Well today starting pretty regular indeed around 6 am the nurse came in to do vitals and administer antibiotics. Then I some what stayed up and watched tv for a bit, I’ve become quite accustomed to national geographic channel lol. Talked to a few of my friends for a bit than dosed off for about an hour or so. At around 8 am the nurse came in and removed one of my ivs, this iv was put in during the emergency procedure so I was glad to have this out. It also let me know I was leaving today. Shortly after I was brought a croissant and some tea. I ate my breakfast and checked some email after I asked for a refill on water the nurse came back and instructed me to walk. This time I got out of bed completely on my own I was pretty impressed with myself. Still in nothing but gauze and tape I hobbled around a few steps, I went to get back in the bed and the nurse instructed me to walk around to the window. So I did and seen the new snow outside it was pretty indeed. Then I walked back to the other side of the bed and got back in the bed all on my own, I did really good with this today.

The nurse left, it was shift change time so I got a new nurse shortly after. I got to dozed off for about 30 mins then the nurse came back in and removed my last iv, I was soooo happy about this it was annoying as hell. Shortly after she comes back in removes the covers and tells me to scoot to the edge of the bed. I’ve found sitting directly on my butt cheeks is pretty easy to do something I didn’t notice I did naturally, I know some people sit more forward then I do. The nurse then proceeded to remove the tape and gauze, thanks ki for telling me to shave my butt cheeks lol. It felt so free after the gauze was removed :). Then I was told it was shower time, Woot Woot! Seeing as though it had been days since I was in fresh water and soap this was exciting. My legs have been a bit shaking but I assume that’s from laying so long as well as my body being naturally cautious of my new junk. I got into the shower and began to bathe and let me just tell you this felt like pure heaven! Water over my new nuts felt a bit foreign but at the same time just felt right. The warm water was so soothing and was just what I needed. Watching the dirt roll off my body was like watch the last bits of the past leave for good. I was done at that point and the nurse cd to make sure I didn’t fall. I was able to dry off alone, totally in control. I missed a few spots in my crotch area so the nurse got those very gently.

I then hobbled back to the bed and just laid there scott free besides the gauze around my peter and stent. I got a very good picture at this point, very impressed and pleased with my choice to use the Belgrade team for my completion. Dr. Miro and Marta came in and seen how I was and to see what I thought about my new package. I told them I was very pleased and thanked them for everything. Dr. Miro then told me he was going to remove one of the drains I have, this drain was put in during the hematoma surgery to allow the fluids to leave my body without a second hematoma to develop. I think it’s just something my body does seeing as though I had a seroma during top surgery. Miro then pulled the drain very quickly, it stung like all hell but went away in about 10 secs. It felt great to have that damn thing out it’s uncomfortable just like top surgery drains. He told me the other drain would be removed tomorrow morning, YES! sitting will be a lot easier with this drain out as well that will only leave the stent which doesn’t hurt at all unless I bump against it and the catheter tubing which half the time I forget is there lol. Shortly after Dr. Marta comes in and gauzed me back up, I feel like a freaking Christmas gift lol. She then proceeds to help me get my undies on, yay first time in my draws since surgery wasn’t bad at all. Then we realize I needed my T so I had to roll on my side so the nurse can give me my shot. Seeing as though I’m the one who gives me my shot and always have I was a bit uneasy but it was over quickly. Then Marta helped me get dressed, she’s so nice :). It felt good to be clothed again even though I was not shy about being naked. Then we packed my other stuff up grabbed my butt donut and made way downstairs.

I sat in the lobby while the dr’s started the car and tended to a very rowdy patient. He was quite hostile and had been causing a scene all night all because a little burning in his urethra, I wanted to tell him try dealing with a hematoma then scream. Some people are just so rude to those trying to help he was literally trying to bribe the dr’s and nurses and his procedure was purely cosmetic. But any who, shortly after dealing with the mad man miro and Marta helped me to the car. I love Miros car it’s a Mazda 3 :), it’s cool dr’s here don’t have to boast they are dr’s they drive what we consider middle class. Back to the apartment we go not to bad sitting down I thought it would be a lot worse than it was. We made it to the apartment and I hobbled all the way to the door lol.

Finally inside Marta tells me about the net being out, arghhhh! She says there will be someone to fix it Monday so I’m here with mo net :(. It’s cool though it gives me time to rest seeing as though it’s 2 am and I’m just waking up for more than 30 mins lol. Marta explains the stent flush which is pretty much fail proof. She then asks me why I want to eating seeing as though I didn’t get a chance to shop before surgery. I say chicken and rice, she is going to cook for me :). She got me some water and tells me to call if I feel anything out of the normal. She then leaves and I undress down to my boxer briefs and undershirt. I sat for a bit then felt the rumble in my tummy hadn’t felt that in a while but I knew what it meant. So I slowly made way to the toilet and as soon as I sat it came with no issues. Going was quite a sport because I didn’t want to get any on the gauze seeing as though it was very loose. Wet wipes are my friend so I used them with pleasure. After clean up I felt a tingle in my bladder so I decided to stand and un-cap the tubing. I thought standing to pee with a tube would feel strange but it just made me excited to start using my urethra :). It was a bit different pushing and not have the pee exiting the same place.

After this I hobbled to my bag and got a Tylenol and hobbled back to the couch where I have claimed as my post lol. Took my meds watched about 5 mins of tv and the knocked out. It lasted about 4 hrs and felt great to sleep uninterrupted. A knock came around 3:30 pm, it was Marta with my food she put it in the kitchen. I had zero plans on moving lol. I thanked her and back to bed I went. Just to mention while sleeping I hook the urine bag up but while awake its detached, it helps to not have the bladder become dependent. I’m off until 6:30 pm it feels soo good to just freaking sleep lol. When I wake this time there is a lot more urine in the bag. So I take a moment to gather myself then I roll off the couch to the toilet unhooking the bag and draining it. Then uncapping the tubing and draining anything left in my bladder. I set the urine bag down and make way to the kitchen. Marta is soooo awesome! There is a big bowl of rice, veggies, chicken, soup, bread, and desert I make a plate and hobble back to the couch. I eat everything is soooo good :). then clean up refrigerate the left overs and decided to flush my stent which took about 2 mins. In doing so I felt the need to make a movement so I did since I was already sitting on the toilet. Once again very loose and made clean up pretty easy lol.

After this I’m pretty tuckered out I get situated and hooked back up to the urine bag. A bit more tv is on my to do list than im out once. And now here I am up watch animal planet a bit bored since I can’t talk to anyone back home. Times like this I wish my phone worked overseas :(. Oh well I’ll eat again and sleep until there’s some kind of service.

Until later…


  1. T Anderson says:

    So great that everything is going so well! You sound so happy and well. Cherish that as long as possible haha.

  2. Cris says:

    I am glad you are finally getting some rest and doing relatively well! Happy healing!

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