So I’m down to the wire here and it seems like no one else will be in Belgrade from any of the lists I’m on at the same time and if they are they aren’t speaking on it lol. I’m just soooooooooo amped about things I’m all packed and ready to go. Even though there are a few complications that are irking my nerves they will be sorted out by thursday. It’s just so crazy dealing with passport crap now Bank of America is on some bullshit with the wire transfer of funds (yes to those that don’t know you can pay in advance and not have to carry thousands of dollars with you, just ask Marta). Well I should say more so it’s the receiving bank the money was there at the other bank since the 26th, yet they wait until the 3rd to say they need more info. My grandmother goes to the bank to see what the issue is about this missing information and what happens? They have all the same damn info that was sent with the transfer in the first damn place…UGHHHH. So the funds are just in limbo at the damn bank and just need to be cleared to the account. It’s all good-by the time I arrive they will be there with no issues I’m not even worry, the big man is on my side with this one. I’m used to zillions of complications before surgery so why expect anything freaking less than a natural-born headache of complications with this one? SHEESHHH!

All in all they always say when want/need something there’s always obstacles in the path of things. I will be leaving on Tuesday(6:50 pm est) and get to Belgrade weds afternoon(2 pm GMT =8 am est). Jet lag is going to kill me, well not really seeing as though I sleep all weird anyway so I may just be ok actually. I hope to get all settled in and have not too many issues, I want to do a YouTube tour of the apt once I meet the Dr’s and get everything sorted out with them and getting food for my return after surgery. I’m interested in at least getting to have some food from the surrounding area seeing as though I’m a greedy ass by nature who loves foreign cuisine this would fit my fancy very nicely. I’m going all on my own and this is my very first time leaving the country so it will be quite an experience, even though I wont have much time to explore I may walk up and down the blog just to get a taste of the cultural setting and get a few good pictures. My grandmother is a tennis fan so im going to see if I could get a tour near the tennis arena there so I can bring her back some good picture of the stadium. I think she would really like that if I could :).

I’m somewhat weary about what level of pain to expect.  I don’t think I will be in much pain at all-seeing as though my threshold for pain is very very high, and for anything else there is pain meds. But there is always that wariness of not knowing what really to expect. Especially with it being in that area, a very tender area but none the less I am excited to wake up and look down and see my new jews all nicely packed in gauze lol. I DO NOT look forward to the unpacking of the gauze, nor the removal of the stent, nor anything that has to do with removing a damn thing lol. I’m going to have to take myself to a very happy place in order not to flinch and hit someone on accident, im sure I wouldn’t be the first if that was my reaction but it would be quite embarrassing to do so. But hopefully I’ll be able to keep it all together and get through it with no real hassle at all.

I will be one picture snapping man this I do know, thank you Apple for making a WordPress app it will help me keep a better log step by step of what the hell is going on as I drift in and out. Well that is IF I drift I tend to fight through sleep when it comes to coming out of anesthesia. None the less everything I can take a picture of I will be taking a picture of, whether blurry, messed up, half sleep, etc I’m saving them all lmao. I just am so excited about this I never thought I would be this excited but as the days are closer I feel the excitement level rising to exponential proportions. I will admittedly say this is not my last step of lower surgery this is only a prolong stepping stone for many reasons but the main one is personal gratification and mental and emotional clarity…to just finally not have to worry about A HOLE. It kinda literally freaks me out that there’s a hole there and knowing that its gone will alleviate soooooooo many things I have issue with now.

I’ll be posting my post op pictures on the metoidioplasty yahoo surgery group(the link is in my blogroll for the fellas that want to join the group) as well as some photos of my junk wrapped in gauze on here and some other things I deem suitable for the general public lol. I enjoy sharing so much info because when I started there wasnt as much there for me to see especially POC results. So in turn i feel this will help those who come after me :)…

I’ll keep everyone informed as I go along 🙂


P.S. 24 hours until take off 😀 YESSSSS

  1. I can’t wait til you get there.

    • toyneboi says:

      I can’t wait either man…im so procrastinating at this moment im supposed to be washing but im just al over the place trying to stay calm. Wish i couldve got the anxiety meds but shit ill be aight. I told granz to contact you already

  2. Coyote says:

    We left you a couple of notes in the apartment. One is on the dining room table and one is in the living room with the map. Don’t know if the cleaning lady will move them or not. One tip-make sure you shave your entire butt cheeks. The only real pain I experienced was the removal of the tape as it tore the hairs out of my behind! Having the drain and the stent removed didn’t hurt. Don’t hesitate to write with any questions. Have a safe trip!

    • toyneboi says:

      lol thanks for the warning bro I will surely be on a shaving mission when i get there I made sure to trim before hand so hopefully I wont spend on night shaving.. its been a while since ive used a rg. razor so we shall see how this adventure goes. I cant wait to see what these notes say, im sure they have great words in them. 4 hrs and im off to the airport, 7 hrs i’ll be in the air :)..this time tomorrow I’ll be in Belgrade!

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