Yay more to talk about lol. So about 5 Marta calls me and asks me what im doing, of course cracking jokes asking me am I sleep because normally when she calls im always half awake lol. She tells me that she I’ll be bringing me food shortly and my hefty supply of cialis.

She gets here about 10 mins after she hangs up, I smell the food right away which motives me to hop up and sit up. This happened with no pain at all, I literally forgot I had nuts for a second. It’s amazing how skinny I am yet how greedy I am lol. She chuckles and says I see you have been waiting for food. She brought me tuna pasta, more veggie and beef stew (sooo good), dumpling and carrot stew, and some sort of pastry looks kinda like a bear claw for my donut lovers. I put everything in the fridge because I knew we were going to talk to a little bit about the price of things as well as just talk about stuff in general as far as healthcare in the states went.

First it was up to payment, I had $1560 for her in cash which to my surprise I was only $97 short from everything I needed. Let me just give you a slight break down of everything even though I will be uploading all documents when I get home:

Surgery – 60 euros (this was the remaining balance I owed on surgery due to international transfer fee being 30 euros, on my grandmothers bank end the fee it $35)

Antibiotics27 euros (this is for 2 boxes of 14 count augmentin and one box of 10 count cipronal. In the US this same 27 euro would be my whom left arm in payment, whats wrong with this picture?)

Apartment957 euro (14 days at 60 euros a night +14% tax)

Cialis 216 euros (6 month supply vs. $200 for 9 pills as I was told by another guy who tried to get cialis in the states. Our healthcare is screwed up. If you want your cialis I recommend getting it from Miro, you’ll thank me later)

total= 1260 euro in USD that’s $1657.

I actually would have had the balance but a brother had to eat on the way here so that extra $97 was spent on my 12 hours en route to Serbia lol. After we got this all worked out we agreed on this and she sent me Miro’s US account information so that my grandmother could deposit the remaining balance when she gets home Monday afternoon.

Then after this we talked a bit about the ridiculous cost of medicine in the states. You can tell by the look on her face as I described things she was just appalled by what they put us through and she really understood why may of us choose to leave the states for care not just transition related but many other surgical procedures and medicine is a lot better priced outside the states.

The cialis comes in small boxes they literally look like a box of tick tacs lol. I will write a solitary post all about cialis since many have asked me what it’s for, why Miro recommends it, etc etc. Just to give a bit more insight on things for everyone. As well I am getting a lot of questions surrounding my buccal graft seeing as though there are many with it and many without it. The main reason you get a buccal graft is because there is not enough tissue in the vaginal area for them to extend the urethra and/or the tissue is not suitable enough for a strong extension. Some people naturally have more/healthier tissue so the buccal graft is not needed while others like myself don’t have enough so other measures are taken. It does not hurt any worse than when you bit the inside of your cheek. Yes, when you wake up your mouth is sore and your face a bit puffy but as of today all swelling is gone and I actually can feel a long stitch that needs to be cut im just to lazy to do so lol. The other openings are actually pretty much healed over.

Any who, after our nice little rant session on meds in the states Marta told me she talked to Miro who had just gotten back into the Belgrade from the states. She said he would be by to see me in the morning, knowing his busy schedule this means in the noon/evening. She was unsure if she would see me Monday because her day was jammed packed as well but if she could she would try to stop by. We parted ways and then I laid here lethargic watching TV for a while. I had been procrastinating on taking my shot alllllll day, I tend to get like that when I havent done it myself in a while but I knew it needed to be done.

SO I went and turned on the heater in the bathroom to warm things up for a shower, then I laid down and waited. I decided today was a good day to try out these briefs my bro got for me, especially because he said he didn’t itch after surgery because of these so why not try it right? I got all nice and ready for my bath which is always an adventure but before I did so I had to profile in the mirror looking at my chest. Its soooo much better already and healing excellent. Cant wait to put some muscle mass in this bad boy lol. I decided to take my shot first which as another adventure, im not sure if my skin was rougher or what but the damn needle did not want to go in worth shit. Then on top of that the bathroom was hot i was standing all weird, I swear if someone had come with me this would be the perfect blackmail moment  had a bit of temper tantrum because it wasn’t going the way I wanted. After a few unsuccessful attempts FINALLY the shit wanted to act right and I got it in, SHEESH!

After that episode of crap I climbed myself in the tub a lot better than before and got all nice and clean. Let me just tell you there is NOTHING better than warm water on achy itchy nads. Felt like the gates of heaven just opened up and serenaded me with some goodness lol. No but seriously it was great and getting clean feels even better. I did notice that there is a lot of dead skin flaking off, you know kinda like when your hand sheds. But I assume this just comes with the territory especially with the skin being extended it has to make room for everything. During this time in the tub touching or squeezing my nads is a lot easier to do so I poked around a bit. I feel the skin getting softer, I suppose this is the creation of the “capsule” everyone seems to be talking about. I also make sure I spray the water all under, in between, and around my penis washing away as much gunk as I can because as I said there’s some urethra bleeding. Then i dried off and made way back to sitting on the toilet so I could do a through “q-tip cleanse“. All I do is take q-tips and dry all the places I can’t put my fingers and this also lets me check for leaking of any kind, which besides blood there are absolutely none. As well the dead skin that s flaking off this acts like a lint grabber and removes the dead skin pretty well.

After the cleanse I break out the antibiotic cream and this time decide to do what I normally do when my area is itching do to growing hair put it everywhere lol. The cream I have is anti pain so this also helps with soothing the itch attacks. So I literally greased my nads and everywhere else hair was bothering me, it was like cool on contact felt GREAT!  I took special care to get all under my penis with the cream and keep those stitches covered and also the stitches from where my implants had been placed, which im not having trouble finding already. I heal too damn fast sheesh. Then as usual the gauze is placed and then the pad but this time I tossed on the surgical briefs. They kinda remind me of cotton stockings but with out the left part so that’s pretty cool. They keep you warm as well which is a plus. The best thing about these things are they keep the gauze and pad firmly against my junk, and that’s a good thing for me because with sore nuts that extra support is great and I think just like with any other form of swelling slight compression controls swelling. Hence why top surgery you use surgical binders until the swelling goes down, and in my reading about testicular implants they recommend jock straps so I see it as a more comfy option. Although I was expecting it to control the itch it did not lol, but I had a fix for that another batch of cream cleared that up.

After I got done I ate and of course with all the events that took place a brother was a bit tired so out like a light I went and here I am now day 10 typing about day 9. Which I decided I would keep on the day as it goes now seeing as though a few days I couldn’t post on the day which makes things all weird. So later today I will post the events for day 10.

But until then…


  1. tomleger says:

    Thank you for posting such great updates. I’m glad to hear you are doing well with what sounds like not too much pain. I had similar experiences with top surgery and hysto, so I am crossing my fingers that meta won’t be too bad, either.

    Hope you enjoy the time you have left in Serbia and good luck! I’ll be reading 🙂

    • toyneboi says:

      Yes sir you are very very welcome. i love to help those that are soon to come or those that jsut would like a better understanding of what us men go through. there is no pain at all, Im not sure how Miro did it but he’s a master lol. Just to warn you his touch is very rough but he’s well intentioned. Marta is the softer one so you’ll want her handling you more lol. The worst part is walking or the sore itchy nuts besides that its a piece of cake :D.

      Im going to miss it here but I know I will be back in some years, well before phallo I have a few friends coming here and im tagging along 😀

  2. I’m glad things are softening up and healing well.

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