Zurich the great

Posted: December 8, 2010 in international travel, Pre-op, update

Well after a nice 7 hour flight I’m finally in Zurich. I must say this is a beautiful place indeed. From the decent to the airport to the moment I walked into the terminal you could just tell the culture changed. Luckily for me and my weird sleeping habits I have zero jet lag. See my body is on euro time I don’t have insomnia lmao. Flight was hardly anything but awesome, packed as he’ll but I was still very comfortable and catered to accordingly. Ironically I got the window seat so I got to take a few pictures that I’ll upload once I get situated later on this evening.

This will def have to be a vacation spot once I’m done with school. The skyline here is sooooo serene. And the alps are jaw dropping, at first when I seen them I confused them for clouds boy oh boy was I wrong. They are phenomenal and stand as tall If not taller then any sky scraper I have seen back home. Of course it’s fresh snow outside but a lot of it has melted so I got to see a lot of the forestry as well, the land is so much more healthier here you can just tell.

The architecture of this airport is awesome, lots of props to the designers they did wonderful. One thing I do notice different they have smoking rooms here which is quite convenient for those that smoke instead of forcing them outside which I think is nice. They are well ventilated because I smell nothing and I’m about 10 ft away from it. As well as there’s vending machines with just about everything you can think of in them sheesh. What in sam hell are we doing in the states lol. Also the boarding people make sure everyone makes it to the gate, talk about courtesy! They also drive you from the gate to the plane, awesome!

Nothing really else extravagant to report as of yet well besides TSA here and there gave me no issues. Which was a very nice relief, amazing what a m on a passport can do in regards to closed minded people. I’m just sitting here waiting on my gate number to pop up, their flight information is so much more helpful. Found my transfer section with ease all on my own :). I have no clue why people in the states try to make international travel sound soooo scary. Culture yourself people it’s good for the soul, even if you just go across the country get a taste of new surroundings. My boarding time is 11:45 am gmt (5:45 am est), currently it’s 9:45 am gmt (3:45 am est) so I have a little wait but it’s enjoyable so I don’t mind at all.

Ok and yes things are starting to feel a lot realer at this moment. Belgrade is a 2 hr flight from here. I’ve forwarded my itinerary to Dr. Marta yesterday before departure so I will have my ride waiting for me. I’m excited to get to explore a little bit and take pictures tonight. I hope I don’t run out of disk space. I already know I’m going to have to upgrade the space on this blog lmao. Well I said I was going to keep this as reality based as I could on my own so there you have it lol.

Ah yes my gate just came up B28, so let me walk around the corner and get situated. This won’t get posted until I have service but none the less I write. If anything comes up before the flight I’ll write again.

Until Belgrade…


  1. You make me want to go to Zurich!

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