Well after the mishaps of yesterday I’m happy to report today is a lot better for me. No pain at all, so this leads me to believe that the hematoma I had developed was the route to all underlying pain. I woke from the procedure in zero pain and it has continued since then the same way. To the point where I have not even asked for any sort of pain meds. My only complaints right now are sore nuts but that’s pretty normal for this type of things :).

I stayed up quite a while after I woke from the second operation to correct things. Which isn’t unusual but the night nurse was telling me to sleep lol. I tried to force it but kept waking every few hours so it was just a failed mission. So I chatted online for a few and watched some national geographic stuff, quite interesting indeed. Yes there are plenty of other english channels but im a nerd so i like this stuff lol. When I did sleep the nurse was in and out to check my vitals and flush my urethra most of the times I  slept right through everything. I used to them messing with me by now so im not alarmed what so ever, just lets me know they are very attentive to my care. I had blood draw at some point during my half sleep moments and then another time I was given my T in my arm mind you, I was that sleepy it didn’t even phase me lol.

Breakfast consisted of what is now my fave cookies in the world with hot tea. The tea is awesome seeing as though my throat is very sore from being under anesthesia. So this helped a lot in every way. I finish those off and asked for more lol yes I know greedy yea yea yea. Today was the day of a thousand liquids as I like to call it. Every time a cup was empty it was refilled, I was either sipping juice (apple) tea or water. They want me full of fluids to help me recover and also flush my system of things. So I have been pissing alllllll day long without noticing it which is still extremely strange. To be missing your pee feeling is something you have to grow used to, especially when peeing happens at the most random moments lol. I’m still very gassy which is a good thing as well, just no movements which isn’t that surprising.

I drifted in and out a few more times into the afternoon just woken up for vitals and stent flushing. Lunch came around 2-ish, I had tomato salad which had onions on it pretty good stuff. Then it was bread, 2 pieces of chicken, and fries with all my vast choices of drink lol. I didn’t finish everything because I was half ass sleep but I know I needed to eat so I got down what I could drink all I had in front of me then the nurse took everything away when I was done. After lunch I was given antibiotics in large dose which feels really weird going into your arm might I add. But none the less after getting them I became really sleepy so that’s exactly what I did.

Sleep didn’t last long at all I told it was time to walk aka time to change the bed lol. So I got myself prepared. The nurse helped me off the bed but I did pretty well on my own on getting up. A lot better than yesterdays first trial run. Still feels weird to walk around ass naked but none the less I did so. Took a few steps, than paused and watched some tv. it just felt soooooo much better to be standing then laying down for so long. But after a few minutes my legs had enough so it was back to the bed I go. I just sort of walked backwards and slowly sat on the edge of the bed. Which isn’t bad im not sitting on my nads so that’s a great thing to know indeed. The nurse then took my anti-embolism stockings off finally, those things are soooo damn annoying. Then i got back in bed all the way and felt a lot better. I got cookies after this ordeal, lmao yes i work for food don’t judge me lmao. I eat my cookies and drink more juice then im off to sleep again, you never know how much simple things take so much energy out of you.

This sleep also didn’t last too long as I was woken up by Miro and Marta. It was time for changing, I smiled but in my head I was screaming “GOD NO!!!!” lol. After yesterday’s ordeal I was completely no happy about any removal of anything from my junk. Luckily Marta did everything so it was pretty smooth sailing, I got to see my junk again, very healthy coloring. A little retraction going on but hell after yesterday I’d retract too lol. There was no real pain this time apart from tape being ripped from my ass hairs. I swear I shaved them all off but apparently I missed some so that wasnt too good of a feeling at all. Marta then poked me in a few spots to test the pain levels and she joked and said “ha you learned not to say yes to pain now huh” lol. But it was just tender not sore. She also poked my penis to see if I felt it, umm hell yea I wanted to jump out of the bed lol. But all this is a good sign feeling it there 100%. Miro then came back in the room and apologized for yesterday but explained why he had to do it.Which I completely understand it was for my safety and I appreciate it all. Even though in the moment I was NOT for it at all. Then Marta re-wrapped my penis and the rest of my junk as well no pain at all this time. Miro then took the gauze off my chest as well, even though Marta clearly wanted to do it. When they argue its funny lol. But I got to see what Miro did and I’m very pleased that there is no longer any crease or depression in my right pec :). So now all i need to do is add a bit of muscle and things will be a-ok!

I was told I maybe able to go home sunday or monday, Miro will be here to tell me what is what early sunday morning. I was given my letter for surgery which got me a little teary eyed. FREAKING FINALLY! It’s like I’m free of everything with a letter that consists of a few words. I was also given a print out of surgical costs, I’ll upload that when I get back home to the scanner so you all can get the actual breakdown of the surgery costs. It will be in a tab entitled documents under bottom surgery. As well as I got a receipt for the cost of the apartment. So everything is finalized and I’m happy, hopefully all is well and I can go back to the apt. Sunday. I do need to get some food seeing as though I didn’t get a chance to before surgery. But I’m up to the task after sitting in this damn bed for eons a walk would be nice. It may take me a min. to get there but fresh air maybe good for me.  Well wait Marta did say it snowed so I may just ask for her to pick me up a few things. I don’t need that much really more fluids than anything else. Hell im happy with all soup to help soothe my throat.

After they left I was given dinner which was  bread and jam with more tea, I wasnt really hungry seeing as though my nads starting to ache after being re-wrapped. So I ate a few bites and ate my cookies I had left then asked for some pain meds to take the edge off. Shortly after I was back to sleep and here I am waking up again 🙂 I have a little bit of aching in my left nut but nothing too bad i need to re-adjust myself more than likely but just to lazy to do so at the moment lol.

Ok let me go do some moving, i’ll write more later…


  1. Samuel Clarke says:

    hope today was a good one for you 🙂 I was talking about you with my Serbian neighbour over tea this afternoon 🙂 She was very happy for you!

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