Well glorious day 6 post op is upon us, I can’t believe it is almost a week post op already. Time is seriously flying but I’m not complaining at all :). Today was a tad bit more eventful as I didn’t sleep all freaking day lol. I got up did some cleaning up around here of the dishes I had used then of course went about my daily regime of breakfast, tea, and meds. I find that by doing it like this I never forget to take the prescribed antibiotics twice a day. Today I tried to sit more without the butt donut and with much success it workout out. I do know my limits and when I got uncomfy I slouched sideways on one butt cheek or completely just laid down.

After my breakfast I did find myself a bit tuckered out so I took a short nap maybe about an hr long then woke up and took a shower. This def helped with the itching from the growing hair plus warm water on my nads just feels good since it’s been snowing 3 freaking days grrr. Washing is getting a lot easier as I can now touch my nads without fear of tenderness or pain which is excellent. As well as walking is also becoming easier an my legs are getting closer together but I am still very cautious to not make anything shift. I can not wait until the skin loosens up around my scrotum so things aren’t so tight up into my body, you can def feel the tightness when walking. The swelling has started to go down a lot more but it’s still there because my mons are very puffy. This is something abnormal for my build so I know it’s swelling.

Another new development is the sensation of peeing down in my nads. Like when I have to go I feel like it’s trying to send signal to where the old urethra was but still  try to figure things out. But as I said I know things are working as I’ve accidentally peed through the new urethra while making bowel movement. Around 12 pm I decided it was time for lunch which is a lot earlier then what I usually do but hell why not? So I ate and then decided to lay down not to sleep but just rest. I did fall asleep around 3 pm though so much for will power lol. It was short-lived seeing as though Marta called around 5 pm to say she was coming down to check on me. She came about 5 mins later, of course bearing gifts of food lol. Her dad cooked and wanted me to try what he made. It was like a casserole type dish with ground meat and potatoes very good indeed :D. She also brought me more veggie and beef stew and pickled veggies which omg I have fell in love with! They are soooo freaking awesome I need to know how they do it so I can do the same when I get home. I’d eat fresh veggies everyday if they tasted like that lol.

Anyway, the real reason she came to see me was to check my penis and change the bandages around it. GOD NO!!!! When I tell you I already knew what was coming I just cringed and curled my toes lol. The unwrapping of my penis has got to be the worse ever, seeing as though its self adhesive bandage looks kinda like ace bandage. Then under that was like a mess kinda sticky wrap, mind you my penis is soooooooooooooooooo sensitive it’s not even funny. So all this unwrapping transpired and I tried to take my mind off of it by telling Marta about the weird pee sensation. She said it’s also more than likely due to the stent, which she mentioned is coming-out Saturday YES!!! She continued to unwrap my penis then poured cold ass saline on my penis, can we say instant turtle syndrome lmao. Then she pulled back the skin to clean, OMG WHY!!! This stung soo bad but at least I know I have full sensation especially my head ;). Then she pushed him forward so that she could get the gunk under him from the stitches and drain hole. I swore I cleaned good but I missed some stuff during my shower, just means it’s saline and q-tip time! She said since there was no real drainage that only one gauze was needed and I can used the pad if I wanted. Since it keeps guard over my stent from the elements I opt in. Thus future FYI use the pad it will save you hours of discomfort. She then rewraps my penis, this time with saline drenched gauze and the same ace self adhesive stuff. Then I regauze and pad myself then pull my undies up. Marta is quite amazed at how independent I am and how fast I’m healing :).

Marta then got ready to leave but before she left she handed me my implant serial card. This is for me traveling or any other medical purposes especially with body scanners. If I ever had to do one I would just show this card and they would leave me be about foreign objects on the scan. As Marta said it looks like drug balloons on the scan lol. Oh yea smuggling drugs in my nads lmao. We both fell out laughing about that comment lol. She hugged me then told me she’d be back tomorrow but just call or text if need be.

I then decided it was time to take a pain pill because despite the smiles my dick was on FIRE! That wrapping is really not fun at all and it was making me walk all kinds of funny. So I got a snack, took a pill, and relaxed until I dosed off from the meds. Ah yes another short-lived nap literally like 20 mins seeing as though Vladimir decided to show up lol. He’s so freaking cool lol. He came in to check my nads as well and said everything was perfect because there was no pain when he pressed on them 🙂 yay! We then talked about my laptop for a minute, I think it is computer failure season lol. He wants to get a new one and was checking mine out. We talked about 10 mins and then he left. I finally got my nap lol.

Oh before I forget to mention during my shower I took the take off my chest to see what Miro had done. I’m very pleased he fixed it perfectly. I may decided to get a nipple revision because they seem a bit puffy but besides that getting to the gym should help things out. I decided to just let my chest go out of shape to heal as well this healing time gives me time to gain mass. I also wanted to say my buccal stitches have healed over great! A few stitches are getting loose so I know they will come out soon. I love the fact I heal so well :).

Slight new development:

No more butt donut! I am now sitting with nothing and 100% comfortable. My placement is perfect and this is the perfect indication. I’m still very happy I decided to come to Belgrade. Admittedly there were others who tried to discourage me from this decision, but I had to stop and think; “this is my transition and I need to do what’s right for me and my body“. I can not be happier :D.

I’m so much happier with me 🙂

Almost a week post op…


  1. I am happy for you man. I agree it your transition and you have to do what is right FOR YOU. Happy healing!

  2. Samuel Clarke says:

    Very happy to hear things are coming along nicely 🙂 My toes are all squinched up right now from your description of the unwrapping!!! Damn!

  3. D from NYC says:

    I totally, totally know what you mean about the pain of the penis unwrapping. That was probably one of the most horrible things I ever experienced. We’re talking like nausea-inducing pain. There shouldn’t be anything else quite that miserable for the rest of the scheduled run. – D

    • toyneboi says:

      Man you have never lied lol. Apart from the hematoma that is my least fav of all things. im all unwrapped now and he’s getting fresh air. feels great to ust sit on my butt without that donut thing lol

      • Coyote says:

        Dude, you are the Olympic healer. I’m surprised you can already sit without the donut. I couldn’t do that 1 week post-op. I’m 3 weeks post and spent a whole day of peeing thru my urethra. All is well. I get to take the catheter out Monday!
        I agree, Vladimir is one cool cat. Keep resting.

      • toyneboi says:

        Man i blame it on the blood clotting fast and being very atheletic prior to op. i just had to test the sitting out and it felt right. i know when to lay though but its getting better…and NOOO stent 😀 yayyy. hopefully all this swelling goes down. right now he’s looking pretty shy lol

  4. QC says:

    Man, I wish I’d been able to pit that pad over my penis! The stent was terribly sensitive for me right up until it was removed and ANYTHING touching it was almost unbearable. Count your blessings, dude! LOL

  5. G says:

    Oh my god, so glad to go back and read this entry. At six days post op (two days ago now) my dick was absolutely on fire also, really hypersensitive. Relieved to hear that it’s normal and happens to other guys too. 🙂

    • toyneboi says:

      Well Im glad this helped you out. I knew posting would be more beneficial to those, many never say what they are going through but to just see someone else out there is ad be able to read their story helps ease feelings. Congrats on your surgery as well 😀

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