So today makes 1 month 19 day post op for chest surgery. Tomorrow will be 3 months post op from hysto. Over all I’m feeling freaking amazing haven’t felt this good in many years but over all everything is still healing not to the point where I can’t do things but noticeably still healing. Even with my hysto scars I notice changes in the color and how they are flattening out even more.

I seen Dr. Weiss today and might I add I love the fact that he stays so persistent with his after care, you can tell he truly cares about your recovery not just the money involved with it. He looked over my chest again and was very very pleased. He also took comparative photos for his archives to show to perspective patients in the future. I will more than likely see him every 3 months up until my year mark which is fine with me just lets me feel more assured in the care that I’m getting.

My creased bit of skin is getting  A LOT better which has me ecstatic.  He did also say the seroma (fluid) I had on the left side was one of those bad things turned good. Because of its persistent ways of rebuilding it kept the skin elevated so it did not have a chance to stick to the tissue and muscle underneath it like the right side did because it drained fully. He is unsure like I am about whether it will completely unfold but he did assure me that there is zero redundant skin. With that being said he already told me I really do not need a surgical revision he can do a simple in office procedure called adipose transfer that will be done under local anesthesia so I will be awake watching as I like to do I’m weird like that lol. For those that do not know what this is I will explain.

Adipose: “Adipose” means “fat” but is usually used to refer specifically to tissue made up of mainly fat cells such as the yellow layer of fat beneath the skin.

In the 1980s, when the liposuction procedure became more widely available, fat also became much more easily withdrawn from the body. In 1984, Mel Bircoll M.D. introduced micro injection of fat graphs using liposuction techniques. That development allowed more plastic, dermatological and cosmetic surgeons to offer their patients fat transfer for cosmetic reasons. Patients like fat transfer because it is their own tissue and, hence, not subject to rejection by the body, and because most other dermal fillers are absorbed by the body within three to nine months, making regular injections a continuing expense.

Essentially, the fat transfer procedure harvests fat from one part of the body where an excess exists and then places it in another part of the body where the additional bulk is used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. Fat transfer—which is also known as fat grafting, fat autographs, autologous fat transplantation, fat injecting or microlipoinjections to physicians—is being used in cosmetic plastic surgery to:

  • Smooth and repair aged hands
  • Fill wrinkled, creased faces
  • Create more shapely, curvaceous buttocks
  • Enlarge breasts


Fat is withdrawn from the patient in one of three ways: with a syringe that has a large-bore needle or with a liposuction cannula. The fat is prepared according to the practitioner’s preferred method and then injected into the patient’s recipient site. The preparation process clears the donor fat of blood, pain killers and other unwanted ingredients that could cause infections or other undesirable side effects. Moreover, some physicians have found that human fat outside the body is incredibly delicate. One researcher (Mendieta) found that, to obtain viable fat, the needle withdrawing the fat can’t be too narrow, the liposuction cannula can’t have too strong a vacuum pressure and the centrifuge used to clear debris from the donated tissue can’t spin too rapidly. Another researcher found that vacuum pressure on the liposuction machine could not be higher than 700 mmHg.

A few doctors excise, or cut, small strips of fat from the body and then place, rather than inject, the tissue in the recipient site, using additional small incisions.

Other uses and applications continue to develop as surgeons work with, and learn more about, fat transfer. Some of the most current and developing applications include:

  • Cheek and chin Implants
  • Repair of inverted nipples
  • Increasing the girth of the penis

Depending on the surgeon, the patient and several other factors, the body is reported to reabsorb anywhere from 20 to 95 percent of transferred fat.

Due to the varying rates of absorption and the different lengths of time fat is reported remaining in the body, many physicians and other researchers worldwide since the 1980s have tracked success, safety and failure rates of fat transfer.

In most applications, fat injections are laid down through several different layers of skin and muscle to provide a better chance for the fat cells to find a nearby blood supply. Because some fat is always absorbed, most physicians inject somewhere around 30 percent too much. Physicians have learned the best donor areas are found in:

  • The lower stomach
  • The inner thighs
  • The inner knees

Transferring harvested fat into injection syringes.

Syringes with harvested fat ready to be transferred.”

Source Wikipedia

As you can see it is a commonly used procedure. I will be injected right into the  area that needs “inflation” and should immediately fill in to its right contour. Also knowing they use this same procedure to fix inverted nipples is a thing that puts me at ease as well. Not to mention the fact that I really won’t have to be opened up again is another BIG thing that makes me happy. But working out and general healing makes an even bigger difference in the current depth of the creased area. Since working out started back a week ago the image of things has def started to take shape of just how I imaged before surgery.

As far as nipple sensation goes I’m def surprised and pleased that I can feel a very large portion of pressure and def temperature sensation is 100%. they know when they are being touched which is great for only a month and 19 days out. As well as the scaring is very invisible another great pleasure moment. Dr. Weiss commented that It didn’t look like I had surgery at all the crease to him isn’t even that prominent even though upon inspection you can/will notice. My nipples are still very puffy which should also subside within coming months. It’s mainly just the underlying tissue that needs to settle seeing as though he left tissue so I would not have a concave chest which can happen when someone gets peri.

Over all I am very very pleased with my new chest and could not have picked a better Dr. to take care of all my needs. those who know me very well know how anal I am about things that are on me so it was just fitting that I have a Dr. that prides himself in giving the utmost best after care and keeping his patients highly informed on his professional thoughts on progress as well as what can be fixed if x, y, and z does not resolve on its own. I like to know my options ahead of time and he makes sure to stay one step ahead of me. I go back to see him in 6 weeks which is exactly 3 months post op to tha day Oct. 19th :D.

I did also get another copy of my surgery letter this time with his license number on it seeing as though that’s what the vital records of NJ needs in order to approve BC gender change. I have had a slight change in documentation correction order. I will have to wait until after I get my passport in order to change my BC sex dude to the idiocy of NJ vital records. Then when I return from Belgrade I will change my gender marker and be done with dumbness of state offices. It does feel sooooooo good to know that this long draw legal process is almost over never to have to worry about anyone asking for any thing to reflect anything other than male. I don’t know if I will change any school records other than HS, I don’t see that coming up in the future so that will be the last change seeing as though most everything else automatically changed its self over.

I’m now anxiously awaiting lower surgery only 90 days until I leave :D. it seem like a long time away but those days will fly by sooooo very fast as they always do. I’ve decided to post actual pictures in the sections on my side not all but some good shots for people to see healing probably once a month of whats going on. All over healing pics will be in the surgical groups I am apart of so that the people actually pursuing surgery can have visual on what POC lower surgery results are. Can’t freaking wait 😀

Until next time…



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