So today was def. to say the least boring lol. Nothing really out of the norm happened at all. The healing is just taking it normal route. No pain at all, no issues at all.The only change I can note as of today is I’m getting weird twitches in my penis, not painful but i think its just him trying to wake up fully. As long as I dont pop a wood im perfectly fine, i dont think that would feel too god right now lol. Only other thing exciting going on would be its been snowing since yesterday, boooo I hate snow. It sucks because im actually well enough to take a stroll down the block if I wanted to. Oh well I refuse to go out in the snow unless mandated to do so lol.

Today marks the 5 wonderful day of being in my new shell and I must say I find myself astonished and doing a bit of self admiration at how it was one way and now is not. I took a lot of pictures today during my clean up process, some of which will be on here shortly. I took the liberty to go ahead and post my results in the metoidioplasty yahoo group as well as the deciding line group on yahoo. So far so good on the feedback and everyone agrees that the results are great :). It is definitely confidence boosting in so many ways, people just don’t understand the impact of a compliment on sensitive subjects.

NOW about my title…let me just tell you how damn annoying it is to have hair growing back on your nads(nuts for those who don’t know what nads are). IT IS THE WORST!!!! It’s so bad that’s why I have been just sleeping the day away, I can’t scratch it can’t even really rub it. I’m scared I will irritate my skin so I just have to leave it alone. Not to also mention that the hair is super coarse because I used a blade razor to take the hair off instead of my usual clippers so im literally being stabbed by hair ugh! I have come up with a nice little method that helps a little bit though so that’s some temporary relief if anything. What i do is take 2 pieces of gauze, one for each nad I unfold it once then refold it long ways with the thickest part to go under me where there is drainage. BTW there isn’t that much drainage either I’m not sure if that’s normal or im just weird, I know my skin heals over stupidly fast so im probably just weird lol. But any who I place each gauze long ways over my nads but making sure to tuck a good amount in the leg crease area. This does 2 things, keeps me from being assaulted by new growing hair and keeps my nads from rubbing against my legs. Next I take one of the cotton pads and place it over the lower half of the gauze extend just up enough to fully cover my penis. Some would think this bothers my stent it actually is quite comfy and keeps him protected from when I sit or lay and even my underwear that may brush up against me. So everything works out and im all snug and secure. But when those itching spells come I just want to die lol.

I can not wait until I can start putting my antibiotic ointment over my stitches and nads this will control all itching as well. Well in my case it does I’ve always used it for itching and it works because most the time when new hair comes in on me  my folicals are irritated and some lingering bacteria maybe trapped in the mix, im prone to hair bumps as well so this kills those in their tracks. But most of all the ointment will heal over my open wounds 10 times faster than just leaving them to themselves. The on top of the cream I am taking antibiotics and I know that has a very very big effect on my healing as I respond very fast to antibiotics. I marvel at my immune system at times especially when it comes to bouncing back from injury.

It’s crazy how time is flying though, in 2 days I will be a week post op. And next weds I will be at home. It’s a mixed emotion because this break away from the states was like 22 years over due lol. At times I really feel like I was born in the wrong country, I’m more of a european person by nature I think. I definitely see myself coming back quite often after I’m done with school in the fall. I want to take a group trip to Amsterdam :)…shhhhh don’t say anything I already know where everyone’s mind went lol. But the vibes of this culture is so much more in tune with my free flowing spirit. Time away has gave me a lot of time to think about a lot of important things in my life and things that I want. I came to a lot of realizations both positive and negative which were well needed. I guess we could say this was a mini soul-searching mission. I do know I am set on pursuing my trip to Thailand for a year stay, I just need to get my visa situation sorted out as well as save up enough for the first half of the year which honestly I can live off 8K for the whole year and not even really have to work at all exchange rates are awesome :). Theres no specific reason why I want to go to Thailand other than the culture intrigues me. As well as i want to visit the temples there and just have some good time to myself away from the drama of my everyday life. Just like this time away I know that time will be very very good for my soul, I have some nurturing of soul I need to do that long over due as well.

It’s just amazing what you can come to terms wth once you’re not so heavily focused on anatomy and feeling out of my body. Things just feel soooo much more like right and I’m settling in perfectly. A lot better than I even imagined I would be. It’s crappy that so many of us are denied this feeling based on someone elses ill conceptions of what life should be based on their own radical beliefs. Some people need to take a step back from their religious psychosis and just embrace life and what it truly means to live.

Well here comes the itch fest yet again so I’m going to cut my rant short lol.

Until day 6…


  1. That is why I am glad I had the manties because manties are far better than the take at least they were for me. I didn’t have to deal with itchy booty. Happy healing man!

  2. Kellan says:

    hey man, would you be able to give me the link to the metoidioplasty yahoo group? I’ve srearched for it but had no luck. I’m interested in seeing your results.

  3. Sy says:

    Hello: Glad to hear that you are recovering very well. You look so good in nice underwear. You are a man!!! I am so happy for you. Big smiles.

    • toyneboi says:

      lol thanks :)…oh and ive always been a man, penis doesnt make me a man my spirirt does the penis is just the added plus to th package lol

      • Sy says:

        lol, thanks, man. Yes, that’s right…penis doesn’t make you a man. I understand how you feel about having a masculine spiritual penis. Smiles. Rest up…:)

  4. ADONESS says:


  5. Sly says:

    woooo itchy balls loll i can only imagine, i only shave with trimmers man. I can relate to have that scattered brained feeling when my body is just not in tune with my spirit.

    ahhh is it possible if you could send me a pic through my email…I’m not on T so I was told by the meta group a couple months back that I should try again when i get on T…thats not gonna be untill maybe summer….would be very thankful.

    good healing

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