Dr Korac came to see me about 2 pm to let me know that the nurses would be in shortly to give me a shot to numb things. He checked my breathing yet again and confirmed that things were fine. He also told me to put on my anti embolism stocking which feel like too small stockings lol. Shortly after he exited the room the nurses came in. One spoke good English the other no English but they were both very nice. The one who spoke English explained that they were vessna, which is nurse. She asked me to lay on my side so the other vessna could administer the shot. I did so but am some what skeptical about anyone poking me in the ass so I tensed up. The needle was very small and it went in with ease. The liquid inside the injection on the other hand felt completely strange and kinda stung. The vessna then told me DO NOT stand up and so I laid there like a lump on a log lol. My toes started to tingle a bit so something was working.

Shortly after leaving the vessna’s came back in and got my bed all situated and unplugged from everything. Then proceeded to roll me out of the room towards the theater aka OR. All the Drs were already in there prepping things for surgery. the vessna’s pushed my bed side by side with the operating table and Dr. Korac asked me to transfer myself to the table and scoot all the way up. At this point my whole lower half felt very wobbly so I was limited to a lift and drop motion lol. I was told to relax which I was extremely relax without a care in the world. Dr. Korac gave me another shot and honestly that is all I remember.

My next clear memory was me back in my room waking up to the nurse wiping my mouth. I was shivering so the nurse covered me, this is common from the anesthesia. She also wiped my eyes clear of all the eye boogies thy had accumulated during surgery. I felt my mouth very tense as I then noticed the stitches in my mouth, this let me know Dr. Miro used a buccal mucosa graft. It feels no worse then if you were to bite the inside of your mouth, there’s not real pain but like anything altered it is swollen so it’s hard to open my mouth wide. I’m ok for about 20 mins then I feel stinging and sharpness so I tell the nurse and she comes in with this big syringe filled with pain meds. She administered them and about 2 mins later I drift off into good sleep.

At least 2-3 hrs pass and I wake again. This time I’m allowed to drink but before I do I am instructed only a little bit and before I can drink I have to gargle to clean the blood from the graft seeing as though if I didn’t blood on my stomach would have made me nauseous. I do the gargling and spit of course it goes everywhere in the dish lol. The vessna wipes my mouth and asked me to gargle again so I do this time it’s a lot better, then she allows me to take a small sip. It made my throat feel a lot better. She then pulls out a big bottle of saline and fills a syringe and attaches the needle to it. She explains she’s going to flush my stent, she inserts the needle into the stent and I feel the saline. It’s cool and doesn’t hurt but does feel really really weird. This takes about 10 secs, then she covers me back up and exits the room. Over me is this metal cage type thing to elevate the covers so nothing is laying on me lower area which is wonderful indeed. I get a few snap shots of my lower region, seeing as tho I’m all guazed up I don’t see to much but from what I can see I have a very girthy phallus :).

Shortly after my pictures I dose off for a bit then the nurse wakes me because Dr. Miro called to check on me. He explained everything went well as well he was extremely pleased with my results and said I would be pleased as well. He told me he fixed my right chest, the creased side, that also went very well. He said he would be up to talk to me tomorrow and that I should relax and rest well. My right pec is gauzed but there is zero pain at all which is amazing indeed. The nurse asks me to gargle and drink again and she flushes my stent again then leaves for a bit while I watch some tv or should I say the tv watches me. I talk to a few people letting them know I’m ok and things went fine then I get the throbbing soreness again so I tell the vessna and she gives me more pain meds. I shortly after that dose off and this time stay asleep till 6 am. There were a few times the vessna checked my vitals but for the most part I slept through them.

Around 8 am there was a shift change and I was given breakfast which consisted of tea and cookies. The cookies were good reminds me of graham crackers. I ate this and chatted a little bit with friends and answer most of my email since I was wide awake. Shortly after my stent was flushed again this time it made my stinging return so I was given more meds of course making me crash lol. I sleep until 10 when vitals are taken then dose back off until just now. I was given juice and the vessna told me more liquids because my catheter is draining blood. So I need more pee, the blood is normal but it can’t stay like that.

Admittedly there is no serious pain just stinging and soreness. My balls are def. letting me know they are around lol. I’m having hot flashes here and there not sure if it’s from lack of t or the meds either or they are annoying as all hell. In the wake of the flashes the sweat is making my ass and back itch and my motion is limited so I’m just upset because I can’t scratch like I want ughhhh. Other then itchy ass I can’t complain too much. The stinging is about a 2 on the pain scale I’m sure later that will change per usual but for now I’m good. I have gas and had it since I woke from the operation so that’s a good sign. Haven’t had too much to make a movement so that will come later. And as I write this vitals and flushed again lol.

Ill be dosing off in a few so until later…


  1. Coyote says:

    Glad to read you’re doing great, Toyne. Congratulations! Definitely drink as much as you can. Try and get that urine clear. I’m happy to hear you have the private room. You’ll rest better.

  2. ADONESS HICKS says:


  3. Rob says:

    Congrats on your new and improved junk, lol! I’m glad the surgery went well. : )

  4. Sy says:

    Congratulations to your successful surgery! Yeaaaahhhh!
    Wish you a good recovery.

  5. Sy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to your successful surgery! Yeaaaahhhh!
    Wish you a speedy recover! Big Smiles.

  6. ChristianS says:

    Good info bruh, very detailed down to the itchy ass lmfao. Glad to know everything went perfectly.

  7. T Anderson says:

    Why did you have a graft in your mouth?
    Also, congratulations and a quick recovery!

  8. spencer smith says:

    YAY!! super pumped that all went well!! happy healing x

  9. Samuel Clarke says:

    DUDE!! Great to hear you are doing so well 🙂 You must be dying to see under the gauze!!

  10. You were hilarious when I was talking to you then you seemed to just knock out! Whenever you have pain or a hard day just think of all the stuff you did to get there and how worth it, it is.

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