So down to 89 days until I leave for surgery and seeing how I’m always leaving important things behind I’ve started to prep myself now getting my list of whats what together. Also my list of what I need to get to make my trip a breeze. Knowing me I’ll still end up forgetting something but I know I’m going to do my best lol.

So I’ve begun to make a check list of things, it’s no where near done but this is what I have for myself so far. Seeing as though we all have different needs/wants everyone’s pre-op checklist varies a bit. Key to great travel?

LESS IS BETTER, I’m only bringing the essentials…

Surgery supplies-

  1. Antiembolism stockings: up to your thighs (groins) – these were requested by Dr. Marta
  2. 2 Donut pollows: in my case im using neck pillows because they are softer but still in the same shape as the donut pillow
  3. Baby wipes: For personal hygiene before I’m allowed to shower, I sweat super bad. Upper body ONLY
  4. Razors & Shaving Cream: genital shaving, what not fun this will be lol
  5. Triple antibiotic ointment: for keeping incision sites clear and clean of any lingering bacteria. OCD has me extra precautious
  6. Cotton swabs: To clean in between testicles and other crevasses before being allowed to shower and/or between showers.
  7. Sterile saline wipes: For cleaning genital area before full showers and/or between actual bathing just to keep things fresh.
  8. Gauze pads: extra padding for my new jewels also to pad my surgical brief just in case there is leakage of draining fluids.
  9. Surgical tape: to secure the suprapubic catheter tubing to my body while traveling and moving around.
  10. Self adhering bandages: To re-warp my penis to control swelling. Somewhat does the same job as compression vest for chest surgery.


  1. Testosterone: I will be able to have my first shot after being off 2 weeks prior to surgery shortly after surgery. Not too found of this don’t like anyone else doing my T shots.
  2. Xanax: Helps with any anxiety I may have as well as it is kick ass for sleeping lol.
  3. Percocet: the good stuff I plan to not feel anything unless I have to lol. these also put me to sleep so between this and xanax I should be good on sleep meds.
  4. Antibiotics: Augmentin a 1 g for twice a day usage, for 7 days and then one tablet per day until having the suprapubic drainage is removed. (Belgrade requested)
  5. Antibiotics: Levofloxacine tablets a 250mg for twice a day use for 7 days. (Belgrade requested)
  6. Asthma Pump: yes I have asthma lol
  7. Fruit and veggie multivitamins: they promote healing and gives me a full day serving of fruits and veggies when I am unable to eat them like I should. Also helps to protect my liver from all the heavy medications I will be using.
  8. Bladder Spasm Meds: these will help with the spasms I will get from having a cath in so long
  9. Stool softener: just in cash I need a little help getting things out, straining is not a good thing with fresh balls. After my hysto I know the pushing feeling felt crazy so I image this will be one in the same.
  10. Cranberry pills: these are to help fight urinary infections, I have had then before UTI’s are a pain in the ass.
  11. Thermometer: Just to keep clear on what my temp is so that I know if/when there maybe a possible infection.

Personal Toiletries-

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Wisp on the go tooth brushes: This will be used if I can not open my mouth wide from buccal mucosa graft.
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Dial Antibacterial Body Wash: For post surgical washing to make sure every inch of me is germ free
  5. Face cloth: I don’t use the same wash cloth on my face and body that’s kinda gross to put whaty was just between ya ass on your face lol.
  6. Baby wash cloth: This will be my genital cleansing cloth seeing as though babies wash cloths tend to be A LOT softer on the skin.
  7. Long sponge: So I will be able to clean my back without much trouble
  8. Electric shaver: I may want to trim my facial hair but knowing me I’ll be lazy 😀


  1. Croc shoes: these are to be worn in the house. Some guys warned me about the floor being slippery with just socks on so I will get these because they are slip on and comfy. They are only for the house though seeing as though it will be winter and it will more then likely be snowing outside.
  2. 7 Thermal shirts: Just to keep me extra warm I see myself stripping this off though lol.
  3. 5 v-neck t-shirts: normal t-shirts make me feel like I’m freaking choking, I have a wide neck.
  4. 5 beaters: I see myself spending a lot of time in this lol
  5. My favorite basketball shorts: one of my comfort items 😀
  6. 2 pairs of pajama pants: I’m feeling Simpsons and Family Guy here lol. I’m not going to be doing too much so these are nice and loose fitted for new package.
  7. 2 pair of loose pants: Scrubs are going to be my bestest pals not worried about the cold i’ll wear my pj pants under them lol.
  8. 2 packs of Comfort Disposable/Reusable Stretch Mesh Underwear (6 per pack total of 12): These are excellent post surgical undies and they are nice and soft hole everything in place and reusable just wash and dry. They will be used under my briefs for extra protection against leaks/stains from drainage.
  9. 7 pair of Hanes no ride up boxer briefs: I love these damn briefs and they live up to their names so they will be coming along with me.
  10. 7 pairs of socks: dual thickness and knee highs gives me some variety if I’m in my shorts.
  11. Bathrobe: For when I’m fresh out of the shower oh yeahhh
  12. Hoodie & Jacket: it will be cold cold cold
  13. Snow boots: I will be wearing these to Belgrade but they should still be listed. Nothing more then a reg paid of good boots nothing special.


