So today marks the day of the green light, yessssssssssssss. I went to see my therapist today and talked about some pretty essential things in my life. More so of where i need to be that allows me to focus the most.  As well as what my further plans were after physical/medical transition. I do really feel like he has my best interest at heart and that is a big factor to me when I’m talking to dr’s. Him and my PCP are freaking amazing, that’s truly a rare find.

We went over some game plans and how to work through certain issues as to not overwhelm myself trying to do everything I want to do. He gave me some school options and course s that should and will benefit my decisions in the fields I plan to go into. Which definitely helped A LOT because I was somewhat lost as to what schools would be fitting yet affordable.

Then we get to the discussion on my surgeries, I haven’t seen him since the end of May right before my hysto in June. So he’s missed a lot of stuff and was excited to hear about my progress. He jokingly said I’m going to put him out of his job because I’m doing so well lol. But hell that’s a good statement to hear coming from my dr.  After we talked about how I was healing and feeling now post op he then went on to saying so whats next? He’s had the heads up on bottom surgery for months now and just wanted to know more, I assume to make sure I know what I’m doing and how much I really know about what I’m doing. He quickly sees I know what I’m doing and have read and talked about it a lot, he said it sounded rehearsed lol.

All I did was mention I needed a letter then instantly he pulls up the surgery letter template and starts asking for the surgeons names and the procedure. I was stuck for a second, I think it had to register lol. Then I told him all he needed to know and within a few moments I was holding my golden ticket in my hands like Charlie off Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. If it wasn’t the middle of BX I probably would have skipped all the way to the train lol. But I waited til i got almost to my house and started to skip and did a little happy dance lmao.

I’m soooooooo freaking happy I have this letter it becomes more real each and every day I wake up. I never know what the next day will hold for me only know that each day passing is another day closer to the time I leave. I find myself saying, “this time 3 months from now I’ll be post op”. Honestly speaking 3 months from today I will be exactly a week post op which is freaking awesome. It’s real and I definitely feel the elation from my whole aura just beaming all around me it’s awesome!

I also calculated that I’ve taken 115 shots of til since 2008. It’s amazing how little of a number can do sooooo much to your life in effects of the physical and emotional state. But I love and cherish every single moment of it to the fullest extent possible.

Life is beyond beautiful right now…81 more days sheesh less then 3 months and I’m in there woot woottttt!

until next time…


  1. Congrats man! I think who ever sent you to that doc and therapist is awesome since you are so happy! 😉
    I look forward to reading the progress and following the final stages of the surgical journey.

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