So here I am 6 weeks post op. Can’t believe time has flown by so fast. With the soreness fading away from my mind certain things are becoming hard to remember that’s why I’m glad I have my blog to keep up with things. So let’s update on progress so far shall we?

Changes at 6 weeks:

– buccal graft is healed over completely

– catheter opening is healed over, there is a slight indentation where the incision for the catheter was just like when I had my drains from top surgery

-external penile shaft stitching. The stitching has been dissolving nicely. The most stubborn stitches are the ones around my glands. I find that a lot of them have dissolved but remain because of dead skin holding it in place. Due to me not being able to scrub that sensitive area its just taking its time to fall off.

– scrotal stitching seems to be healing over still. Its scabbed over but I can still see the stitching fairly well. Some pieces of threading are starting to stick up so they may possibly be coming out.

– testis are doing great. Still softening up in most places but forming nicely. The right side is still swollen but getting better as time passes. I still have random spasms on both sides but for the most part I can grab and squeeze either side and feel no pain. They are pretty even although the right sits a little higher then the left.

– urethra is healed over very well. I still have moments of burning when I pee but other then that things are good to go. I’m glad to say there are no fistulas the only extra dripping I have is run off from after I pee. Which I then pull my scrotum forward to drain the extra drops. I’ve been trying to use my lower abdominal muscles to push the last drops out its been helping a lot better with the run off.

– glans are healing nicely I was able to pull back the skin surrounding my head. That was a bit of an interesting sight to see. All sorts of buildup was there so I was happy to clean that. I did notice the sensitivity level has definitely gone up. I had to use a q-tip to get a better grip on the buildup without rubbing too much.

– walking is definitely better. I still walk cautiously but at the same time its more normally I suppose you can say lol. Its definitely helping with my leg pains you never notice how much certain positions of sitting and walking can affect other things you do.

– sleeping on my stomach has gotten a little easier. I can now lay on my stomach with a pillow underneath me. It works out pretty well still kinda have to lay like I am swimming with my legs all spread. Hopefully it’ll get to the point of no pillow shortly.

– pumping is still on the waiting list. Not so much due to stitches but more so now due to me being a punk lol. Retraction is definitely getting better I can see more of my original length and I’m happy about that. I was getting a bit worried for a second lol. I have taken the Cialis tablets so far in total a full 2. So far things have seem to be promoting growth with increased blood flow. It doesn’t make you horny or anything but you will pop wood for no apparent reason.

All in all things have been going excellent and I’m very happy that they are. I’m looking forward to next month because I’m allowed to get back in the gym. As well as its my bday month feels pretty awesome to be able to workout again. I’ve been doing some upper body work with the resistance bands. I definitely feel a lot better about my scrawny chest after a few workouts. Can’t believe I lost that much definition its very saddening but I suppose to benefit other healing factors it was needed. I can’t wait to go crazy on the weights I’m only about 18 lbs from my goal. Hopefully it will go my way and I will have those stacked on by april. Then I’m going to go into a cutting phase early june. I’m so excited it makes no good sense at all lol.

Other then that things are cool I suppose. A lot of thinking and emotional turmoil but hell that’s nothing new for me. Hopefully things will get sorted out soon and I won’t be so tangled up in how I feel about a lot of things. Moving somewhere real random has been on my mind a lot lately as well. So many things going on and people wonder why I don’t sleep well lol. Hopefully things will be sorted out soon so there will be less confusion going on.

Well until next time…


  1. Congrats on the progress!

  2. QC says:

    I’m glad you’re making good progress, man!
    Things will settle down for you. Sometimes it takes us a while to settle into our new reality – especially when others’ issues cause friction.

  3. Samuel Clarke says:

    Wow time flies! Awesome to hear you are continuing to heal up nicely 🙂

    • toyneboi says:

      I know right man hell im knocking on a year quickly for top and hysto so I know bottom will come just as fast with the milestones. Im debating on a urination video still unsure how i want to do so but ill figure it out lol

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