So today is actually 2 months 1 day post op but I didn’t get round to writing anything yesterday just wasn’t in the mood to write lol. I’m very happy with whats going on with my chest. Between my bodies natural healing and me now using bio oil things are serious taking a turn for the better. Especially with the added workout, 2 weeks back in the gym is already making a difference. I’m loving it like a fat kid in a candy store lol.

On another note I just got a job today 🙂 GO ME! It’s nothing spectacular but its money for getting things I need before I leave. Hopefully I will be able to keep my job and just take medical leave especially since I will be a union worker so I maybe very well protected in my job. BUT we shall see, I’m not exactly sure what to tell my job yet to get the time off but when that time comes I will come up with something. Any suggestions are welcome below.

I’m down to 76 days now until its time for me to leave for Belgrade. These damn days are just flying by I still have to get my passport but that shouldn’t take that long. My worries behind that are my BC but I’m going to send in an affidavit of birth with the copy of the BC I have old school records, my name change, therapy letters, letter from Dr. Miro, and all other proofs of ID that I have. Hopefully they won’t give me no bullshit and just give me my stuff all they really want to see is that I’m a citizen  and with a social alone that should be able to prove who I am but we all know how the gov likes to bullshit.

Tickets for the flight there are brought which makes me feel super duper excited to actually know what time I’m leaving and arriving. I believe it’s 6:15 pm we leave and will be making one stop in Paris with like a 2 hour lay over then from there to Belgrade. that should be a real treat I’ve always want to see Paris even if its for a few hours in the airport lol. So I will be in Belgrade at 11:50-12 pm. The time difference is going to screw me up I already know it. They are 5 hours ahead so when I’m actually having surgery it will be the wee hours of the AM back here. That just means when I come back from the OR everyone I want to talk to should be awake. Just to let those of you know the tickets we got are from 2 tickets for $1585.10 round trip which is freaking awesome and that’s taxes included. Now all I have to really do is get the supplies I need and want to take with me to ensure everything will be gravy.

The remaining balance that was left for my actual surgery was 9000 euros and half of that got paid today as well. So I feel very accomplished and well  off money wise when it comes to everything being in place. Now that leaves only 4500 euros left for surgery to be paid in full. The only expense after this would be food and apartment stay funds which is $1100 that’s definitely not that bad at all.

Seeing as though I’m a working man again I can definitely get an external hard drive for all my millions of pictures and also try to clear up my comp some. IF I don’t say screw it and just get another comp all together. But we shall see priorities first and that would be things needed to get me through this surgery as comfortably as possible.

I really honestly can’t wait until I come back from surgery and just able to send off my documents and wait on the mail. I just can’t believe I’m only a few months away from holding an authentic BC in my hand with all the correct information on it. Hell just going to my interview today and not having a doubt in my mind about my ID and social had me in such a state of euphoria its beyond indescribable.

To think this time in 2008 I was just getting excited about my name change coming up in 3 weeks. Now 2 years later its almost the end of my surgical transition and I would have never in my life imagined I would be here now. It’s crazy because the month of OCT. is a hard one for me I lost 2 very important role models and my great aunt all back to back. But I feel like what I’m doing for myself to be happy is something that all would have wanted and by me following through and not giving in to any temptations of failure I am making them all proud. It’s crazy how life turns out but in the end everything happens for a reason. I guess you can say my underlying motivation to succeed in my own happiness. I didn’t want to leave this earth as someone else I didn’t see myself as.

Can’t wait to get to know myself all over again 🙂 , the anticipation is killing me lol.

Until next time…


  1. Tell them you have to have unexpected surgery for a continuous medical issue but this should resolve it and you can provide medical note from your doctor. Wait til you are closer to the time to tell them so they don’t think you are secretly planning a Christmas Vacation and tryna pull a fast one!

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    i see what you did there

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