So today was basically the same as all the other uneventful days. Sheesh I wish I had more to complain about lol. But i guess thats a great things if I have to really stop and think about it. It didn’t snow today but was still pretty cold so I stayed nicely situated in front of the tv under my covers. Same regime as usual foord, meds, and cleaning. I have noticed that since the stent has been removed there is leakage of blood from the urethra but I’m not too worried about this because what else would a fresh urethra be doing at this point?

It’s not like its rushing out or anything thing more or less the same kind of discharge you would have say if you got a yeast infection but its blood instead. Theres no real pain I have myself throughly padded and this makes things alot easier to cope with. Apart from that my balls ache every now and again but I just swift positions and this normally alievates all the aching. I did a little bit more moving around, recording some stuff from the inside through the window. You got to love flip cams they capture everything perfectly :D.

I am noticing that my appetite is severly increasing again so this is perfect indication that I am back to normal function wise lol. I have the illest craving for chinese food so I know its time for me to go home so i can get some of that good food lol. I do also notice that moving around (getting up, sitting down, walking) have all become a piece of cake. I do plan on tonight taking a shower and adding the nice comfy surgical breifs my bro gave me, or as we call them “manties”.

Sheesh today has been so uneventful i think this is probably the shortest blog I will ever have. I’ve just been sitting here watching TV and eating pasta all day. How fun is this? lol.

Ok, let me not bore you all to tears…


  1. Look on the bright side, at least you don’t have anything BAD to report so stop complaining!

  2. Sly says:

    hey do you still wanna live in Europe lol…this snow is fun but the country is on stand still, had to walk an hour to get to a bus stop. I got into the group by the way THANKS!! and happy healing

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