Today was pretty well nothing out of the ordinary. I slept a pretty decent percentage of the day away yet again but found some interesting stuff to watch on animal planet. Trying to get comfortable was about the hardest part of everything, that got damn drain is nooo joke. Since I couldn’t find a comfy spot I decided to get up and make myself useful. I cleaned up the dishes I had used wasnt much just 3 or 4. Then made some tea, which is really good here now I see why my granz is always drinking tea from else where. I got some cookies and sat down to some more animal planet. That lasted about another 30 mins before I found myself dozing off, so hooked myself up to the urine bag and knocked out.

I slept a good 2-3 hours before I woke up again it was about 2 pm now. I knew Marta and Miro would be phoning shortly so I made way to the kitchen to get some more fluids in me and a snack. I also started my first round of at home antibiotics. I am supposed to take 1 augmentin 2 times a day along with the stronger antibiotic that i cant remember the name of at this moment and im to comfy on this butt donut to go see what it is lol. I also started taking my multi vitamins and fruit and veggie pills again to promote healing within. Shortly after I got all my meds down the phone rang and it was Marta telling me her and Miro were about 10 mins away. So I got up and unlocked the door.

Shortly after the doorbell rung and I opened the door for Marta who came bearing food :). OHHHH YEAAA! She had brought me home-made chicken stew there was a name for it that she called it by but I can’t remember what that was either lol. Basically it was veggies, chicken, and dumplings and yes it was very very good :). I had enough for all day so this was my meal for the day, she also brought fresh bread which I’m more than happy to eat seeing as though I love bread.

But back to the real reason they came today lol. It was time to get fully untaped and ungauzed as well as get this damned drain out :). So I laid down and Marta went to ripping the tape off, she had tape my butt further up this time to a place I didn’t shave and yea nothing but ass waxing happened lol. Marta joked and said “now you know what us women have to go through every 15 days” lmao. she then gathered all the supplies and asked Miro was it ok to take out the drain, he came and looked and said perfect. So Marta grab what looked like a small knife of some sort and then cut the stitches holding the drain, which mind you I didn’t know was there lol. Cutting these did hurt like hell but pulling the drain out wasnt bad at all. She then put some saline on the gauze wiped between my sac as well as other places I can’t really see yet then she only put 2 pieces of gauze on one for each nut. Then she pulls out this pad looking thing but it made of pure cotton and places it over the other areas of my genitals including my penis. Miro then tells her to cut the tubing in my stent down a little bit so the padding wont poke into the stent too too much. I got a little nervous, i mean who wouldn’t with scissors near their junk lol. After she cut the tubing down she helped me put the under roos back on. Sitting after this was soooooooooo much better, I can def. say the drain was causing the discomfort in sitting just like I thought.

After things were situated Marta made me a plate of food and gave me the password to the internet that was working, YES! They then said good-bye seeing as though Dr. Miro had a 6 am plane to catch to the states to get his daughter as well as do a few consults. While here Dr. Miro also explained to me the cost of Cialis and the benefits of using it. For the 6 month supply he recommends its 240 euros, which is a lot cheaper than in the US. So he ordered the supply for me.

Ok to explain what the cialis is for NO it’s not because I cant pop a wood on my own because  surely can and it felt not too nice lol. It is for a stronger erection and better visualization. And for those that understand healing more blood to that part f the body means better healing in a lot of ways. So he recommends the cialis for 6 months you take half a tablet every 3 days. I cant wait to see the weird effects this is going to have on my weeman lol. I start taking this the same time that i am allowed to start back pumping which I’m excited to see. I have very very good size prior to meta while pumped so I can only imagine what the outcome of post op pumping will do.

So after all this was done i decided to eat and then it was nap time! Yes like a true lazy man lol. I slept for about an hour or so then got up and decided it was time to clean up down there so I went to the toilet and flushed my stent, this time standing wasnt that bad to do standing either. But I should have done it sitting seeing as though immediately after I had to make a movement lol. So i did but this time i was gauze free so everything was a lot easy without worrying about it getting on the gauze. Once again still very loose, Marta explained the antibiotics will have things loose which right now is no issues because things are still tender down there and I would hate to have to push hard right now. But in the little bit of pushing i did do I found out shortly that my urethra was alive and working lol. I peed a bit out of my urethra I thought it was going to sting but I didn’t feel a thing at all. A little bit of blood came out but I assume that’s expected to happen after this kind of surgery. I also notice this strange feeling when i open my legs too wide, but i assume thats from vaginectomy. After this happened I decided to flush my stent again just to make sure everything is cleaned out. Then I made way back to my fave. spot drank a bit of juice watched some more TV and then the usual again out like a light, it was only 6:30 lol.

Yes I paid for my early turn in seeing as though I woke around 4 am and have just been up ever since. But it gave me some time to talk to friends back home so I suppose it worked out well lol. I made a video on YouTube for day 4 when I woke up and then got some food and I’ve just been up watching TV ever since oh and watching the snow fall which I think now is making me a bit sleepy lol.

So I assume it would be nap time for me…



If you’re looking for the bottom surgery compare and results section I’ve decided to limit the page to surgical yuckies only and share what I feel ok with sharing there and the rest will only be available to other transmen who are taking the same steps. Everyone else will have to wait until im back to my usual antics on xtube lol.

  1. You should be relaxing and getting lots of rest!

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  3. QC says:

    Man, I’m going to email Miro about the Cialis. I was told to take one tablet (not half) every three days so I want to double check.

    I’m glad you’re doing well!

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