Other…freestyle poem

Posted: October 29, 2010 in spoken word

my blood is no thinner then the next man

I try to be the best man

I find myself stumbling just to make it through

the points arent evident, but when they are it seems heaven sent

wondering holding my head in my hands in ponderance

looking both ways like a youth learning the laws of the street while crossing it

i cross my heart but never understood why they say hope not to die

thats the pattern of my life time the essence of the factors always weigh in

like a drunk on too many shots of the good stuff im swaying

pick myself up just to find the grave I lay in

freedom of myself but trapped yet again in the barricades of my mind

hoping one day just to stop and find

find myself and the peace the graditude of this struggle i endure

the ignorance from those that should support yet i find all they do is close doors

no thoughts needed to say these words my soul is always full of truth

never filled with hatred, ok yes i lied embedded since my roots

oppressed but overcoming the odds of all

defying everything in my path like physics has no laws

and I have no flaws, ok well just a few that the world doesn’t condone

but why do I give a fuck left at a young age to wonder no home

pick me up just to watch the fall of a king

the flesh that i embody torn like a rag doll with no strings

and they say hold on, but what for what am i waiting on

the prison im in is never ending, left for dead no feeling

the walls have no ceilings yet the is no way out

the house has no hallways, but the root is my mouth

buried beneath it all screaming to get out

and they still ask me who is him

who is I and where did he start

the idiocy of the ignorants, look deep within self

I wasnt born this way, because he made no mistake?

who said i was a mistake in the first place, more like a challenge of pure faith

he made me the way he wanted and for me not to give up on myself

never torn by your feelings of weatlh

because who are you to judge

live by your own prefences, and by mine i will not budge

i live with no regrets

i only fear but one GOD

look into my soul, please know you mean little more to me then liar and his newest fasade

locked away and never revealing the secret to the key

this is i and please know this is he

never again to shadow my honesty in the wake of another

freedom of myself, and im proud to be other…


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