So just as I always do up at the ass crack of dawn just for the hell of it. Daily regime of pills but this time no cipronal as I’m done with it *does a happy dance*. So now I’m just down to my fruit and veggie pills and 1 augmentin a day until this catheter comes out.  I know Marta said Miro will come at 10 but as I know his schedule he wont be here till afternoon. I was hungry so I decided to eat seeing as though I had a plethora of good eating left over. I made some soup mixing the roast and dumpling together and made some tea. SOOOOO good might I add mm mm mm.

After this I laid here like a stump on a log watching TV. I got a few sharp pains here and there nothing worse than a muscle spasm which I honestly think that’s what it was. It’s not near any of my scrotal stitching which need I add I can’t even freaking see them for real, hair and they are fading already. This is the first time in my life I had any real stitches for hysto and top they used dermabond. So to know that stitches on me heal over this well is a very big plus, they are dissoluble just for another FYI.

It’s about 12 before I get a phone call and of course its Marta. She tells me she’s bringing me food, I wasnt even expecting her to be home lol. I’m not complaining about the food either so I tell her I’m awake and ready. She brings me tomato dumpling soup, chicken breast, home-made fries, creamy mushroom and onion mix, and a large loaf of bread with jam and butter spread. MAN OH MAN! The smile on my face is just too wide at the sight of all of this. She sees me smirking and she says your about to enjoy aren’t you? lol yes why yes that I am :D…She asks me is all the food ok because she knows it’s not the traditional american dishes, lucky for her I’m not the traditional american I LOVE foreign cuisine so this time here getting to try everything has been a blast :D.

Before she leaves she tells me Miro is still coming but had to attend a meeting at the University. He is the Associate Professor of Urology/Surgery MD, Ph.D so this doesn’t shock me at all. As well he has been in the US since Tues doing consults, seeing friends, and getting his daughter for the holidays. She tells me the meetings normally last a couple of hours and he will be here shortly after that. Shoot fine by me, it’s time to chow down is all I’m thinking about in my head. Mind you by this time I have already eaten twice today lol. I thanked her for the meal and she left shortly there after, and I somewhat broke out in a celebratory dance, yes over my food don’t judge me lol. I rationed off what I was to eat right away and stored the rest of the food then sat down to chow. It was sooooo beyond good especially the cream mushrooms, I must learn how to make this because I love mushrooms.

I get all situated after I eat but don’t fall asleep this time HA, I’m getting good. But it doesn’t last too long so I decide I would do a few blogs to pass the time waiting on Miro so I did just that. The around 1:30 pm a knock came and then the door bell. It was Miro, Marta, and Marko, how lovely lol. Marko is always so very quiet compared to everyone else. Miro gives me a hug and makes jokes saying my country is all ready for me when I get back they are ready for everyone and fighting everyone. He’s talking about the crap we having going on with war-time but he’s right US is just making things soo much better for everyone else with the caca the gov is spilling onto everyone else, but that another rant for another day maybe in my DADT rant I’ll touch on this too. But any who Miro asks about how everything is feeling and going and I tell him great! Thinking to myself,  “YES he’s not going to check me”. Yea fooled my happy-go-lucky ass lol. Marta gets him some gloves and tells me to drop my pants, Im thinking to myself this will be easy peasy but yet I forgot whose hands I was dealing with lol. I’m thinking he’s just going to touch and press down a bit but the moment he said “excuse me” I knew whatever he was about to do was going to hurt like all good hell. My deductions where absolutely correct! He grabbed my poor sore penis and stretched him out, OWWWWW!!! I did at this moment find out I am not circumcised which I am happy about seeing as though I wasn’t pre op and I liked that skin being over my head to protect things. Back to this yanking crap, he then pushed it to the side then the other side then towards me to check the stitching on the underside of my penis. He ran his finger alone side the creases next to my balls and then asks Marta did she show me how to clean properly lol. I swear for lord I clean all i can but clearly I just keep missing stuff, grr. I’m going to have to take a pain pill and just yank my wang to clean the way he wants it cleaned lol.

