Today was pretty awesome actually, not like I did anything extravagant BUT there’s been a leap forward in healing! The bleeding from my urethra has died down significantly. To the point that I only need to use one gauze and I can leave it folded and the pad for that extra protective layer. Hopefully I will be able to get outside soon and get a jock strap and some more protective padding. I think I will be wearing the padding for at least up until my 2 month mark just for GP. You can never be too careful with these types of things you know?

Out side of that I have been exploring again with my handy-dandy hand-held mirror. I see the stitching in the perineum area is pretty tight, that would explain the “pulling” feeling I get when I try to bend or move too fast. I have found a way around that  when it comes to picking things up. Nothing wrong with doing a complete bend down to your knees to pick things up. Granted it makes me feel 83 but its better than risking a ripped stitch that can lead to a leak.

My left sac is starting to get very soft its only really hard now towards the bottom of the sac. So I think the left sides capsule will be in full effect well before the right. I have also noticed because of this softening the implant has been able to drop down a bit in a better position that I like. It’s still very much forward sitting as those of you with access to the groups to the left hand side in my blogroll will be able to see when I post my week 3 pictures. The right side is getting there but I think like everyone else I have spoken to that’s a Miro patient the right nut takes its time to unswell. Maybe that’s a dominant hand side issue. I doubt it is fluid of any kind I remember what my seroma felt like from top and there is no “wavy” fluid type action going on its just hard like is swollen still. Which I am still swollen so I’m not worried about it at all. I love the way my sac looks when I’m standing, oh and did I mention I can walk with really no issues but for caution measures I walk slowly and carefully. My sac has spasms all the time now my nerves are going nutty but that’s a good thing lets me know everyone is working together to heal and expand :D. I make sure to keep everything cleanse thoroughly still, I’ll post the things I use now for cleaning in a few mins.

Also another thing about my penis. I have noticed more and more it is protruding or should I say trying to so it can reach its original size. I know its going to take a while to do so but it’s just very interesting to watch as it grows. I can tell there is noticeable swelling to the point where at the top of my penis there is a “fold” of skin that I can straighten out and it extends things. Also with me not being circumcised I know there’s more hiding up under that skin. UGH, when I do heal and can pull the skin back that is going to be some nasty ass gunk up in there. SOOOO not looking forward to that smell lol.

Other than that im just reclining in the bed and taking it easy as ever. I am getting a bit of cabin fever so on that note I will be venturing outside possibly thursday. Giving myself another days rest for wednesday. My Granz leaves tomorrow to go to my dads until March so I’ll be here kicking it by myself for a while. Nothing I’m not used to she’s always traveling, my whole family is a traveling bunch that’s where i get the travel bug from lol. But that’s how we culture ourselves and I appreciate the experiences my Granz has been able to show me when I was growing up. It definitely made me the open-minded expressive person I am today :D.

Now off to get some food…


  1. congrats on the success with your left nut. Lmao. I always wanted to say something crass like that but it be totally appropriate for the context.
    I’m gonna crash your spot and eat up all the food! I know where you live! haha! Happy healing as always.

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