Well well well today is the day I make a run for it lol. It is time to get out of this house and not see these four walls anymore. I woke up pretty early and did my same routine this time minus breakfast because I was on a mission. I contacted my big sister and told her I was coming over. She’s about a 30 min train ride from me so that was a good test ride for outside travel.

There’s no pain at all which is GREAT! So I get dressed after packing my bag because I’m spending new years with her. I was going to wear some of my more fitted jeans BUT with this catheter still in that’s not an open, I tried lol. I made pretty good time getting dressed slow with caution but still good. I was dreading outside due to all the snow as well as ice that’s unforeseen. Nonetheless I head outside to bear the weather. The temp isn’t really that bad the ice is melted but I’m still cautious. Walking swiftly but still hobbling, its a lot less noticeable now though. It takes me about 15 mins to walk to the train when normally its about 8 mins so that’s not that bad with hobbling and snow.

Sitting on the train was definitely a plus after that walk. It wasn’t uncomfy just some what exhausting after not walking for so long in a few weeks. I was sitting pretty well and listening to my ipod. It felt great getting outside and thinking about my new phone felt even better lol. The ride was just as usual and still wasn’t that bad sitting. I got to the crowded penn station in newark and got a little nervous I didn’t want to get bumped or my catheter snagged. I mad it through the station pretty well, now it was the long walk to downtown newark. Its about 4 blocks away so I make the trek in the snow. Slow and steady the people were just passing me lol. Nothing really hurts but I did have to piss lol. I soooo should’ve stopped in the bathroom at the station.

I finally make it to the cell store and its like I was radiating. My confidence in public has gone WAY up now. After getting my phone I make way back up the bus stop but detour to get some smell good. Haven’t had any good cologne in a while soooo hell why not, new phone and cologne what a manly xmas gift lol. Just in time for new years eve!

My sister came with her boyfriend, he’s a fellow transman so it was pretty cool. I love my sis she’s awesome and as you can tell very understanding :D. The bus ride was a bit annoying with all the bumps and what not but I made it with no real issues. By this time there’s a bit of soreness and I still have to pee. I completely forgot to get my jock strap lol, ill get it tomorrow or saturday. Walking around outside regardless of the weather felt good.

Today was a great day and blood today was minimal. 😀

More tomorrow but for now I shall enjoy…


  1. Im glad you got out the house and are around people. Enjoy the New year and NO DRINKING if you are still on Antibiotics!

  2. Nyx says:

    Hi Khalid,
    I’ve been following your progress for a while now, from youtube to here and this last post was the one that motivated me to comment. Your words exude the happiness and peace that you feel in your life right now. I’ve been having a particularly difficult time in my own life and this post has lifted my spirits a lot today. I know you know this already but just to hammer it in – never ever doubt your positive impact on other people. I wish you continual success at everything you do. Your life is very much appreciated.


  3. Nyx says:

    …and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂

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