He then presses on my nads to see whats what, he confirms my notions on the softer skin meaning capsule formation, YAYYY! Then tells me everything is healing wonderfully just make sure to get the spaces so no infection happens. GOTCHA!…then Marta hands me new gauze and another pad so I can change it while Marko and Miro have what seems like a serious medical conversation in Serbian. It’s not about me because as they speak they are pointing to areas that have nothing to do with my surgery lol. He makes jokes saying there’s no need for me to go out because I get King treatment from Marta right at home, he said he was jealous lol. He then tells me that he will stop by tomorrow to say bye to me before I leave and that things have been arranged to my transportation to the airport on Weds morning :(, I am really going to miss all of them here especially Marta she has just been the GREATEST because I was here all alone she made sure I was well taken care of and well fed. Then they all leave…

I was all smiles while they were here but let me tell you that crap Miro did BURNED LIKE A BITCH! This is the first real-time I was forced to take meds that crap messed up my walking and all. And definitely made my urethra bleed a bit more, but that’s normal and he even remarked that it was. So I hobbled my ass to my meds and took 2 because it was that bad and plopped down on the couch and here I am now still looking like a bump on a log BUT I feel great! lol.

I wanted to just put some cost of my meta on here even though they will be uploaded in a new page once I get home, but none the less since some of yo are reading now and wont just be joining in later I’ll post it in my own word now.

Firstly you get a receipt for your surgery which for many of you in strict states this is very nice to have to prove gender change, I’ll type it as its formatted and explain a bit. everything in red is my explanations:


DG (diagnosis):

  • Gender Identity Disorder
  • Female to male transgenderism
  • State after bilateral mastectomy (Had top already)
  • State after hystorectomy with bilateral salpingo oophorectomy (Had TLH-BSO already)

OP (operation to be preformed):

  • Vaginectomy (colpoclisys)
  • Metoidioplasty
  • Urethral reconstruction
  • Scrotoplasty
  • Bilateral testicular prostheses implantation

Surgery date: December 9, 2010

Hospital stay – 930 euros

Anesthesia and analgesia – 1220 euros

Suture material, drugs and sanitary material – 330 euros

Vaginectomy (copocleisys) – 1200 euros

Metoidioplasty – 2800 euros

Urethral reconstruction – 2680 euros

Scrotoplasty with bilateral testicular prostheses implantation – 840 euros

Testicular prostheses (Eurosilicone) – 780 euros

TOTAL 10780 euros

Deposit paid by Mr. Ant – 1780 euros (this is 10% of surgery cost which is applied towards surgery as well as the cost of the testicular implants because they have to order them ahead of time)

Paid in advance by Mr. Ant – 8940 euros (My Grandmother did not want me traveling with that amount of money for multiple reasons especially with TSA acting like the mob now. So the money was wire transfer into an account monitored by Dr. Marta Bizic. If you would like to do the same for your surgery please contact Marta and she will be able to help you. Please keep in mind there is a 30 euro transfer fee for her bank and your bank will also have a transfer fee make sure you add enough to cover the costs of these fees)

Due – 60 euros (this is the amount I had left to pay due to the wire transfer which I paid yesterday. 60 euros is a lot better to carry with me then 9000 euros in american  that is $11, 803.11, no bueno)

So there you have it full costs of surgery in its break down entirety :D. Please keep in mind those of you that are trying to steer clear of medical diagnosis and seeking lower surgery with Miro you will not be able to do so. He requires 2 letters of recommendation as per WPATH standards. Just as much as I wish we didn’t have to deal with a diagnosis it is still there so just thought I would give a heads up on that.

NOW…I have typed too much and had an itch attack that required cleaning in the midst of doing all this typing. I did notice since Miro tugged on my penis that is now protruding a bit more, I can’t wait until I can start pumping. I see the stitches they are clear which is new news to me as per what everyone else said they had blue stitches. As well as the scrotal stitches are healing over seriously nicely :D. I got that good skin apparently lol.

Ok my readers, it is time to rest and probably eat once more…


  1. QC says:

    Hey man! It’s good to hear you’re still healing well.
    My stitches were clear but looked blue if the light was just right. That may be what other guys are talking about too. 🙂
    Be well!

    • toyneboi says:

      Ahhh well maybe thats what that was about the stitching but they are def. clear lol. they are like little spike strips though lol. but between my own hair stabbing me I really really cant even feel them.

  2. I am lmao at him man handling your penis because I remember you having a LOT of jokes when I had my meta done. Karma is a BITCH! Happy healing!

  3. ip camera says:

    An fascinating concept this. I’m 1 of those men and women whom tend to wait for things to mature prior to taking action but in this case I’m mindful that inaction leads to only failures so I will heed your comments and begin to do anything about it.

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