Pre op: how things begin

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Bottom Surgery, Metiodioplasty, POC = People Of Color, post t, Pre-op, Transgender, update, Urethral Extention, Vaginectomy

Well I got here around 2 pm flight from Zurich to Belgrade was about an hr and a half not too shabby, I honestly slept majority of it off. When I arrived I cane down through customs that took all of 10-15 mins just had to stamp me in to the country. I had no issues at all the agent made a remark as to the fact my passport is all of 7 days old lol. Once done with that I made way to baggage claim and got my stuff then walk out where Dr. Vladimir was waiting with a sign that had my name. He’s really tall compared to me but none the less a very nice and mild manner guy. We made way to the parking lot and chit chatted about the flight, we got to the car and he offered me a nice beer Serbian brewed. He just had a baby so he’s in celebration mode lol.

We then proceeded to the children’s hospital where Dr. Miro works for my consultation. I was given a slight tour of Belgrade on the way there and a bit of history. It’s rather nice here reminds me of a more quieter NYC. But none the less very nice. The childrens hospital is located in a busy area as well as in a older building but still you can tell it’s a hospital as it is very busy with people coming in and out. I then met with Dr. Miro, Dr. Marta, and Dr. Marko. Everyone is very very nice as Dr. Miro explains the process of surgery. I don’t have too many questions seeing as though I’ve done sooooo much research so we really just do an over view and that’s about it.

From there Dr. Vladimir and Dr. Marta escort me to the apartment which is located below Dr. Marta’s residence. So I feel very safe knowing she is in fact that close to me when and/or if I need. Really all the dr’s are only a call away literally so I’m in great helping hands. Marta shows me how to use everything and where everything is and shows me the stuff my friend left for me. He had surgery right before I got here so he left me food and what not as well as a note and map of how to get around a bit. My friends are awesome :)! Marta departs with a hug and I’m on my own.

I get situated and get a call shortly after from Dr. Korac, he is the anesthesiologist of the team. He tells me that he’s going to stop by to go over pre-op procedures and examine my breathing a bit more in depth due to my asthma as well as go over my blood-work from my Dr. I finish uploading things to my blog and he arrives shortly after I get done. He goes over everything and explains which kinds of anesthesia maybe used. I’m familiar with general but he then explains spinal anesthesia. Nothing too serious it’s just an injection between the vertebrae that numbs you from the waist down. Unlike with general where when I wake up from surgery I can walk at my leisure with spinal I would not be allowed to walk until 24 hrs to allow the effects to wear off. The checks my breathing then further explains the times I have to stop eating which was at 8 am and no liquid after 10 am which is right now lol.

He leaves shortly after and I’m off to myself until Dr. Miro calls. He just called to go over the morning schedule and told me what to bring with me. My passport, consent forms, meds, and anything else I needed seeing as though I’ll be here until Sunday. He tells me Dr. Marko will be picking me up at 8 am and he wishes me a good night. I get some snacks and lay down for a bit cat napping in between messages and instant messages.

I decide to shower and tend to the needed shaving. What a daunting task this crap is. For anyone that has been here and knows what a pain in the ass pre-op shaving is you feel my pain. Took me about an hr and 4 razors lmao, don’t judge me a brother is hairy lol. I get all done and realize how much a hot shower really makes you sleepy so u decide to grab another snack and knock out till about 3 am.

I wake up and start prepping everything and talking to those that are up. Then just procrastinated until 8 when Dr. Mark called and said he would be ready in 15 mins. I get ready and he arrives, had to lock up the apt there’s the door key which you have to turn 3 times looks like a big skeleton key, then theres the key to the building, then the key to the gate. Lol I’m pretty well protected if I must say.

I got a nice tour of the country side. Its interesting to see modern mixed with older thing but very nice. St. Medica isn’t that far I say it took us about 10 mins to drive over here. Its nestled in between some other building but you can tell that it’s new. We walk in and head up the stairs to the lab, I get blood work as well as an EKG. The machine that was used is interesting it not just the chest stickies there were 4 large clamps one for wrists and the others were for the legs. After that I sat with Dr. Marko until the other Dr called me in the room to take down my information and other vitals, he asked about family history as well as allergies you know the usual questions. Then I waited for the nurse to escort me to my room. I got my hospital attire aka a gown and surgical hat lol. I’m all hooked up wifi to the comp and iPod and now I sit here and rest until 2 pm. I took several pictures of the room so I’ll upload them a bit later.

Dr. Miro should be here shortly to go over a few things then Dr. Korac should be here around 1 pm to start the anesthesia and then return around 1:30 pm to give me the meds to help me relax. First is removal of the vag cavity which is done by a gyn then Miro and the team will start with what they do best. He did tell me I may or may not get smaller implants which I’m find with because if it works it works plain and simple. All in all I’m ready to go and wake up brand new!

When I wake I’ll take pics but until then…


P.S. My horoscope for today is as follows:

“The day ahead should be excellent, Aquarius. For the past several days you’ve been searching for meaning in life. There have been changes in your chief occupation, new relationships, bursting ambitions. Today you can let all of that soul searching go. You’re likely to whip up a huge mixture of the whole experience and be grateful for the thrilling life you lead right now!”
  1. spencer smith says:

    hey man… i wish you all the best man. i am sending you love from melbourne australia… you are a strong man. an inspiration really. i can remember first seeing you on a livejournal community where you were trying to raise money for your top surgery. something to do with underwear i think. wow you have come sooooooo far and look so fucking great. following your dreams man… you inspire me to follow mine.

    cant wait to hear from you when you get out xx

    • toyneboi says:

      thanks man it has been a long long long way since then but im here now. sooo excited, just spoke with Miro he’s on his way to get my nuts lol. Then he will be back. Im going to make a quick update to my post seeing as though I get a free chest revision to fix the crease I had 🙂

  2. The pre-op shaving is definitely NO JOKE! It took me 1.5 hours and 4 razors to get the job done and even then I had some spots I missed.

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