Just spoke with Dr. Miro about 10 mins ago, he asked me about my chest and confirmed that he would fix my crease FREE OF CHARGE! I’m even more happier then I was 30 mins ago. See and people just could not understand why I wanted to come to Belgrade. They barely want to do the first surgery you have let alone give you a free revision just out of peace of mind for thier patient or better yet as a friend.

I am officially blown away right now!

Miro is on his way home to shower seeing as though he was on call at the childrens hospital all night. He will get my implants, as he keeps them at his home. And tehn will return shortly before surgery is to start which is about 1 hr from now. Damn I gotta love having wifi. Instant updates lmao!

If you all could only see the enjoyment on my face right now…no you know what I’ll show you:

Ok now back to uploading this pictures before the rest of the team comes and gets me prepped!


  1. QC says:

    I know you’re in surgery as I write this. I’m keeping you in my thoughts, man!

  2. Jay says:

    Good luck! And that is a very nice apartment. Dr. Marta’s mom may even cook you goodies. 🙂

  3. That face is priceless!

  4. Rob says:

    Here’s hoping your surgery went well. : )

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