Yes these days have been good for healing. And to think I’m just now knocking on a month post op. Time really does fly when you’re not paying attention to it. I’m just happy things have been healing so well I expected every kind of complications but things have been going EXCELLENT! The worst thing going on right now would be adjusting to the new balls while walking. Other than that there’s just swelling of the nuts.

I seen my Dr. today and everything was great. I’m her first metoidioplasty patient so she was very intrigued to see my healing. But first thing was first removal of my catheter. It was a bit odd but I was ready for that damn thing to come out. I had to help the dr get it out, my job was handling the light while she cut the stitching holding the tubing. She started to pull the tubing, it was pretty weird watching this tube come out I was expecting some sort of pee flying everywhere lol. It was real quick and easy though not to mention long as all hell. Nothing at all came out so my dr just guazed me and taped it.

Peeing has been an adventure as well. I’m going great with no complications. Due to the swelling that’s still there things are spraying in all sorts of directions. I can stand to pee but for the sake of clean up I sit for now. It stings a bit to pee but I know it’ll subside in due time. I’ve passed a few blood clots now that the catheter has been removed which felt weird as shit coming out my new urethra. Other then the clotted blood all other bleeding has stopped with the constant urethra usage now. I kind of figured it would stop bleeding once I pee regularly. I’m just grateful that there was zero fistulas or strictures.

I spoke to Dr Miro on Tuesday he instructed me to begin pumping on monday. This should be interesting to see what happens with that and Cialis usage. I seen a new pump cylinder that I’m going to get there should be a better fitted seal around that. I’m just going to be really careful because I still see a few stitches. I’m glad they are gradually dissolving. I honestly expected a lot more out of these stitches but it wasn’t that bad at all. Soon they will be gone as well as this got damn swelling. One of my nuts is gonna settle higher than the other but that’s cool with me. I need to massage a bit to see if I can coax it down a bit.

I’ll be glad when everything is back to normal. I’m not wearing any padding just a gauze over my urethra so that way if after I pee there’s no dribble in my hanes lol. That’s the weird thing about it. After I pee I make sure to stand up this pushes more of the pee out of my urethra or I can pull my balls forward this also helps a lot. Sitting is still comfy I just still take it slow and make sure to watch how I sit. The growing hair is causing friction so there for its time for something to be put in place to help this out. I just seem to forget every time I go to the store oh well ill try again tomorrow.

It’s just crazy how fast time is flying by. I just want feb to be here so I can get my ass back to the gym. This is killing me but in good news I’m gaining weight so this is great for bulking. I’m aiming high for the gym goals. All I know is by summer time things are going to look lovely. My motivation is high and I can not wait! Other then my gym absence nothing more is going on but stupid ass snow. I can not wait until its spring and not to mention my birthday is sooooo next month. Can’t believe ill be 23 it’s quite interesting to see where I am right now in life and be ok. It’s a great feeling as well-being 100% male with no objections. Even despite the fact that I’m not “average” adult male size things don’t bother me. I would have to say dysphoria has decreased severely. No doubt I would love to have a bigger size hell that’s any man on this earth but the fact that I have a size is awesome! I love standing in the mirror and seeing my package. Once this damn retraction is over with things will be even better. I’m glad I’m able to feel like this, I had worries that it wouldn’t be ok for my wait time but instead its just the right fit. Only thing I have left is to concur the urinals. I have a few tricks for that as well :D.

Until next time…


  1. Congrats on the freedom. I know you are dancing around now!

  2. T says:

    I have been watching ya videos on YouTube since before u top surgery and hysto n I’m happy for u bro

  3. Joshua says:

    Awesome to hear you doing so well, man! Reading your posts gets me excited about achieving what you have.

    • toyneboi says:

      thanks man its great knowing that there arent any real issues outside of the norm. I cant wait to see when you cross those lines. its a great feeling man it truly is.

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