Damn time surely does fly by when your really not paying attention to things. I just realized with this one month mark it also marks 7 months post hysto and 6 months post top surgery. Sheesh things just went so fast but hell I’m def not complaining at all about any of it just passing by. It’s just one less stress I have to worry about in my life and for the future things I have planned.

The best part about all this is before I turn 23 I have no real medical transition stuff to worry about any more. All revisions can wait at least a year seeing as though I want to build my body back up asap. I’m almost allowed to get back in the gym. Another 30 days and im officially able to get back in the gym and im going to get sooooo big so fast. I’m already back up in the 150’s which is awesome coming out of a major surgery like this. I can’t wait to see what summer brings I don’t even care about being bare chested just the simple fact that I can if I wanted but just being in a beater with no worries is soooo beyond awesome!

On another note potty training is getting to be quite an adventure. The first 4-5 times I peed it burned like ALL GOOD HELL! Now its a little burning when I first start then it dies down once the flow gets going. I do notice my stream has a serious mind of its own as of right now. I know mainly due to all the swelling I still have especially from the right nut which pushes my dick more to the left so naturally my flow is to the left. But there are no leaks, no blockage, etc. It does feel a bit strange actually feeling the urine being drawn up from the old urethral position and redirected to the new opening. Definitely one of those things you have to get used to but I seem to adjust quick. I stand peeing good, I honestly didn’t attempt in the tub first I did it sitting. Just because I know my anatomy IF I had a fistula the way I stand it would’ve been blocked off and concealed so sitting opened up things that could have been issues. All was fine though I still feel a bit of pull from the stitches holding my sac together. Having the catheter out is the best part of this all, now just getting my stream in one direction only is the task lol. But that’s all apart of healing which Dr. Miro said wa perfectly normal.

Another small issue I have during this new potty training session. I have some freaking run off which I quite annoying. I have figured out that when I stand to pee the run off doesn’t happen as long as I pull my balls forward to coax the rest of the drops out. IF im sitting I can do the same thing but as soon as I stand up the last few escape and slide down my left nut. This damn swelling is not cute lol. I’ll let you all know how this progresses over time. This would def be an issue in public restrooms can’t have piss running down my balls lol. But I can say I feel a lot better going into the public restrooms since bottom. It was like an instant thing which im extremely happy about.

Today also marks the day I start back pumping as well as taking 1/2 cialis tablet every 3 days. I’m a bit nervous about pumping seeing as though that kind of pull on my tender tissue is a bit scary BUT I know once I do it I will like what I see. My buddy told me the first few pumps are not pretty at all. I’m expecting to see some blood as well as all the nasty ass gunk that’s going to be in the folds of my glans, YUCK! I really can’t wait until I can get back in the grove of pumping like how I was, those are going to be some really serious results! :D, bring them on! lmao

Other than this stuff nothing really has been up. My minds going a million miles per second on a few different frontiers. So decidedly indecisive I am at times. Still trying to figure out whats really right for me and what where I want to be. So many damn things are confusing me at this very moment in time but it is what it is. BAAAHUMBUG!!! lol

Until later when I have more time to think….



My sister took me to dinner for as we call it “Happy Winky Day” Party…we celebrated my new manhood with food from BBQ’s mmm mmm good 😀


Its time or a spiritual intervention, I’m having some conflicting thoughts I need to have sorted out ASAP. This year will not start like this for me I will not allow it. Time for a one on one with my Quran.

  1. I remember the guy with who was pre-T with the baby locs, crooked glasses, really skinny and shy looking. Now you are a grown man with T, Name change, gender marker change, top surgery, hysto and meta with the works all behind you. I am happy for you man. Time to move foward with living the rest of your life. You close one chapter and now you can open another!

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