I am just waking up from an emergency procedure. i tend to clot too fast and in doing so I had a serious build up of blood. they tried to drain it off while I was awake but lets just say that felt like dropping a truck on my foot. Miro had to literally push and push and pull my balls up to try to drain the clotted blood out. admittedly I was screaming, in tears, and broke out in a serious sweat from me hot flashing. the vessna had to administer 2 doses of pain meds and yet the pressure miro had to put still hurt like all good damn hell. He was able to get a good majority out but was still not happy so much was left there seeing as though this can cause infection he wanted to take zero chances. I got a look at my junk semi drained, very very very NICE! He did an AWESOME job indeed im larger than I expected to be 🙂

Back to the subject though lol. They decided for my safety and comfort they put me under to drain the excess off and not have me in here screaming lol. It was pretty simple they drugged me so I could relax and calm down from Miro trying to manually drain things. Then the vessna’s rolled my bed into the theater where I got on the table lot colder than I remember, mind you I am ass naked so for those of you shy about your bits get over that part now lol. This time I remember more I got to see the oxygen mask and then I remember nothing until I felt Dr. Marta cutting some stitching while I was sleeping. Apparently the first time I passed out before they even gave me the real anesthesia, we’re going to blame that on jet lag lol. Good news is they fixed everything and my pain level went wayyyyyyy down. so im not complaining at all. The previous swelling has gone wayyyyy down and I actually can move around a bit more comfortably.

Before all of this occurred I did get to test drive walking, wasnt bad at all. the worst part was getting out of the bed, but I just used the same tactic I used when I had my hysto, elbows and heels are your friends for getting in and out of the bed lol. I took a few steps and not shabby then Miro decided he wanted to rip tape off while I was standing, Marta had some choice Serbian words for him I could tell it was something to the effects of “why did you do that?” lol. I know this because he responded in english “to prep him for changing”. Miro cares but is a bit more rough when tending to urgent medical matters where as Marta has the womans touch and takes her time so you’re in less pain, either way I adore them both :).

I can tell they fixed everything when I woke there was zero pain and now hours later there is no pain at all. So it seems to me the swelling and excess blood was the culprit of the soreness I was having. hell even when I was up walking there wasnt that much pain so I’m just glad they fixed the issue and not I can breath and relax. I still need to take in more fluid having blood in the urine bag is not kosher but as soon as I started more intake of fluid this cleared up. it’s just a bit strange not knowing when you’re peeing lol. I have passed gas a million times so that’s not going to be any issue when its time to make movements, im rather reg so no issues in that department. I havent had much to pass anyway so im not stressed.

well its sleep time so I’ll write more later…


  1. Samuel Clarke says:

    Holy crap sorry to hear about the nut crushing but glad they took care of it 🙂 LMAO about the “gas passing”!! Get some rest man 🙂

  2. I was definitely fascinated by the Catheter. I would feel like I would have to pee then I wouldn’t have that feeling. Or I will be talking and all of a sudden urine is filling up the bag. It freaked my wife out a little that I was peeing while we were eating dinner. lmao. HAve fun with it!

    • toyneboi says:

      lmao i am! i pee all the damn time its quite interesting but all in all its clear again that first few hrs I just was taking in enough fluid. and then the bleeding from the clot wasnt helping either.but its all better now

  3. Zaire says:

    Heal fast so u can come back im coming too see ya when ur home … Hit me up on aim … Was worried bout u but kept u in my prayers

    • toyneboi says:

      thanks man im feeling better, it was a rough day but they made sure they fixed it. now i feel no pain and just resting. ill get at you on aim in a few…its like 6 hrs ahead of you so its 2 am back home

  4. genderoutlaw says:

    Right on, you did good there! You’re in good hands, no pain, nice package! lol All is good. 😉

    • toyneboi says:

      thanks bro, it was a trying tim but they handled things very very well. even though it hurt like all hell im glad they took care of it right away before it became an even worse issue 🙂

  5. Rob says:

    Sorry your first day of recovery was rough, but am glad things are better now. : )

    I have to say, I’ve read a few blogs in my time and yours makes me feel like I’m right there with you every step of the way as you are able to convey your thoughts and events so eloquently. Kudos my friend. See you when you wake up. : )

  6. craig says:

    Sorry that happend to u man- I had the same with my top and the dr tried to drain it manually too-i was screaming for dear life, I passed out at some point b4 they put me under!glad to hear ure ok, all the blessings man!

    • toyneboi says:

      yea its noooooo fun at all but once its gone then you feel 475989473 times better lmao…walking was a bit weird too but good to be out of the bed for a minute even though i was ass naked beside gauze on my junk 🙂

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