You’ll have to excuse me for my absence but its been a great fucking new years lol. My sister and her boyfriend as well as myself came up to the city to spend new years with the person I described in a few posts back. People she’s freaking amazing in so many ways. Its like when you are in crappy situations for so long you forget what reality feels like. But first and foremost the fact that she’s my friend before anything else speaks on so many different levels. I’ve been here since new years eve andddd I doubt I’m leaving anytime soon. Not like she wants me to leave anyway got to love the fact she’s not just a random person but I’ve known her a good minute. We went out to dinner last night I had a GREAT time especially being around her family and just being  “dude”. Were not together and really don’t plan on it seeing as though she knows how I feel about my ex a well as anyone with a pulse that really knows me knows how I feel. BUT I will not get started on that rant right now lol. Just know being in love with someone and trying to move on just really does not work no matter how many times you try to deny the fact. Also another big thing is I’ve grown accustom to being by myself all this time so adjusting to a new relationship with a new person isn’t on my to do list at all for this year.

But enough about that for now lol. On to the healing!

Walking has gotten A LOT better, I can now do a bit of a faster paced walk but still careful. The feeling to pee using my new urethra is soooo much stronger. New years eve I actually ended up using it while uncapping my catheter. I had two very strong streams but it didn’t hurt or burn and from what I seen nothing leaks. There’s no discharge at all besides the urethral bleeding which has drastically started to reduce. I do still wear the protective padding in order to add an extra layer of protection when walking and sitting. Retraction is still a midst but there’s also still swelling I don’t expect that to change until early march. My balls are still getting softer the left is way softer then the right. I’ll see what my dr thinks about that on weds.

I would have to say the most annoying part of anything right now is the fact that my body wants to pee normally but I have to use the catheter still. Monday is the day I’m allowed to pee which is the 3rd. Miro wanted me to wait a bit longer why I’m not sure but hey if it keeps the healing optimal I’m not tripping nor complaining at all. So ill be waiting on a call from him a bit later on today. Hopefully if all goes well I can have this damn catheter out of me by the end of the week :D.

So something I also wanted to share with you all for those that didn’t know it was possible is that you can cum after having meta. I had a nice little experience with that in the shower. I didn’t notice it until I was washing my balls and I went to pull them up and the cum drained out. It looks very much like cismale precum but none the less its very awesome to know that it works. I can’t wait until the rest of my stitches are dissolved so I can give him a test drive and see what happens lol. I’m like a little boy with a new toy lmao. And for the perv-mcnasties my test drive is masturbation, you should try it it’s free lmao. I rather enjoy my celibancy thank you much 😀

Hmmm what else went on ummm hell nothing really important besides I’m happy with the way the year is starting. As well weds I have an appt. with this school so ill see what happens with that as well. Will definitely be updating you all on that because I’m excited to expand my horizons. Being in Belgrade helped me a lot to see a lot more things in a clearer light. I can’t wait to go back though and this time ill have company because someone wants to go with me :D, told you she was awesome lol.

Well until a little later today after my peeing adventures…


  1. I’m glad the year is starting out well for you!

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