I really can not believe how time has just flown by already! Things are going excellent, as my bro has been saying “you’re the olympian of healing” lol. I love the fact things are going oh so well. I’m really shocked myself I expected more to be going on then what is but there’s really not anything to be said as far as pain or anything goes. Like I really thought there was going to be this dying excruciating pain from all the stories I read, which need I add i think is the main source to a lot of pre-op anxiety just because you don’t know what to expect. I can now laugh with no weird feeling, at first I didn’t want to laugh or cough or even sneeze but its all good now. I’ve taken a few pictures and videos that I have not uploaded yet due to my battery charger not working in the outlet here. I’m not sure what that about but I need as much battery life as I can get until I’m home on Weds.

I’m still medicating with antibiotics and my veggie and fruit pills. For those wondering what those pills are, they are Juice Plus: Garden blend (veggies) and Juice Plus: Orchard blend (fruits). I honestly think they have played a huge part in my healing so fast. Seeing as though fruits and veggies are very essential to a healthy body. I have to thank my grandmother for advising me to take them. They are keeping my immune system highly up to par :D.  As well as the foods Marta and her family have been making for me are very protein packed and very healthy so that’s also a very big plus.

Nothing out of the norm happened today besides more freaking snow lol. What joy is life huh? I do have many questions about my new-found body which I enjoy very much more than I have ever before. I find myself examining while cleaning, still pissed off I forgot my got damn hand mirror but I just use my cam as a mirror lol. My stent comes out on day 8 thank goodness. Marta was supposed to come by today but with all this damn snow I think she got swamped at work. I do sit here and wonder when will my balls drop, it’s very awkward having them feel so tight to the body so this is one thing that I am very excited to see. As well on my 3 week mark I plan to start massaging my nads so that they will hang a bit more. Just as I did with the scrotal skin prior to surgery that made it possible for me to fit size 18cc implants (mediums). Unlike many other I do not believe I want my nads in one sac at this time, maybe when its time for phallo I’ll be down for it but they are close enough now where you really can not tell. Also comes to mind the shaving of my new jewels, so many new adjustments but I find the adventure something very well over due.

I went to bed pretty early again, I swear snow is worse than freaking rain at times. It just kills all a brother’s motivation and energy especially when im under the covers and warm. But I have had a lot of time to think and I am getting a little excited to go home not because im home sick or anything but because I just feel like this new coming year is going to be the best in a long long time. I will not let anyones wants, opinions, or sense of feelings towards my life control what I do with my life. Where I want to go, I will go. What I want to do, I will do. How I feel, I will say no matter the repercussions because I am entitled to my own thought process. There is just a new-found though process and appreciation for the man I am. There are a lot of things I let others make me think I don’t deserve, but who are they to tell me what is wrong or right for my personal happiness. This is my pursuit and I will follow the road according to the shoes I have on, not the shoes someone else thinks I should wear. Opinions are nice but they will no longer rule my life in fear of upsetting others, i deserve to be happy just like anyone else and that I will be. I’m done fixing the wrong doings of others and apologizing for people’s own mistakes that they are not yet mature enough to understand they have made. I have certain anxieties still like any normal human being but the fact that I’m happy within my body makes all the difference. I feel more confidence then I had before and definitely not as timid to address things that are bothering me or that I feel strongly about. This is a definite turn of events in my emotional stature and is going to take me on a very positive ride in my life :D.

School is on my brain heavy seeing as my focus is clearer and I have begun pre-studying, seeing as though the textbooks I need I wont get until I enroll. I’ve lined up my medical study buddies since I have a lot of nursing friends and a few pre-med friends which to me was just a big sign my field needs to be medical and hands on. So what better place to start then Medical assistant, I will still be taking my pharmacy tech test seeing as though me being an MA will go hand in hand. Hopefully all goes well with my enrollment seeing as though I’m not an independent student I’m not sure how financial aid will go BUT I do know I qualify for a few grants and with the course only being 8-10 months that should cover it in full. Any of my subscribers that know more about fin. aid that wants to chime in please by all means help a brother out because it does confuse me.

Other than that I’m ready to bring in this new year and kick 2010 to the curb because im soooooo done with it lol.

Until tomorrow…


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  2. 2010 was a good year for you. I know you are over it but remember all the good things. Top surgery, Hysto and Meta all in one year! Happy healing.

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