issues with where the catheter was, hell I can hardly find the incision now. So core exercise is def on the top 10 to do list and I’m going in hardcore. I have a naturally toned core so bringing out my six pak again will be a breeze.

Other then these major things I’m happy as can be. Especially when I sit back and think of how much I’ve accomplished all before my 23rd birthday which mind you is a week from today (feb 17th)! And I’m so not even done with what I call my “takeover”. Retraining and re conditioning my mind, body, soul, and my surroundings. So far so good and as long as you keep faith nothing can really go wrong. I think faith is the biggest driving factor in anyone’s process, even if you have no set religion there’s always a way to believe that something will happen for you no matter what. It will keep you motivated and pushing for the desired goal.

Ok enough of my pep talking lol.

I would also like to thank everyone for reading my blog. It makes me happy to know that I’m helping people out each and everyday. Just remember when reading if you have questions just ask. As well always look at the links within the BLOGROLL to the left hand side of the blog here. There are a lot of important links especially for guys looking for lower surgery advice. Once I get my net up and working at home I will be adding a whole new section with links to information a lot of you all are seeking. So definitely stay tuned for that. As well always remember this is an ongoing blog meaning, no matter how much time or surgery has passed I will always have something to talk about. Especially heading into the medical field there will be tips here for those recovering from surgery.

If all goes as planned, which it will because my faith is strong, in a few years there will be a section here that will be for those seeking therapy because my second career choice is psychology. Meaning I will be offering that service to those in need and I’m more excited about that part then anything else. Because I know more then anything that is one of the big blockades for so many people in starting T or getting surgery. As well some people just at times need someone to talk to that they can trust so that’s a goal. Affordable services can also hinder so much and many outside sources do not comprehend this. In addition to this I’m also going to be looking into clinical services to see how I can start a reasonable sliding scale clinic for several areas. My brain is constantly on the go so brainstorming never stops but as I said above, if you believe you will achieve so I’m well on my way there!

The excitement is overwhelming at times lol but nothing and no one is going to stop me. Its already too late to do that lol.

Until later…


  1. I’m glad you are healing well and that life is looking up for you. Time to LIVE!

  2. Sean W says:

    im happy for u bro ..stay up

  3. Wow, fantastic post! I fully agree!

  4. Ze says:

    how is it your able to ejaculate if you have had meta

  5. christian says:

    who was the doctor you had and where would he/she be located? along with any contact information. your story is amazing and i am early trans. i am plannin ahead!

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