Day 16: WTF is all this snow?

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Bottom Surgery, healing, Metiodioplasty, POC = People Of Color, post t, Post-op, Transgender, update, Urethral Extention, Vaginectomy

So today was a day of mass blizzard, sooo not ideal weather to motive me to do a damn thing. I’m still very much on Euro time so I’m waking and sleeping at all weird hours. Hopefully that gets a bit better soon but I’m not rushing it I have nowhere to be until the 5th for my Dr’s appt. I’m still debating on getting out of the house for new years eve. It just sounds so much more promising to have a few friends over for drinks than me having to do a lot of traveling. Well that is of course if my big brother comes to get me then I’ll go over there but the transit system and me still being sore doesn’t sound too appealing at this moment.

It’s been snowing literally none stop all day and my grandmother is out in this mess trying to take her brothers home. I wish she would’ve done this a lot sooner in the day because the snow is really really coming down. Shes been gone for some hours and I’m starting to get a bit worried but sad thing is she ALWAYS forgets to take her cell phone and now would be one of those times she really needs to have it. I worry about her being out in weather like this, it’s not like she’s younger she’s not out of shape by any means but her age does worry me with weather like this. I totally agree with her going to my dads at times like this, she needs warm weather.

She finally gets in about 5 with a story to tell. The car got stuck and started sliding down an incline towards the highway. I’m thinking to myself I should have been there to help but I know there was really nothing my crippled self could have done without doing injury to myself. I felt like crap about that honestly I don’t like her being shook up like that. I could tell she was crying and scared, she had to call my neighbor to come get her out of the jam she was in and then her windshield wiper went out so she really couldn’t see. I was really glad when she was back in the house, she’s not going anywhere until weds when she leaves for Hawaii to go to my dads until March. Definitely had a brother worried, but after she came in and was ok I felt it was safe enough to take myself to sleep. I wouldn’t nap until I knew she was ok.

I woke up around 9 and changed my dressings on everything. The bleeding is definitely slowing and I can now push it out of my urethra. So I try to do a little pushing out of the blood every time I change my dressing. As well as I am flushing my urethra more than once a day. It just seems to keep things a lot cleaner in that region. Other than that just spasms, its weird it’s not even soreness its like my nerve endings are waking up and they are sending shooting sensations throughout my scrotum. It’s very weird kinda almost like the feeling you get when you foot falls asleep lol.

Theres only one time since I have been home that I had to take a pain pill and that was the shooting pain I got but other than that after the pill it died off and hasn’t returned. My catheter is as of now on my bodies nerves lol. I can tell my body is ready to have this thing out. As am I seeing as though I thoroughly miss stomach sleeping I can NOT wait until next week. Hopefully all goes well and there are no fistulas when I urinate. I honestly don’t foresee a leak seeing as though one I’ve accidentally peed a few times and ive observed the drainage. It doesn’t even run back down my balls, only the blood will do that and that’s because of the constancy of the fluid. Other than that all the stitches are healed over down there apart from the few strands of sutures that are in the perineum area that are a bit annoying when I go to wash they are sensitive. No discharge of any kind has ever came out of that area, hell my drain hole at the bottom of my left nut never really leaked after the removable it healed over in about 48 hours. So I believe I should be okie dokie as far as fistulas. Now blockage is something I do worry about because I heal so damn fast but I’m confident things will go as planned.

Other than this I really don’t have much else to report so I’m going back to bed lol.



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