Day2:Week1 of Bulking – Back day

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Bottom Surgery, Changes, compression, Dysphoria, Metiodioplasty, POC = People Of Color, post t, Post-op, Pre-op, Transgender, update, Weight Training

Day 2 went freaking amazing I think once my body has gotten used to the normal tear and wear its back to normal. I actually did some workouts I’m not really accustom to but I know its all good for the sake of my back. It’s also good to know that back workouts also hit my chest area so definite plus in so many ways.

I also noticed I’m lifting a lot more then I thought I really could But Im breaking my sets up with smaller reps. Nothing wrong with keeping that male ego to the side because in the end I’m lifting more for more reps so thats definitely a good look in the gain department.

I already feel myself spreading in the back area and my stance is like I’m a brick wall lol. It’s pretty funny to look in the mirror and see how my posture is already starting to change. Especially from being slouched over before top surgery. I’m also feeling it in my chest that its starting to fill out already. It was like my muscles were so deprived of that boost aka weights they shriveled up on a brother lol.

Todays measurements:

Biceps: 14

Triceps: 10.5

Chest(yes with no moobs this time 😉 : 35

Back/shoulders: 46.25

Hips: 38

Waist: 31



Gorilla Nitro shortly after waking up, followed by peanut butter sand which pretty good for the am workout. A lot of what i did today is new for me but to my surprise I have a lot of unused strength. Highest max ever is a 175 thats 28 lbs over my actual body weight, freaking AWESOME!!!

Workout consisted of:

Chin ups -5 sets for 20 reps weighted at 50 lbs

Barbell rows – 4 sets for 5 reps

  • 3 sets weighted at 70 lbs
  • 1 set weighted at 90 lbs

Close grip chin ups – 4 sets of 20

  • 2 sets weighted at 100 lbs
  • 2 sets weighted at 130 lbs

Dead lifts – 4 sets of 5 reps at 100 lbs

Rear deltoids – 4 sets of 5 reps weighted at 175 lbs

Abs – 4 sets of 10 weighted at 50 lbs

It was a great great great Back day and my abs are definitely on freaking fire but As I look in the mirror I can see my definition is poking its way through once again. i hope to surpass that 100% of what it used to look like before. This a bit of tension I can tell from not really being workout like that since before hysto but that’s good more to work out so I’m not complaining. Abs will get a break on even numbered weeks poor babies lol.

I also made a nice purchase today Bio Oil. This stuff is going to help my chest get back up to par as far as elasticity is concerned. Which will also hep sort out the creasing of my chest as I fill the voids with muscle. This is going to be freaking a-mazing. I could have applied this well before now but I have my own time frame of things and I’m sticking to it.

$12 At CVS

I’ll start using it today and with next weeks updates on my chest we will see how well its working. If all goes well this may in fact be my new best buddy and will also help in the healing of my package after december.

So super excited about that as well tickets are set already I should be arriving in Belgrade at 11:50 am meaning I have an over night flight lord knows I’m not going to really be able to sleep but I’ll try lol. Pretty crazy to think 3 months from today I will be almost a week post op time is freaking flying.

Well i have a meeting in a few hrs so I’m going to go stuff my face and then shower then be on my merry little way.

until tomorrow…



I can actually say there is NO gym dysphoria what so ever and I love not worrying about who is looking at me but more so I’m actually focused on my workout and the music I’m listening to SCORE!!!!!


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