  1. Passport: Definitely can not leave anywhere with out this no buddy
  2. US ID: Just in case there needs to be further verification of who I am
  3. Payment Receipts for Surgery: All for verification purpose so everyone is all agreed on all payments made.
  4. Surgical Approval Letters: Definitely have to bring these 2 important letters as The Belgrade Team adheres to the WPATH standards of care.
  5. Copy of Miro’s Surgical Letter: I just like to have everything in order so there’s further more verification of who I am.
  6. Copy of most recent labs: Even though my PCP will be forwarding these results via email it’s always smart to have back up copies just in case things don’t reach Dr Korac(anesthesiologist).

Personal Entertainment-

  1. Laptop and accessories: I will more then likely be using my granz HP mini. i plan to skype my life away and for those more personal friends they have my yahoo to chat and cam. Also I will be updating my blog while I’m just around sitting on my ass lol.
  2. External Hard drive: I’m going to have a lot of video and photos not enough space for one hard drive. I will have to upgrade the space on this blog to allow all the pictures and footage I will have.
  3. iPOD: Never leave home with out it lol
  4. Cellphone: Not sure what good it will do but I shall see what happens to my service I mean after all I’m on sprint network lol.
  5. Digital Camera: Lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures. Belgrade is very beautiful so everything within camera zone I’m taking a picture of it. While my granz sight sees I will grab those photos she takes and also upload them on my blog. I’ll be taking pictures of everything in the hospital as well and me every day to see my crazy drugged up faces lol.

Misc. Item(s)-

  1. Pump: I will be pumping prior to surgery still so I’m bringing it with me.
  2. 3 in one detergent: Have to be able to wash my close the end of each week.

Comfort food aka snacks-

  1. haribo gummies: yayyyy lol don’t mind me that’s my snack lol
  2. ginger ale: It eases my stomach after having anesthesia

Outside of those foods it will be fruits and regular foods, I’ve been hearing how good Serbian food is I’m dying to try some lol.

So as you see my list isn’t long at all it’s very cool, calm, and collective just the way I like it and will help me keep track of things as I pack up. I’ll probably end up printing off this post and using it as my check list sheet lmao. I know once in Belgrade i will be in contact with the American Embassy, it’s just a precaution any one should take while traveling to another country. Seeing as though my uncle is consulate for the American Embassies abroad I’ve heard plenty of stories of people being in jacked up situations and needing him to come bail them out. Since I’m traveling with granz its a needed thing she does when going to any country, better safe then sorry is how she sees it.

Over all I’m feeling really confident about everything at the moment. I should be getting my letter for surgery next month I see my therapist the 16th so I will put him up to speed and give him some time to write the letter up even though He could possibly do it right then but I will see how he feels about it. The I will be getting the other letter from another therapist right before I leave so that’s two letters locked and loaded.

Thanks to granz research we found round trip tickets for $538 so that’s a great thing to know. I’m not sure what site she is using but she didn’t see anything over $720 for round trip. I’m not sure if that’s just the timing of year or if in fact she’s using some frequent flier discount but I’ll check it out and report my findings lol she be getting the hook up I swear lol.

It does feel great to get this down where I can see it instead of it just floating around in my head. And these days are just skating by next thing I know i will be down to 30 days. My heart is going to racing and I just know I’m going to literally be scatter brained lol. The anticipation is killing me lmao.

First half of balance payment will be made tomorrow 😀

But Until then…


  1. Carrie says:

    Belgrade sounds gread. It’s my dream to go there. You have started your list very early.
    after builders cleaning

    • toyneboi says:

      Yes yes I have to start now or else I will forget things. I’ll start packing the beginning of Nov. So the morning of the flight all I will need is to get up and go. I’m going to just wear sweats there makes things easier.

  2. Good list but the ginger ale you won’t be allowed to carry. Sorry buddy. You will have to get it in belgrade or something similar but the rest of the list seems good. Also you might not want to carry so many clothes because you have to carry it back and that might not be so much fun!

    • toyneboi says:

      you seem to forget what kinda bag I’m taking lol. I’m not carrying crap wheels are my bestest friend. But I’ll see whats what with clothes I like to keep fresh and also don’t want to be cold as hell either. Not to mention I am going to HI after this so thats also included in my clothing picks.

  3. Sly says:

    woop woop doesn’t hurt to be prepared way in advance, don’t want to be laying in bed thing crap I should have bought that plus I hate the cold(jamaican living in England) so warm clothes is a must lol.

    *laughing about the triple antibactirial creme* never heard of it

    good luck with every thing

    • toyneboi says:

      lol you so silly dude. But heck yea i know im still going to be missing some damn thing its a given and bound to happen lol. And yes triple bac. cream is awesome its like neosporen but I think its better then it just doesn’t get as much love lol

  4. T Jones says:

    Hello, first congratulation! Second, your phone will most likely not work out of the US, but you can most likely buy a really cheap phone and a sim card with minutes once you get there. With this, you will be able to make and receive calls within Serbia in case you need to be in immediate contact with your doctors or anyone else.

    Good luck and cheers!

    • toyneboi says:

      Thanks for the well wishes as well as the advice. I think my grandmother still has an international cellphone from her trip to Spain I will most def take that with us now that I know. Most def thank you for that 🙂

  5. Blake says:

    You will love Belgrade. My old roommate lives there and was raised there. If you some places to see will definitely help if i can.

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