Last time im in my fav. chair pre-op

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Bottom Surgery, Changes, Dysphoria, Male Ego, Metiodioplasty, POC = People Of Color, post t, Pre-op, Transgender, update, Urethral Extention, Vaginectomy

Well here we are, down to and hour and thirty minutes left. You know I never really realized just how much imminent love with this recliner, oh how I will miss it lol. But seriously it will probably be a few weeks before I’m actually able to sit in this chair comfortably seeing ad though if I recline it takes a bit of effort to put the leg part down. Sooo I’ll be kicking it on the couch until further notice. It’s just kind of funny how you don’t know how much this will affect your every day routine until they are right there in your face.

Things still seem and feel very surreal. Somewhat like I’m walking around in a dejavu stage at this moment. I know for fact just like with both top and hysto things won’t feel a bit at all final until I am in hospital gown with an IV in. That I my molehills truth, the moment when everything around me is calm and the future becomes apparent. So much has changed in such a sort period of time but i could not honestly say I would change a thing. It’s made me who I am, it’s made me think the way I do, it’s made me act and react to things people and circumstances the way I do and I’m really proud to feel and say that.

Time is just going by so so so utterly slow. I’m not even really watching the clock but it ticks with snail speed right now. This is worse then getting off work in 5 mins but the clock just won’t go fast enough lol. I know once I check in and get everything check with baggage time will probably go even slower. I’m going to be there for a little bit just waiting on my flight and having to deal with punk ass TSA. My current feelings on them and their crap aren’t too well so hopefully this will end with no events. I have no issue disclosing and also no issues contacting the proper authorities if I feel violated. Ah yes nothing worse then a disgruntled transman lmao.

My stomach is a bit tipsy turny, honestly not sure what to make of it. Im thinking it has to do more so with I haven’t eaten yet as well as the fact I ate really late last night then laid down. It’ll clear up once things get rolling and I’m situated at my gate. I’m going to hope and assume there’s some kinda hotspot wifi so I can have something to do while waiting another 2 hrs Tongans off.


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